A Hint of Fantasy: The Plastik

The Fantasy Faire is just a few days away now (it opens on the 20th), so the time has come for my first look at a new release that will be available at the faire: the Vandariel armour from the Plastik. This is classic sword & sorcery, though I decided to capture my scantily clad warrior in a more contemplative mood by using the Regal Arch pose prop from Coco Creations.

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The Vandariel armour, here in Volcanic (it comes in a massive array of different colours, so you are sure to find one that you like), features a rigged mesh chest piece and a rigged mesh hip piece. The arm and leg pieces are mesh as well but not rigged, so these can be resized. The optional skirt is a flexi, so fully modifiable. The set also includes two huds, one to change the colour of the gems and one to change the colour of the skirt.

The rigged mesh uses standard sizes, though the breast settings have been modified to allow for a large bosom. I actually found that although I have breast settings that were a fair bit smaller than what was suggested, my added body fat and muscle tone still made for a nice fit for the chest piece.

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As you can see, this is a very showy piece both from the front and the back. I suppose you could wear it over a pair of leather pants if you wanted a bit more coverage, but if you have with as nice a body as Tuli’s Helena, why would you want to? ;)

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A closer look at the details of the armour—I love the twisty shapes and the texture on the gems—and also a look at the Lineas makeup from elymode that I picked up at the Cosmetics Fair. The hair is the variant of the Bells II hair from Alice Project that I showed a little while ago; this one is simply Bells.

In addition to the Vandariel armour, the Plastik will be offering some fantastic fantasy skins at the faire which I hope to showcase soon.

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