The Olde Pond

Carefully, you peer into the clearing, in the middle of which can be found an ancient, stone-walled pond. The knowledge of who made it, and why, has been lost to the mists of time. But it is known to be one of the few places where one can easily spot the elusive fae.

Ostara’s Altar is now open, and there’s a shopping guide to let you plan your purchases ahead. The Olde Pond is by Candle and Cauldron and the lovely spring-green skin is another version of Arcana’s Fae-skins, this time the Cirice face in Clover. The fanciful outfit and matching accessories are a previous release from deviousMind which includes everything worn, from leaves to butterflies to antlers and ears.

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Body Parts:  Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Lilly head, LeLutka eyes
Skin: Arcana Cirice Clover Fae (Ostara’s Altar)
Hair:  Analog Dog Zen
Clothes:  deviousMind Eden
Accessories: deviousMind Eden
Pose:  chanimations Sourceress Set 8 - An Alchemist’s Tale
Decor:  Candle and Cauldron Olde Pond (Ostara’s Altar)

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