A Taste of Freckles

To show off the lovely new Piper skin from Adam n Eve—which has gorgeous freckles—I headed for the charming French bakery on Alchemy Immortalis. I also slipped into the new “one size fits all” mesh skirt from Ingenue, yet another new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, new mesh boots from Insolence and some lovely new jewellery from Dark Mouse. Whew, I think that’s all the newness this time.

Broken Dreams

Evie’s Closet, where you will find some of the most beautiful gowns in Second Life, is having a sale to celebrate its fourth anniversary. With some exceptions, the mainstore is marked down to 50%. There are some fantastic deals to be had!

However, the gown I am showing today is NOT on sale since it is the very latest release, called Nocturne. But since you get _two_ gowns for the price of one in the Nocturne set, it is pretty much as good as if it was on sale anyway.

I am also wearing yet another new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, which rapidly is becoming the store for mesh hair, and a mesh necklace from lassitude & ennui.

An Uncommon Birth

This last month has brought not just one new skin store to my inventory, but two. Hot on the heels of my acquiring a skin from Eep (review here), I’ve finally succumbed to the siren call of Birth. They’ve been creating skins for awhile, but one of the newest, Nico, really caught my eye.


While rigged mesh has some distinct drawbacks (such as not being editable in any way), unrigged mesh can be truly awesome. How about 1 prim jewellery that can be resized independently in any direction? As in, you can make it wider without making it taller or deeper or vice versa.

This soon-to-be-released set from Tekeli-li—it will be out later today and that will also mark the start of the store’s traditional Halloween sale, an event not to be missed—is a stunning full mesh ensemble where each piece is a single prim. Make copies, setup the colours you want and delete the scripts and you have a very resource-friendly set of jewellery. Fellow fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones will definitely want to take a closer look.

Autumn Retreat

The three gorgeous sims from the creators behind Alchemy Immortalis have now become four with the addition of Ceangal where they will be offering a Bed & Breakfast experience. If you want to explore this lovely new addition to this beautiful corner of Second Life, you have until the 26th of October when rentals commence and the sim closes to the public. Of course, you could always book a private stay after that; read more about this—including the auction for a special Halloween Party on Ceangal—on their website.

I did my exploring of Ceangal in a new mesh dress from PixelDolls and new mesh booties by Adam n Eve.

A Fall Fancy

My wardrobe in RL is not exactly overflowing with lingerie, but in SL its a different story. Not the least thanks to Insolence and the gorgeously detailed sets from camilla Yosuke, such as this new release, Melissa.

I am also trying out one of the latest LeLutka hairs, and this one is mesh. Yes, I do have a mesh hair addiction. But I am still waiting for the knee-long ones. ;) My skin is Adam n Eve’s gorgeous Ariadne with some lovely cosmetics by M.O.C.K.


I don’t have much in the way of mesh items so far—in part because, as usual, the huge women’s fashion market is getting a lot more attention—but two or three pieces have snuck into the wardrobe, and thanks to Adam n Eve and Wasabi Pills, I’ve a notion for just how to go about it…

Sebastian & Sebastianne

Previously, I’ve featured a mesh hair from Alice Project. Now, there’s another store with mesh hair as well, Wasabi Pills. This store first came to mine and Ran’s attention for being one of the few to offer long hairs for men and for a bit of a focus on styles suited to roleplay looks. The first mesh release fits very well into this pattern. In fact, it started out as Sebastian for the guys and then became Sebastianne for the girls as well.


While LL has disappointed (at least for the time being) those hoping for rigged mesh that conforms to our avatar shapes, mesh can be a pretty cool thing unrigged as well. The latest release from Tekeli-li, the Crystalism set, is a non-rigged mesh set which weighs in at ... very few prims indeed. The necklace is one prim, the top and the bottom three prims each.

Mesh Hair Design Challenge?

The first mesh hairs are slowly cropping up and so far I am pretty thrilled. Its early days still and no doubt plenty of room for further evolution, but that hasn’t stopped myself and some others making a particular style wish on Plurk:

Really, really long mesh hair.

We’re talking hair that Lady Godiva could be proud of, perfect for those dressed-only-in-my-hair photoshoots as well as for various roleplaying purposes; no self-respecting medieval maiden would have less than knee-length hair, after all.

What I am thinking now is, why not make a design challenge out of it? Put forward some guidelines, try to reach as many hair designers as possible, and see what they come up with? Then feature the resulting hairs in a series of blog posts, perhaps in a dedicated Flickr group as well. I don’t know that it needs to involve any voting or scoring of the designs, but a constructive look at the pros and cons of each style might be a good resource for future mesh hair developments.

So…any thoughts? Any interest?

Mini Mesh

For today’s Moody Monday, Elysium Eilde of elymode dives into mesh with a mini skirt as an optional add-on to her Evolu set. You still have some hours left to head over there and try a demo before these limited colours disappear.

Alluring Things

A final look at the Jewelry Fair (it ends today!) with a lovely set from Bliensen+MaiTai. I’ve paired it with a new partial mesh dress from PixelDolls, a skin from the massive sale at Dutch Touch and a pair of gorgeous new eyes from Poetic Colors.

Ride ‘Em

I’ve found another pair of mesh boots that fits me—meaning, the alpha doesn’t eat up a huge chunk of my leg—though to be fair, “found” isn’t exactly right. The size I am using of the Rebel boots from AnE MeshWorks, the mesh “division” of Adam n Eve, were modelled on one of my shapes.

I am also in the mesh hair from Alice Project again (can someone please make tons of really long mesh hairs, please?) and I am playing with yet another prop from chanimations.