Tuli has released a full skinline for Maya, whom we got a sneak peek of in witchy makeup. Now she’s out in the full range of skin tones (0-7) and with regular makeups on tattoo layers. I paired her with a cosy recent release from Jian and a few finds from the Gacha Garden.

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The Cocoa Tray was Jian’s release for the past weekend’s round of the Neighbourhood. This time of the year, I do love a bit of hot chocolate, especially with a hint of cinnamon or other spices. I am not much of a marshmallow person, but I certainly won’t say no to some whipped cream. The tray comes with a few texture options for the cups and it will also hand out a cup with a drinking animation.

The delicate lingerie is by a designer I stumbled across through the Gacha Garden, Chocolate Atelier. Their gacha features this bra and panty set as well as a matching bodysuit in various colours.

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The Shenanigan hair is Analog Dog’s release for the Gacha Garden. Its a charming, quirky updo where different colour packs come with different textures on the scarf.

I am wearing Maya in T1, the second lightest tone, and with the red eyebrows (you also get black, brown and blonde). I’ve added one of the five eye makeups and one of the ten lipsticks (five colours, but each comes in a matte and a glossy version) and I am wearing her on the Slink Physique body.

Photos are taken in our Gatehouse Cottage by Alchemy Immortalis, here furnished with a romantic bench from Libertine.

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