Warm Oceans

The end of the Fantasy Faire is swiftly approaching. If you have yet to experience the magic for yourself, make sure to take the opportunity over its last two days. Between my RL deadlines, I still hope to get a few more posts out, because there are so many lovely things that I want to share with you. In this post you get another look at the skin from the Plastik as well as a jewellery set from a new-to-me designer, AZE Jewelry Designs.

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This is the Cumulare version of the Asaia skin. Its pale green base hue and vivid blue markings made me think of a tropical sea, the kind a mermaid might like to frolic about it. As I wanted to show off more of the skin than in my last post, I decided that was also a good opportunity to wear nothing at all.

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Except for this jewellery set from AZE, that is. This is the RFL version of the Fluted Scallop set, which includes tiara, necklace and earrings. I feel the texturing really captures the different materials - the pearls, the clam shell and the coral—and what better accessories for a mermaid? This set is also available in other, non-RFL colours and AZE also offers another set of mermaid tiaras which are a bit more ostentatious.

I took these photos on the Mermaid Rocks multipose from LostAngel, a handy and decorative little rock collection that I keep on hand on the edge of the sim. My hair is Exile’s Dream of Paradise, which always works really well with tiaras and crowns.

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