Oh Deer

Terribly cheesy title, but I couldn’t resist it. Jian will be releasing the adorable White Tail Deer Family for The Seasons Story which opens its Winter round on the 10th. The family consists of an adult male, an adult female and a fawn. Each animal comes in four versions; standing animated, standing static and sleeping static, curled to the left or the right. They make a lovely addition to any forest, no matter the season, and will be sold for L$450.

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Let it Snow

Botanical has released a really cool weather system that handles both snow and rain. After checking it out, Ran agreed with me that it would make a lovely addition to the sim, so now we have it setup for rain in one section and snow across our little northern island. That seemed like the perfect place to show off one of the Chyll skins by the Plastik as well as some of their latest jewellery.

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Glorious Braids

Hair Fair is in full swing. I decided to battle the lag right away and managed to get out alive and with some nice new hair. My very favourite hair will be featured first, the Freya from Calico. And no, I am not just biased because of the name; this style is right up my alley and I don’t think there’s anything quite like it in SL. Such glorious braids. With it I am wearing the latest skin from Adam n Eve, the sultry Marnie, and the backdrop for these photos is a brand new ruined tower set from Botanical, available at this month’s Collabor88. The tower is beautifully crafted and textured and it will be the perfect addition to our plans for the next mini island on our sim. My dress, so perfectly suited to this hair and to the ruined tower, is the lovely Wolf Maid from the Muses.

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