A Rare Jewel

A lovely gown from We Love Role-Play, a taste of the jewellery fair and a new skin form the basis for this post. In the coming days, I expect to revisit the jewellery fair and do a full review of the skin (and its Physique appliers), but for now I am staying dressed (for once!).

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Like an Egyptian

A new round of We Love Role-Play is just around the corner and for my first post for the July round I am heading to Egypt—or something very much like it, anyway—courtesy of Kalopsia’s awesome Sand of Time set. Also from the July round is the toga from !gO! and the jewellery from Bliensen + MaiTai.

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The Sun and Spear

ieQED has been producing a nice series of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones inspired (but wholly original in design) crowns for various gatchas and for the Secret Affair the set included one called Sunspear. Being the big fan of Dorne that I am, I knew I wanted to feature it, so this look and these photos were largely built around the crown. The other item I really wanted to focus on was this brand-new henna designs from Chandra Masala’s Jalwa brand. It includes both arm and leg designs which you will see in more detail inside the post.

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I may be suffering from a slight house addiction in Second Life of late. I suspect I will never get our sim fully landscaped and finished since I can’t avoid rezzing out new shinies rather randomly to setup for photos. Such as this Oakside Bungalow from Convair at the Home Show.

Once you step inside, you’ll also get to see a couple of the new releases from Miamai’s Luxe collection, which launched this weekend.

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Skin Fair: Astrali from The Plastik

In just two days, on the 14th, the Skin Fair opens. It is quite a massive affair this time around, with three whole sims full of skins and with each participating designer offering Skin Fair exclusives that won’t be in their stores until the fair is over. I have decided to start my coverage of the fair with the new Astrali line from The Plastik. The line itself was actually released in the new store today, but you will have to wait until the Skin Fair for 7 of the tones. The Plastik will also be offering a large set of striking eye makeups at the Fair as well as nail polishes for Slink’s hands and feet. But lets dive in and take a look at the lovely Astrali.

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Grandeur in Mesh

Holiday preparations and the holidays themselves, not to mention a slight addiction to The Secret World, have kept me rather idle in Second Life for a few weeks. But the photography itch has been there the last week and when I spotted this dress at Bare Rose, I knew it was time for a blog. It also happened to be, or so I think, a rather perfect match for the lovely tiara from lassitude & ennui. I am also wearing a pair of new mesh eyes from Mayfly.

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I’ve never been able to stick to just one shape in SL. When I joined, it was to recreate various roleplay characters, so it didn’t take me many weeks to end up with several shapes. Since then, my personal collection has grown and grown, and somewhere along the way, sachi suggested that I could create some shapes for Adam n Eve’s skins and have them for sale in the store. I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity, of course, and I have been creating shapes for Adam n Eve skins ever since. And so, for the release of the first three skins of a new generation of sachi’s skins, I have of course created a shape each for Disa, Laina and Afia.

Also featured in this post are three of the gorgeous new hairs from Alice Project for Around the World (she made nine in total and you will find them all in the Asia section), some of my favourite Zaara lingerie and the mesh eyes from Mayfly.

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