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Nomine released another massive mesh release a few days ago. This time, Munchflower is using Standard Sizes, so those of you used to those will find the clothing fitting as usual. There’s everything from a sexy slip dress to a business suit, plus a suit for men. My hair is one LeLutka’s brand new fairy tale-themed styles and the cosy fire is from Trompe Loeil’s new Collabor88 release.

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I am seated in front of the fireplace in the Frostbite Cottage from Trompe Loeil. This is an adorable addition to any winter sim; the outside comes complete with snow and snow-covered trees. There are also some matching furniture for sale at this month’s Collabor88 event.

The barrel stool is from Alchemy Immortalis and one of the included animations comes with the cup of tea. There’s also options for beer, wine and smoking.

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The Lingerie Dress from Nomine is a slinky little mesh piece which really showcases some nice fabric texturing, including wrinkling that looks every bit as light as one would expect from this kind of material.

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The inspiration for the Jasmine hair ought to be pretty obvious, but I decided to avoid any flying carpets for this look. The size of the pony tail is perhaps not very realistic, but I don’t mind that in my SL hair styles. You can also choose to not wear the length of the tail, leaving you with a pretty loose bun instead.

Included with the hair is a pair of earrings and two necklaces.

I am, btw, very much enjoying not having to touch up the grid lines in my photos any longer; so far I am getting around the issue thanks to a larger screen than before and not actually double-sizing my photos, but I do want to get back to that as soon as the fix is in Firestorm. I can’t believe I was stuck doing all that tedious touch-up for months and months.

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