Bendable Boots

Mesh has been live on the grid for little over a week and more and more releases making use of this new feature are hitting stores. At this early stage, most everyone blogging mesh products give a run-down of its pros and cons; me included.

Mesh allows for worn items to be rigged, meaning they will move and deform with your avatar. However, while rigged items will stretch or shrink with certain sliders, a few notable sliders are not taken into account, namely those controlling fat and muscles. For those of us who prefer to add a bit of fat and muscle to our shapes, this can pose a real problem. I’ve tried most mesh items that are sold with demos—an absolute MUST which I am very happy that designers are embracing—and so far, none have worked very well for me. That is, until today and the release of Lassitude & Ennui’s overknee boots. These actually work really well for me!

These boots have made me a little more hopeful for mesh for me personally. Clearly there will be some rigged items that I can wear even though I am adamant about not changing my shape to conform to clothing.

If you’re curious about mesh, remember that you need to be using viewer 3.* or a third-party viewer that has added the code; Kirstens Viewer is one of these and so is the Astra Viewer. And whatever you do, make sure to try the demos of any mesh items before buying!

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