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We also have a small Gacha yard sale.

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A Skin Sale

The Body Co is having a sale on their skins at the Warehouse. Only single skins are available and they run L$500 for one tone and one brow colour.  There are also add-on makeups for the female skins and add-on facial hair for the male skins. They may not be brand new skins, but these are definitely still some of the best skins in SL, with diverse and interesting faces and gorgeous, detailed bodies.

I am not wearing much else, but the lovely jewellery set is from the Muses and you get seven pieces in several metals to play with.

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Style Notes & Slurls {images_product_details}

The first skin from the sale that I am featuring is India, one of their ethnic skins. The body on the Body Co skins is absolutely top notch, which a nice amount of texturing and quite feminine shading. My own preference is for a slightly softer breast shading since I prefer smaller breast, but they do offer a tattoo layer add-on that is better for lower slider settings.

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Style Notes & Slurls {images_product_details}

I think this face has some amazing character and it is so different from most of the skins you get in SL. I am showing the natural base skin, without any of the add-on makeups, and the tone is Gold, from the middle of the range. It goes quite a bit darker and I think there are some lovely tones to choose from.

I might have wished for the brows to be a little blacker; this is the black rather than the brown brows, but they still come out a little light against some hairs.

I do wish there had been fatpacks available at the sale as well, since I quite like having a range of tones, but it was probably better for my budget this way. ;) As far as I could tell, the body enhancements such as larger or smaller breasts were not included in the sale, though they are still available in the main store.

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