Love As Thou Wilt

Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel books rank high on my list of best fantasy series, so of course the Plastik’s Namaah set caught my attention. However, there’s much more to it than just a well-chosen name. Composed of a number of pieces—some rigged mesh, some not—and with HUDs for texture changing, this is a unique and versatile set of fantasy accessories. Or a whole outfit, if you’re inclined to show a lot of skin (which I am). I am also wearing one of the latest new hairs from Magika and the Helena skin from Tuli. My poses are from the awesome Music is Life set by Studio Sidhe; these are really full of motion and still so very well balanced.

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The Naamah set of body jewellery, here seen in Indie (but available in many, many different textures), consists of two main rigged pieces; the torso piece and the hip piece. The arm and hand pieces are not rigged and for the foot pieces (not seen) you have a choice between rigged and unrigged. There is a hair available that is especially made to go with the crown, but it can also be worn over other suitable hairs since it is unrigged and can be resized and moved around.

Included with each set is also a couple of different flexi skirts that attach to the hip piece, pasties (including pasties for mesh breasts), a blindfold, a set of mesh eyes and various tattoo layer add-ons (such as the facial tattoo worn here). Finally, you get several HUDs, allowing you to change the texture of the stones on the main pieces, on the blindfold and on the flexi skirts.

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The Take hair is one of those gorgeous long hairs that Magika does so well. It cascades down your back in beautiful waves and the rigging is excellent. Magika hairs are also extremely good value for money if you like to wear a lot of different colours; for L$250 you get the whole natural HUD, ranging from pale blonde, through reds and browns to darkest black.

The Music is Life set from Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe features some truly dynamic poses which still keep from contorting the poor avatar mesh. She definitely has an eye for capturing motion and there’s always a strong theme to her sets which makes them so alluring to photo.

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In choosing such dynamic poses, I certainly gave the Naamah set quite a challenge; rigged mesh without the help of any alpha beneath will break through the body in some poses, that simply cannot be avoided. The set is very cleverly designed, following the areas of the body that do affect the size of mesh, but even so it cannot handle all poses. Given this, there are some subtle edits in these pictures.

However, I must stress that overall I was very impressed with both the fit and the rigging and I really hope to see more such pieces.

The Plastik has been releasing some really creative mesh items lately, in addition to an impressive collection of more main stream mesh wear. I am definitely happy to see this as most of my dressing up in SL involves wearing things I am highly unlikely to wear in RL.

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