As soon as I saw a preview of DRD‘s Studios gacha for the Erotigacha event, I knew Ran and I had to get a few of those sets. As it turned out, we ended up with more than a few (including duplicates of the Casting Couch and the Roman set; contact me for trading) which looks likely to give me a lot of photoing excuses. The Medieval set, at least, was the perfect backdrop for some of my recent acquisitions.

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Hippoi Athanatoi

I am mad for horses. Always have been and always will be. I am also mad for folklore, legends, mythology and all of that stuff (that’s where my obsession with fantasy started out). So, when I had my big myth phase as a child, I loved the stories with horses in the very best. Eight-legged Sleipnir, winged Pegasus born from blood and sea foam and of course Xanthos and Balios, the fabulous horses of Achilles who were the offspring of a harpy and the west wind. Greek mythology even has a collective name for the various wondrous horses that appear in the stories; they call them the “hippoi athanatoi”, the immortal horses. Hence, the name of our website.

As for this post…well, the Nike crown and wings from ieQED for The Gathering gave me an idea to play around a bit more with the Immortals gacha from Culprit.

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Still Innocent

A new round of Enchantment - the fairy tale inspired event where you collect stamp cards and stamps at the participating main stores that you redeem for exclusive prizes at a special location - is just around the corner and the theme for this round is Bluebeard. It is a quirky story as fairy tales go, with some very traditional elements and some unusual features that seem to be the resulting of legends and history being conflated. For my first photo for this round, I am showing a dress by Pixicat and a ring by aisling.

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