Waiting for Winter

Not a sign of winter around here as of yet, in contrast to last year. But at least plenty of wintry clothes and props are starting to appear in SL and LostAngel Industries are doing there part with several new winter-related props in their Winter Village, among them the carousel I’ll be showing here.

I am also mixing and matching a few pieces from the Meli separates by elymode which feature some gorgeously drawn ribbons and bows as accents and I am wearing a bit of mesh: a new hair from Wasabi Pills and the rigged mesh feet from Slink.

To return to the topic of winter, some of the other props you can find in LostAngel’s Winter Village include a picnic blanket, a fireplace and a bench. Some are for couples, some for friends and some are solo props. Just what you need to get in the right mood even if its not a winter wonderland outside your window.

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