Red Lights

Like many others, no doubt, I find myself rather stressed and distracted of late and it is impacting my creativity and my concentration. It took me much too long to figure to be happy with this setup, though I am fairly pleased with the end results. I had forgotten that this pose/backdrop set from Exposeur was sitting in my inventory and it turned to be just what was needed for the rather raunchy Belit set from Voluptas Virtualis. I am also wearing their Nene nipples on my Slink Hourglass body and a piercing from their latest add-on set as well. Other than that, I am not wearing much!

My skin is Zara by Adam n Eve, which was released for the Skin Fair and now that that has ended it is available in the mainstore. The hair is Maite from Wasabi, a second style with windblown options and petal add-ons. It is available at Uber.

Click for full-sized image
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Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body, Slink hands & feet, Slink Visage Amelia head, GA.EG Ultimate Eyes 2.0
Skin: Adam n Eve Zara Tone D
Hair: Wasabi Maite (Uber)
Clothes: Voluptas Virtualis Belit (Kinky)
Accessories: Voluptas Virtualis Nene Jewelry Add-On Set 3 - MoonGems (Kinky)
Decor: Exposeur Red Light Showcase

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