Tribal Queen

This one will have to be a bit briefer than usual as a cold has knocked out both me and Ran but I really wanted to get some of my blogging obligations out of the way by showing you this beautiful gacha set from aisling for The Secret Affair, the second of Adam n Eve‘s skins for the Skin Fair and a closer look at the mesh eyes from Mayfly.

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The Handariel gacha includes two rares (headdress and plastron) and three commons—necklace, armbands, bracelets—that each come in black, silver and gold. A HUD is included with all items to change the accent colours. There’s quite a tribal feel to this set and I think several of the pieces could be mixed into non-fantasy looks as well.

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The Joelle skin from Adam n Eve comes in four darker tones (this is the lightest) and like Chelsea she is available both for the classic avatar and for mesh bodies and the Visage mesh head. I am wearing her on the Physique mesh body but with a classic avatar head. The base skin package gives you three brow options plus a no brow option, each with and without liner. You also get various tattoo modifications, including the moles that I am wearing here.

The eye makeup is Cleo from alaskametro which I think sets off the Mayfly Luminous eyes in Light Olive Shadow very nicely. As I mentioned in my previous post, the Luminous range has now been changed to HUD controlled, which makes it much easier to access the many options these eyes provide. There are 15 different reflections to choose from, 7 different shadows and 3 pupil sizes. You also have a total of 29 eye sizes and 7 settings for how deep in our out the eyes are set. The latter has been invaluable for me since I like to keep my eyes realistically small and often end up with gaps at the corners without adjusting the eyes out/forward.

I paired the Handariel outfit with the skirt from the Whistles set by Faida & Fallen Gods and the hair is a previous gacha from Ploom while the poses are by Exposeur.

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