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A Burlesque New Year

This gorgeous burlesque outfit called Lady Vayne is currently available for just L$150 in a gatcha from deviousMind and since all the colours offered are excellent I don’t think it matters one bit that its random which one you get. And if you don’t know where you would wear it, you might also want to look at one of the stage builds available from Chandra Meehan’s other store, chanimations, such as the La Burlesque photostage which was used as the backdrop for these photos.

Click for full-sized image
Style Notes & Slurls {images_product_details}

The Lady Vayne outfit can of course be worn without using all the attachments at the same time, but I put on everything to show it in its full glory. I just love the way the peacock tail flutters around when you move and these two shots were actually captured from a dancing animation. I am starting to get a bit of an addiction to photoing animations as opposed to static poses since it can often yield fresh and surprising results.

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Style Notes & Slurls {images_product_details}

A close up of the outfit. There’s a second mask included as well, that one with a bird’s beak.

I am also wearing the Capricorn Horn Necklace from Perception, from the current round of the Zodiac event. Its a very elegant and wearable piece which isn’t too strongly themed.

For those who prefer not to receive a random colour, Lady Vayne is also available as a regular release instead of as a gatcha, though the colours available are different. Both the regular release and the gatcha also includes appliers for those using the mesh breasts from Lola’s.

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