Lounging in Vintage Style

For this post on the Vintage Fair, I’ve gathered three of my SL addictions; skins, jewellery and pose props. The skins are from Curio, who has two new lines for the fair. The jewellery is from Caroline’s Jewelry and Amorous and the pose props are from LostAngel.

I’ve also got a different sort of prop in the shape of Ran for the first two shots, which called for a couple.

Oh, and the tasty slice of cake and the ice cream sundae? Those are props from the gorgeous patisserie by Alchemy Immortalis. In fact, all these shots are taken inside of the patisserie as Ran and I splurged on the build when a limited sale was held. Its meant as a full business, basically, but we suspect it will see a lot of photography use from us.

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