Lacy Things

Sanura Snowpaw of Somnia has a number of new releases out and this little mesh number available at the Thrift Shop event caught my eye. I decided to pair it with a new hair from Truth and a new skin from one half of what formerly was Cupcakes.

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No, I wasn’t thinking directly of the sin, but I am not opposed to a bit of sinning. However, it was the lovely vintage vanity from Trompe Loeil at this months FaMESHed that inspired the title and provided the setting for this look at another new skin from Adam n Eve set to debut tomorrow at the Skin Fair.

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Fit for a Queen

When Nephilaine Protagonist dropped me her newest dress for The Muses (one of her little army of mesh shops!), I knew right away what I wanted to do with it. This regal mesh gown combines leather and chain mail for a fierce, warrior-queen look and when I put together the red gown with the black chainmail, it truly looked like something that Visenya Targaryen could have worn.

Yes, once again I am going on about A Song of Ice and Fire (which you may know as Game of Thrones), but that is because Ran and I have spent a rather crazy amount of time in Westeros lately, working on The World of Ice and Fire together with George R.R. Martin himself. Much of that work has concerned the history of House Targaryen since their arrival in Westeros and one of the most fascinating characters from the past is Queen Visenya, one of Aegon the Conqueror’s two sister-wives. She was a warrior and a dragon-rider, a wielder of the Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister. And I am sure she would appreciate the Rainha gown, though I think she would be practical enough to wear something beneath that chain mail. ;) Because there’s nothing royal about chafed nipples.

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The Sole Reason

Gos Boutique opened for members of the update group yesterday and somehow I was able to get in pretty quickly to grab demos. Once I had decided what I wanted, it took a bit longer to get back in to actually make the purchase, but I survived that too. What was much quicker and easier was definitely the setup of the new shoes I had bought; the new HUD system from Gos really is a quite striking feature.

I’ll get into that a bit more, but first the basics. I picked up the Grace Sandals in Bronze and I am wearing them with tone four of Adam n Eve’s latest skin, Siobhan. I am also wearing one of this week’s new hairs from Truth and once again the mesh jewellery from Zaara. The poses and furnishings are from Libertine.

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I didn’t shop as much as might have at the various sales over the last weekend, but I did make sure to pick up a naughty little number from Solange. I am not much for keeping my blog entirely SFW, I am afraid. ;) I thought it looked particularly fetching together with the Zodiac offering from Evie’s Closet, a delicate “bridle” that comes in two beautifully ornamented versions.

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