The Plastik is definitely more than fantasy clothes and accessories and the striking gown I am wearing in this post is just one of many examples of the versatility of the brand. Also featured is one of the new hairs from Calico for this round of We Love Role-Play.

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The Crotan gown was released for the 100 block event and it comes in a dazzling array of colours, which all make you look like you were dipped in liquid metal which then flowed down your body, pooling behind you like a train. I am wearing the fitmesh version but it also comes in standard sizes.

The Kimmie hair from Calico is an elaborate pigtail style combined with a braid along one side of the face. It both frames the face very nicely and leaves the back clear, allowing you to show off the back of your dress.

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And in this case, the back definitely deserves being shown off. The bow is a nice touch and the square opening is unusual and elegant.

The shoes glimpsed beneath the dress are ieQED’s Emmy wedges, the skin is Imogen from Imabee (with eyeshadow from alaskametro) and the poses are from Exposeur.

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