“Of Fire and Ice…” is the second discounted—and updated!—Sourceress pose prop from chanimations for We Love Role-Play. This epic scene depicts a battle between two magic-users, each wielding one of the elements. The poses are suitably dramatic and the options for changing the look of the scene gives you many different possibilities.

While technically a set for two female avatars, the poses can largely pass for unisex, so we took this opportunity for Ran to show off his amazing new mesh armour from Silhouette Warfare. I, on the other hand, decided to go with rather less; I am wearing the lovely Naamah body jewellery from the Plastik, which definitely adorns you but doesn’t exactly cover you.

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We used the smaller of the two versions of the set and placed it on top of the ruins from Botanicals. Then we equipped ourselves with a magic wand each (these are transfer, so that both people participating in the scene can use them) and launched into battle.

Fire got off to a bit of a slow start…

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...but managed to rally after a bit, raising the flames higher to combat the ice.

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But who will be the victor after the final clash?

This is a really fun set to play with. With 10 poses and all the variations in the scene setup, there’s a lot of room for playing around. The poses are all very dynamic, really capturing particular moment, and I think it photos really well.

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