Shadow Box Unboxing October 2017

The second Shadow Box from Death Row Designs was released earlier this week, once again presenting a Light and a Dark version of a similar set of decor items. Do note that it says “similar” and not “identical”; the idea with the Shadow Box is not simply to recolour and do some small tweaks to the dark versions—sometimes they can be substantially different, but still on the same basic theme.

As with the first one, I have a video to share, though this is more of a reveal than an unboxing as I really wanted to show the items arranged as I might use them rather than simply rezzed out at random. To learn more about Shadow Box and how to subscribe, make sure to visit the DRD website linked above. And remember, if you get all six boxes in a series, there is a bonus item at the end.

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Astrology Hair

Astrology is a new hair brand from the creator behind Alice Project, featuring among other things a custom HUD which allows you to pick your twenty favourite colours to make your own mix pack. I decided it could be fun to show it off in a video, in which I also try out some of the other features of the HUD. If I ramble even more than usual, it might have something to do with having gotten up at 4 am to take part in a working dog trial for the first time. I did manage to retroactively sort out that the two hairs featured in the video will be available at Hairology on the 10th of May. The first style from Astrology, called Magenta, is available at Uber already.

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