A Helping of Hands

These days, I rarely blog unedited photos. Not because I spent a lot of time editing away flaws on the items I am reviewing, but because I want to make pretty pictures. So, I tweak areas where the SL avatar goes a little lumpy and bumpy and I edited out the two crossed lines through the image that you always get with shadows. I also tend to apply some mild filters and effects.

For this post, I’ve left off the filters and effects and I have also done much less editing than I usually need to do on the avatar. You see, I didn’t have to edit those very lumpy and bumpy things that SL calls hands. They’re better than the feet, of course, but that isn’t saying much.

And why didn’t I have to edit them? Because now I have mesh hands, courtesy of Slink. So now you can have pretty hands to go with your pretty feet. And you can have 15 different hand positions if you get the fatpack!

I am also wearing several lovely rings from Alchemy Immortalis to show off how well they look on the mesh hands—I have a sudden urge to review a lot more rings and bracelets now—and the gorgeous Chancal lingerie from Zaara.

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