A Playful Fantasy

It is We Love Role-Play time again. This time, my fantasy is more adult than elven, as the Versailles shoes from lassitude & ennui and the Portia jewellery from Sax Shepherd Designs inspired a lush boudoir look.

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The oh so elegant Versailles shoes from lassitude & ennui are available in black (seen here, though they are appearing lighter due to materials reacting with the lighting used) as well as a range of pastel colours. I couldn’t resists wearing them with lingerie, but they’d of course be fabulous with period gowns or suits as well. They’d also be lovely with a Lolita-inspired look.

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Sax Shepherd Designs is a new-to-me brand but the Portia renaissance jewellery set caught my eye instantly. Each set comes with 12 stone colours (controlled via HUD) but you can choose if you want 1, 3 or all 6 metal options. As the set has materials enabled, I couldn’t resist picking up the pack with all the metal options. I really like how the light plays over the metal, but I would have liked to see materials also used to give more of a 3D look to the pattern on the pieces.

The rest of the outfit (such as it is) consists of the lovely Sweetheart overbust corset from Perception and the Precious socks from Pixel Mode. My skin is Tuli’s Tanya and my hair the opulent Dream of Paradise from Exile. The lush furnishings are the Marquis set from Libertine, which never disappoints when you need poses for a more intimate setting.

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