It took all of September, but now I have finally given into Autumn, and that set the tone for this post. Our sim remains very much a work in progress, but we’re hoping to find some more time for it soon. To gear myself up towards that goal, I’ve started shopping for various bits and pieces of landscaping. Like many others, I’ve now fallen in love with Studio Skye and I expect that quite a few of their pieces will grace our sim in the future. The same goes for LostAngel, whose inventive pose props always are a pleasure to use.

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The trees which surround the statue are all from the Enchanted Woods landscaping set from Studio Skye. After opening up the package I couldn’t quite believe that it is just L$699 as it includes so many different variations (eight in total, from single trees to sizeable groups of trees). You really could build a whole enchanted wood with the pieces and lay them out in such a way that it won’t just look like a single piece repeated over and over again.

Each piece, whether a single tree or a full grove of trees, comes with a richly textured base. This means that you can essentially cover your existing sim textures with the trees and their attached ground pieces. As one of the pieces includes trees on a raised-up slope, you can actually achieve quite a bit of ground landscaping in the process of adding trees to your sim.

New for v 2 of the Enchanted Woods is that all the pieces are scripted for seasonal changes, meaning that the same trees will serve you through the whole year. And, as the trees change, so does the ground as well. If you want forest on your sim, definitely give the Enchanted Woods a look. I am very impressed with the quality and realism of the mesh and the textures and so far the scripting has proven efficient and easy to use.  There’s certainly no arguing with it being good value for money, either, given how much is included.

The statue is the Fallen, the first relase from LostAngel’s Halloween collection. It comes with 10 female solo poses and I have to say I really like the mood it sets. It certainly would work very well in a more Halloween-like context, such as in an old graveyard, but I also think it worked beautifully in this autumnal wood.

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The lingerie marks the welcome return of Roslin Petion and her brand Luxuria. I am wearing the sinfully red bra, panties and garters from the Cherie set, paired with the black underbust corset in mesh from the same set. Each piece is sold separately, allowing you to mix and match colours if you wish. I am also wearing stockings and stocking appliers for Slink feet from Luxuria.

I have actually not bought much lingerie in SL recently, but I hope that will change with Luxuria’s return. Roslin’s attention to details, both in terms of the styles she chooses to design and the textures she creates, is always top-notch. Furthermore, her pieces always tend to be both sexy and classy.

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The lace gloves are from Adam n Eve for Slink’s mesh hands and the hair is Wasabi Pill’s latest release for FaMESHed. My skin is Alana from the Skin Shop.

I suspect that you’ll see a lot more trees and other landscaping in the next few posts, I think I have been bitten by a bug. I also imagine the sim will soon look even more chaotic than it does right now, as I dive into trying out new pieces of landscaping. But hopefully it will turn into some nice photo locations eventually.

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