Days of Yore

A new event from the Fantasy Collective has hit the grid. Days of Yore: An Age Undreamed Of takes its inspiration from history and lets imagination run wild from there. Several of my favourite creators have made amazing outfits for it that I plan to show you over the next few days, provided that RL co-operates. I am going to start off with a very elaborate and fantastical set from the Plastik which channels a good dose of Xena. So of course I needed one of my new Teeglepets to play at being a warhorse. A very obedient warhorse, needing no bridle or saddle.

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The Heriah set can be bought either as a fatpack that includes all the pieces I am wearing here—dress, sandals, greaves, sword—plus a bare version of the dress with no ornaments, or as smaller sets if you just want some of the pieces. The sword, for example, would of course work for a male avatar too.

The drss

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I am quite impressed by the detailing on this set, especially the ornate dress. It is very nicely made and I love the textures. And, of course, the whole set has tons of metal and texture opens so you can go for a colourful, more comic-book inspired look or something more muted.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Cate, Mayfly eyes
Skin: PXL Ava Olive
Hair: Wasabi Aubrey (The Arcade)
Clothes: The Plastik Heriah Dress (Days of Yore)
Accessories: The Plastik Heriah Circlet, Bracers, Greaves, Sandals and Sword (Days of Yore)
Companion: Teegle Teeglepet American Paint Horse

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