A Castle of My Own

I have slipped a bit behind on my blogging of late, but this time it is Second Life itself that is to blame. More specifically, Jammin’s various construction sets. I had been eyeing those for a good while, and when the brand-new Dungeon Construction Set came out, I decided that with that set I could probably construct something castle-like. Not quite a castle yet, since the existing sets don’t quite lend themselves to a full-scale castle, but the dungeon set definitely offers a lot of new interior space options. So, our work in progress is the backdrop for this photo session, which also includes a dress from Fallen Gods and Faida, a necklace from Aisling and a statue from Paper Moon and the Muses under the Visage name.

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This lovely statue is the rare from the Stone II gacha by Visage, available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The gacha includes 12 commons, single statues in a variety of poses and materials. The rare comes with a HUD that gives you access to all the materials available on the common statues. A second gacha from the brand offers you the chance to turn yourself into a statue with skins matching the statue materials and a base for standing on.

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Avec Plaisir is one of the rares in the Fallen Gods and Faida Plaisir gacha, also from the FGC. The two rares and the one ultrarare consist of this dress style with different colour HUD; this is one of the colour combinations from the “Intense” HUD. The HUD gives texture options for the top, the corset and the skirt and also allow you to hide each part, which can be used to combine two different dress colours by wearing two copies of the dress.

The commons from the Plaisir gacha are a set of skirts and tops in a range of colours and I absolutely love the assymetrical skirt. Now that we can easily hide just one leg that finally works.

The Oluria necklace is one of four necklaces released by Aisling for We Love Role-Play. They all come with a HUD for extensive texture customisation and the longer styles come in several sizes, which worked perfectly here to accommodate the necklace being worn over the mesh dress.

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Finally, another look at what we’ve managed to put together so far with the sets from Jammin. This is our first attempt at building something rather than just putting a ready-made prefab on the sim and it has been a lot of fun. It took a while to get hang of things, but I had very good customer service from the creator and the pieces are really quite easy to work with. Everything is clearly named and the later sets in particular are structured into folders that separate out meshes, textures and pre-made linksets. The latter are very handy for seeing the possibilities of each set and for getting off to a good start.

I am still wearing Tuli’s Maya in the palest tone, the new mesh eyes from PXL (here in GreenGold) and the Melora hair from Calico.

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