A Secret Affair

I really can’t seem to keep my clothes on for long lately. But when you have an elaborate accessory set like that Tallulah gacha from aisling for The Secret Affair I feel like you need to let it be the star of the show, so to speak.

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Tallulah consists of three rares (headdress, necklace and pauldrons) and three commons (arms, bracers, thighs) in silver, gold and black. The rares are customised entirely via HUDs and the commons have a HUD for controlling all except the metal.

My favourite part is definitely the headdress, which comes with a veil that has a number of fabric options as well as options for how transparent you want to have it. It can go from completely transparent (essentially turned off) to completely opaque with a couple of in-between options available as well.

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The bed is from Kalopsia for the current round of Genre and it fits the theme of “baroque” very well indeed. “Le Lit de la Marquise” is available in three colours—gold, as seen here, and silver and black)—and for just L$100 it is a great bargain. It is elegant and ornamental, with beautifully modelled fabrics as well as metal details. It is not an adult bed, but it does contain both single and couple poses for sitting and lying down.

My hair is also an event release, a style called “Born to Die” from Alice Project for the Hair Fair. As always, I love styles without bangs, and I really like the waviness of the hair.

I am (of course) wearing the Physique mesh body from Slink and my skin is Adam n Eve’s Taliya in the new extra-pale “0A” tone.

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