Taken for a Ride

Despite trying to promise myself to steer clear of gachas, I did end up playing the TAG! Gacha. It is a neat system which gives mainstores much needed exposure and the theme for this round, the Side Show, resulted in some very cool and quirky designs. I do think they had good results with people keeping their creations themed, something which isn’t always the case in this time of event overload. In this post, I am showing prizes from Chanimations and Enfant Terrible, plus shoes from Sax Shepherd Designs.

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Chanimations gacha is called Mary’s Magical CarnivalRide and consists of mesh carousel horses that can be worn as attachments and “ridden” anywhere. They come with the pose seen here and are animated to move up and down like if they were on a carousel. They are also really pretty!

There’s 25 different horses; a mystery rare, 3 regular rares and the remaining 21 divided across 3 groups of commons. I have to admit, the mystery rare portion of the TAG! Gacha is a bit of an extra frustration and if you’re missing any horses, I have a small herd for sale here. ;P

The shoes are the Lupa Platform Stilettos from Sax Shepherd Designs for the Black Fashion Fair. They come with a HUD with a lot of different colour options, making them easy to match to just about anything.

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The other gacha that I played was Enfant Terrible’s Showstopper Gacha and I came away with the corset & panty set and the choker—not usually my preferred colour, but I really like the look on this set and it went well with the Pearl horse too.

My skin is PXL’s Aeryn in olive, the hair is Entwined’s Adelaide and the amazing backdrop is an underwater location on the fabulous Ode sim.

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