An Uncommon Birth

This last month has brought not just one new skin store to my inventory, but two. Hot on the heels of my acquiring a skin from Eep (review here), I’ve finally succumbed to the siren call of Birth. They’ve been creating skins for awhile, but one of the newest, Nico, really caught my eye.


While rigged mesh has some distinct drawbacks (such as not being editable in any way), unrigged mesh can be truly awesome. How about 1 prim jewellery that can be resized independently in any direction? As in, you can make it wider without making it taller or deeper or vice versa.

This soon-to-be-released set from Tekeli-li—it will be out later today and that will also mark the start of the store’s traditional Halloween sale, an event not to be missed—is a stunning full mesh ensemble where each piece is a single prim. Make copies, setup the colours you want and delete the scripts and you have a very resource-friendly set of jewellery. Fellow fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones will definitely want to take a closer look.

Autumn Retreat

The three gorgeous sims from the creators behind Alchemy Immortalis have now become four with the addition of Ceangal where they will be offering a Bed & Breakfast experience. If you want to explore this lovely new addition to this beautiful corner of Second Life, you have until the 26th of October when rentals commence and the sim closes to the public. Of course, you could always book a private stay after that; read more about this—including the auction for a special Halloween Party on Ceangal—on their website.

I did my exploring of Ceangal in a new mesh dress from PixelDolls and new mesh booties by Adam n Eve.


There’s a massive release of new couple poses from Exposeur today, including many additions to the “indecent” range of more adult couple poses. I picked up a couple plus there was a very generous group gift for the VIP group with another four poses, two naughty and two nice. So, the focus is very much on the poses.

However, I also very much want to highlight the backdrop too, which is the latest house acquisition by myself and Ran, the Carriageway House by Maxwell Graf of the amazing Rustica sim where he sells awesome furniture and houses.

He is also a driving force behind the Mesh Clothing Parametric Deformer Project which hopes to create a way that mesh can fit our shapes instead of us having to fit our shapes to the mesh. Right now, he has made an extremely generous offer: donate more than 10 US dollars to the project and he will allow you to pick out any item that he sells in SL. Ran and I had already talked about donating, but this made up our minds. Why not pitch in as well and get those last 900 dollars sorted out?

A Fall Fancy

My wardrobe in RL is not exactly overflowing with lingerie, but in SL its a different story. Not the least thanks to Insolence and the gorgeously detailed sets from camilla Yosuke, such as this new release, Melissa.

I am also trying out one of the latest LeLutka hairs, and this one is mesh. Yes, I do have a mesh hair addiction. But I am still waiting for the knee-long ones. ;) My skin is Adam n Eve’s gorgeous Ariadne with some lovely cosmetics by M.O.C.K.

Eek! Ack! It’s Eep!

A brand new skin store from a familiar creator, eep’s 001 skin is the focus of this review. Look inside for details, for naughty bits, and for a brief discussion of a brand new shape store in the Second Life Marketplace!

The Charms of the South

Time for another set of MUSH-meets-Second-Life photos, this time featuring my secondary Dornish characters. She’s a bit of a saucy thing, so I needed an outfit that had something of an eastern flair without being either too demure or too much like something you’d expect to see in a harem.

Fortunately, I remembered that I had an outfit from Silver Rose Designs that might just fit the bill. The Fatima outfit isn’t a robe, of course, but it is noted that women in Dorne do wear dresses as well. No doubt a lot of these dresses look more like your typical medieval gown, but here at least you get a touch of something different and exotic with the colour combinations, the hip-wrap and, of course, the bold neckline.

Creature Feature

A few days ago, I received some review copies from Fleur du Mâle for their new ALIVE eyes and I was very intrigued after trying them on. Since the eyes were from the DRAKE series, which are various kinds of inhuman eyes, I had an excuse to break out this Etheria skin from the recent sale at Port Seraphine as well as the Reptilia hair from Wasabi Pills.

Fun and Games

Yesterday, Ran and I spent a few hours going through The Flesh Game, this year’s Halloween adventure/puzzle from the Pulse sim. I can’t say I am big on horror in general, but we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed these games for several years now. The amount of work that goes into the story, the build and the scripting is quite amazing and on top of that there are free gifts from participating stores that you can find throughout the game.

In light of this, I wanted to feature some clothing from [email protected] today, as a thank you for the great fun we had yesterday. I am also mixing in a few things from the 4.44.444 event for Free*Style’s 4th birthday. It ends on the 14th, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t.


I don’t have much in the way of mesh items so far—in part because, as usual, the huge women’s fashion market is getting a lot more attention—but two or three pieces have snuck into the wardrobe, and thanks to Adam n Eve and Wasabi Pills, I’ve a notion for just how to go about it…

Coiffed for Court

I am definitely in a mood for mostly roleplay-related looks these days. Of course, it could be that this is helped along by the sort of new releases I’ve been running into, like the latest hairs from Calico Creations. I have been a fan of Calico’s hairs since I started in SL and the Emily hair was my favourite flexi-curl hair for a long time.

Sebastian & Sebastianne

Previously, I’ve featured a mesh hair from Alice Project. Now, there’s another store with mesh hair as well, Wasabi Pills. This store first came to mine and Ran’s attention for being one of the few to offer long hairs for men and for a bit of a focus on styles suited to roleplay looks. The first mesh release fits very well into this pattern. In fact, it started out as Sebastian for the guys and then became Sebastianne for the girls as well.

In the Shadow City

Another bit of A Song of Ice and Fire-inspired photography, this time featuring my main character in Dorne. Rather than trying to represent the whole of Westeros on Blood of Dragons, we’ve built two very different cities: the royal capital of King’s Landing and Sunspear, which at the time we’re playing in basically is the capital of the independent realm of Dorne.

Fortunately, the gorgeous Kingdom of Sand roleplay sim offers a great place to shoot Dornish-inspired photos.

Adorning Ariadne

There are few things I enjoy as much in SL as a new skin. I love finding skins that fit my existing shapes and I love being inspired by a skin to create a new shape. Fortunately, working for Adam n Eve means that I get to try out a lot of new skins since sachi Vixen loves to make them.

This time, I’d like to introduce you all to Ariadne, who may just have the best body of any skin that sachi has made. I am also showing a variety of jewellery from Bewildebeest, a store full of very original jewellery designs.


While LL has disappointed (at least for the time being) those hoping for rigged mesh that conforms to our avatar shapes, mesh can be a pretty cool thing unrigged as well. The latest release from Tekeli-li, the Crystalism set, is a non-rigged mesh set which weighs in at ... very few prims indeed. The necklace is one prim, the top and the bottom three prims each.