Not Your Usual Cupid

Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big thing around here, but the Internet makes it impossible to miss it. And really, if you don’t feel pressured to buy into the commercial aspects of it, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra love. But rather than pink and sweet, I decided to go for a cupid with a bit of an edge, using most of the highly sought-after Faranth set (the ultra rare crown not included) from aisling at the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival together with the belt from the deviousMind Harpyia gatcha and a couple of the Huntress poses from HopScotch.

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The Faranth set comes in three metals—gold, silver and black—and with a range of gemstone options. The smaller pieces don’t have a metal change option and are click to change for the gemstones. The bigger pieces (the pauldrons, the collar and the crown) come with HUDs that control metal and gemstones. All the pieces are also scripted for resizing.

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It wasn’t easy finding poses that’d work with quite so many jewellery pieces, but fortunately these HopScotch poses offered both some interesting angles and not too much twisting of the arms.

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A closer look in a pose from Musa at the intricacy of the Faranth set. It makes for quite a striking fantasy look with this many of the pieces worn, but you could of course settle for just the collar as well for a bit less of a warlike look than with the pauldrons on. The set also gets quite a different feel in gold or silver than in black, adding to its usefulness.

So, there you have my kind of cupid for Valentine’s Day! In addition to the aforementioned pieces, I am also wearing the Bound shoes by lassitude & ennui, the Take hair from Magika and the Tanya skin by Tuli.

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