Fantasy Faire: The Wolf Maid

Sometimes, fate puts things together. Sometimes, it takes a little help from the wonderful creations available at the Fantasy Faire.

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I had received the Wolf Maid gown from the Muses—here in the RFL colour, “Ice”—and then I also received the new wolf mask from Illusions. Ran suggested I might want to photo those together, perhaps with a few additional accessories, such as some blue roses…

Some of you might see where this is heading and why he went off and picked up a dragon mask from Illusions to go with the Redemption outfit from the Muses.  And why we decided to use the Godswood skybox from Trompe Loeil, of course.

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Wolf Maid is a lovely, intricately patterned gown, mixing mesh (the skirt, the sleeves and the kirtle) with system layers. Just the thing for a lovely young maiden. Redemption, the male outfit, features a mesh coat and mesh pants over a system layer shirt. There’s quite a bit of rogueish charm to this outfit.

The Wolf mask comes with six different wolf fur textures and I love how soft and touchable it looks. The fit is really quite excellent, as well. If Wolf isn’t your thing, Illusions is also offering several other new masks at the Faire, including two bird masks for RFL.

We are both wearing new hairs for the Faire from Wasabi Pills; Selene for me and Erik for Ran. Finally, another long male mesh hair (Erik is also available as Erika, for female avatars) and I love the braid on Selene. It did take a bit of post-processing to layer the braid over the mask since of course a mesh hair isn’t editable, so if you want to wear the two together you may find it a little tricky depending on your face shape and how much you can move the mask around.

You will the Muses on Crimson Fields, Illusions on Evensong Woods and Wasabi Pills on Magnificat.

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