Shadow Elf

I used to do most of my photos on other sims than my own, but the hunt for locations got tedious and now I have been using mainly my own builds for several years. For this post, however, I ventured to the lovely Looking Glass sim where I found just the right sort of environment to show off the beautiful dress and jewellery by lassitude & ennui.

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Valindra is an elven-inspired dress for the March round of We Love Role-Play. The metallic scroll work on the bodice comes in gold and silver and the colour inlay is also texture-changeable via the HUD. It is fitted for Maitreya Lara only and costs L$290 at the event at L$390 afterwards.

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The Vanyar crown and bracelet have a similar inspiration but were released earlier, for the Lord of the Rings-round of Enchantment. The set offers four metal textures and eigtht gemstone textures.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Simone, Mayfly eyes
Skin: Clef de Peau Bianca Pearl
Hair: Magika Fight Sleep
Clothing: lassitude & ennui Valindra Dress (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: lassitude & ennui Vanyar Crown and Bracelets, On a Lark Wildflower Sandals
Poses: Serendipity

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