With the holidays truly over, I am working on getting back into a good work routine, which is always a bit of a challenge when you work from home. There’s also the risk that comes with using the computer for both hobbies and work. Writing a blog post like this one isn’t so different from writing a blog post for Westeros.org, after all, but one is—strange as it still seems to me—work and the other is a hobby.

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Wasabi On Sale

Wasabi is having a huge sale on all hair using their previous, pre-HUD set of textures. I have a lot of favourites among those hairs and I thought I would do a portrait with one of them, the Donna style. This has been a really versatile braided style, perfect for both modern looks and period/fantasy looks. It also turned out to be perfect for showing off the Bianca jewellery set from Voluptas Virtualis. The set features a bindi, two earring styles and three different chokers, all very elegant and detailed. Of course it comes with a HUD for changing the metal and the gems.

The gown, which I will have to show in more detail in another post, is by the Muses and the wintry archway a new release from Noble Creations.

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Poisoned Apple

For November, Enchantment takes us to the world of Snow White, full of poisoned apples, dwarves and evil queens. I think I saw at least three glass coffins on sale as well, which brought back fond memories of a lovely pose prop from Studio Sidhe. There were also a few magic mirrors, which makes me fervently wish for reflections in Second Life. But enough reminiscing and wishful thinking! I have a lovely dress from Dreaming Thicket to show you, together with a pose set from Double Take, a new-to-me pose store.

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Sweet Samira

The Lootbox gacha event opened just before I left for the weekend, so I managed to get some plays in, which included winning the rare from Analog Dog on my first try. Not my usual luck! I also played the Jian Avian Arcana gacha and came away with some nice birds that I have to work into a post soon enough. But this one is all about this gorgeous belly dancing set from deviousMind.

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Shadow Box Unboxing September 2017

The first Shadow Box from Death Row Designs was released today and I have done my first unboxing vlog in quite a while. As I am travelling early tomorrow, I will be a bit brief in my written commentary and share a bit of what is written about the Shadow Box on the DRD website, which I linked above and which you should visit to find out more about how the subscription works.

“The DRD Shadow Box is a monthly subscription box that combines the mystery of getting something new and unknown once a month, with a bonus reward for purchasing a full series. Every Shadow Box contains twelve items created by Death Row Designs. Every series is 6 months, or 6 Shadow Boxes. At the end of a series the bonus reward becomes available to anyone who has received or purchased every box in the series.”

“The Shadow Box contains twelve products, six light or “normal” products and the other six are their dark or “abnormal” counterparts, or shadows. These items are not simple recolors. Every shadow has something unique about it ensuring you are receiving 12 unique items every month. Although every box stands on its own and can be used with or without the other months, a full series of six will reward you with not one, but two buildings at the end of the series. A light building and its dark counterpart, made specifically for that series, can be redeemed at no extra charge.”

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Moroccan Feast

A few days ago, Genre’s Moroccan round opened and in this post I am featuring three releases from the event: the Senga gown from the Muses, the Weapons of the 40 Thieves wall-decoration from Paper Moon and the Moroccan Feast from the Half Moon Market. I am also wearing a gacha hair from Wasabi Pills from the Chapter Four.

The gown comes in several bright patterns and in fitmesh sizes for two Belleza bodies (Isis and Freya), Maitreya and both (yay) Slink bodies. The Weapons come in cool and warm shades and as a whole set or individual pieces.

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Hair Fair: Wasabi Pills

I am a few days late to the party, so by now I imagine everyone knows that Hair Fair is back with four sims of glorious tresses to browse through, plus two cam-shopping sims. As always, Hair Fair is a charity event, with part of the proceeds of each sale (minimum 15%, but it varies) going to Wigs for Kids. I’ve done some demoing and shopping so far and I think there are some nice styles on offer, including more and more brand using style huds to offer different versions of a hair. Having options for whether you have hair draped over your shoulder or not is always a good one since what works with one outfit may not work with another.

My first post, however, is all about the three styles offered by Wasabi Pills, with the addition of some eyecandy from Voluptas Virtualis and the Plastik.

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Here Comes the Sun

It took its time, but I think its safe to say that summer is finally here. Of course, the Swedish summer is notorious for being very changeable and sometimes quite wet and chilly, so you can’t always tell it apart from late spring and early autumn. Today, however, the weather is nice (if a bit windy) and I am just indoors because I am still tired after a weekend of dog shows and related activities. But at least that gives me a chance to catch up on some blogging and today it is all about the swimwear.

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It is refreshing to be out of my usual wheelhouse for a bit. This all started with the Anthophila book from the Plastik, a beautifully decorated tome adorned with bees. This prompted a more ...scholarly look, or at the very least something of a librarian look, which was accomplished through clothing from alaskametro and another release from the Plastik, the Hololense glasses.

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Fantasy Faire 2017 - In the Air

I am back to wandering the Fairelands after a short break for RL interruptions. Today, I settled on the lovely Kakushi Pasu sim where the Literary Festival is held. In fact, I was there on Sunday as well, holding a small talk about history in A Song of Ice and Fire. I have participated in the Literary Festival for three years now and I think it is a fabulous part of the Faire, so do check out what they have to offer during the rest of the Faire.

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Fantasy Faire 2017 - Silvan Moon Designs

On the second day of the Fantasy Faire, I visited the beautiful Dawn’s Promise sim, built by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee of The Looking Glass. Beautiful ruins and abundant flowers spread over this sim, where little islands are connected by arching bridges. Many of the elements used in the sim build are also available for purchase from The Looking Glass, which as a sim sponsor occupies pride of place on Dawn’s Promise. Many of them are sold as RFL items, including some shades of the gorgeous Blush Trees that sheds their beautiful rose/lilac flowers.

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Midnight Dancer

Aisling launched their new brand Voluptas Virtualis some months ago, but it is only just now that the brand has received its own, separate store space as well as a subscriber group all of its own. From now on, the idea is that medieval/fantasy items go under the Aisling brand and more modern items, with a sexy and elegant feel, go under Voluptas Virtualis. The bodysuit I am showing today is one such item.

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A Feast for a Muse

The Muses are having a big Marketplace sale with individual items at L$125 and fatpacks at L$800. You don’t want to miss this if you like gowns, whether of a more vintage flavour or for your fantasy/medieval roleplay. You will also find a variety of vintage lingerie as well as some accessories. I am wearing one of the gowns on sale in these photos, as it happened to make an excellent match with the laden feasting table from Noble Creations.

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Skin Fair 2017 -  The NSFW Edition

We are heading into the last weekend of the Skin Fair and I thought I would revisit some of my favourite skins. This year I have focused a lot on closeups rather than in-depth looks at the skin bodies, so I decided to take a different approach with this post. It isn’t one of my old style skin reviews, with detailed comparisons of the body shading, but you do get to see a lot more of the skins than previously. I also took the opportunity to show some more poses from the Sovereign Born Royal Chaise from Roawenwood for the March Treasure Chest, though the very first image uses a static pose from oOo Studios.

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A new round of Genre is opening today at noon SL time. The theme for this round is Victoriana and in my first post as a Genre blogger I hope to give you a little taste of what you can expect. As you may remember, Genre changed its format last round, moving to a permanent build (rather than a new one for each round) and doing away with the L$100 max price. A discount is still offered, but this gives designers more flexibility in what they can make for the event.

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