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A Perilous Princess

August 1st is almost here now and with it the new round of Enchantment, inspired by Bluebeard. In this version, the curious princess has decided that a bloody key is likely to lead to bloody murder, so she makes sure to be ready for her husband’s wrath.

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Still Innocent

A new round of Enchantment - the fairy tale inspired event where you collect stamp cards and stamps at the participating main stores that you redeem for exclusive prizes at a special location - is just around the corner and the theme for this round is Bluebeard. It is a quirky story as fairy tales go, with some very traditional elements and some unusual features that seem to be the resulting of legends and history being conflated. For my first photo for this round, I am showing a dress by Pixicat and a ring by aisling.

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Tied up in the Attic

There’s Summer Loving going on at the Deck for this round of My Attic and I have some new lingerie from Luxuria to show you as well as shoes from the new brand Bushu. At the same time, there’s a kinkier sort of loving going on at Romp and of course Dutchie is there.

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A Secret Affair

I really can’t seem to keep my clothes on for long lately. But when you have an elaborate accessory set like that Tallulah gacha from aisling for The Secret Affair I feel like you need to let it be the star of the show, so to speak.

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Lady in Lace

This opulent gown by aisling was the perfect reason to head over to Venexia for some photos, and I had the perfect accessories in the rose wreath by ieQED and the boots by lassitude & ennui. Not to mention the gorgeous hair by Calico.

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Golden Girl

Is there such a thing as too much gold? Probably, but the Midas colour of the Ysandre dress from the Plastik isn’t it. In fact, it just inspired me to don some more gold, in the shape of some of aisling‘s recent releases as well as a pair of sun-golden sandals from Bliensen + MaiTai. Then I headed off to the Forgotten City for a bit of sight-seeing.

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A Private Dinner

I was supposed to be taking a small blogging hiatus around now because I expected to be on vacation. Alas, things got in the way and the blogging interruptions turned out to be less enjoyable. But now I finally managed to set aside some time to dig into my rather large “to blog” pile and this first haul will center on the Birchdale Kitchen from Convair for the current round of FaMESHed.

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The Elf Queen’s Lover

This post is the result of me nagging sachi Vixen to create a paler tone for her Genesis skin line. It showed up yesterday, in the shape of Taliya Fae and Taliya Goth, with appliers for both Physique and Visage. The Fae Visage HUD includes the return of some lovely flowery eye makeups that look just amazing on a mesh head and once I had put it all on I decided that for my next blog, I’d be an elf queen. Not a fantasy elf but a folklore elf, the kind that lures mortals to wondrous places beneath the hills. As it happened, a few pieces from We Love Role-Play‘s July round (which opens today) fit perfectly with what I had in mind.

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Like an Egyptian

A new round of We Love Role-Play is just around the corner and for my first post for the July round I am heading to Egypt—or something very much like it, anyway—courtesy of Kalopsia’s awesome Sand of Time set. Also from the July round is the toga from !gO! and the jewellery from Bliensen + MaiTai.

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Art Decadent

It did not take long for Dutchie to give me a reason to shed my clothes once more, as the latest release—the Art Deco living room set—comes in both a PG and an Adult version. Froukje Hoorenbeek was kind enough to drop the Adult set on me earlier today and I had to take it for a spin right away. As it happened, it turned out to be a great way to give my Physique mesh body another workout and to showcase my new stockings from Adam n Eve and my new heels from lassitude & ennui.

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Dinner for One

Usually showcasing furniture from Dutchie means getting naked sooner or later, but not so with this stylish dining/meeting table. Unless there’s something hiding deep in the menus, the most salacious act you will get up to with this is getting drunk at the end of your dinner. However, that does not mean there is not plenty of fun to be had with this table, not to mention that it is a very classy piece of furniture for your home.

In this post I will also be highlighting one of three new hairs from Alice Project for Rhapsody and this gorgeous new gown from Volstead.

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Swamp Thing

deviousMind released the fantastic Thyia gacha for the last round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The set has now moved into the deviousMind mainstore for those of you who still have collections to complete. You might not, for example, have some of the gorgeous rares that I am showing in these posts.

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Find Your New Physique

Mesh has unbdoubtedly brought a lot of fantastic changes to Second Life and these days I don’t wear much that isn’t mesh. I haven’t purged my inventory of texture clothing (too much nice lingerie) or sculpties (too much nice jewellery) but mostly it is all about mesh. Still, I probably wear less variety of mesh than most as I have not adjusted my shapes to fit the Standard Sizing system. I am simply too wedded to having realistic, well-proportioned shapes with a natural amount of body fat. Fortunately, my staple type of clothing (gowns, glorious gowns) is quite forgiving when it comes to not being perfectly within a particular size, so I have been able to stick to my usual style of shape while still moving into mesh clothing.

Mesh body parts, on the other hand, has been a different story. Oh, the hands and the feet from Slink are of course amazing and they do fit just about any size. And I have enjoyed wearing the Visage mesh head from Slink as well, treating it just like any other face variation (just with a much prettier profile than the regular SL head can manage!) that I might make for a particular skin. But breasts, butts and bodies? None of the ones on the market have appealed to me, being far too exagerrated even at the smallest settings and clearly made to cater to a very particular look (don’t get me started on gigantic butts that require you to have hardly any belly or body fat!).

That is, until today, with the release of Physique from Slink.

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Arabian Nights

Its Midsummer here today, but for my blogging I am abandoning Swedish traditions and heading out into the desert courtesy of the latest round of Genre - Arabia. I also added in a dash of Totally Top Shelf, a new event where the first round is inspired by Greek mythology.

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Sand and Sea

A little break from role-play inspired posts for something more beachy and summery courtesy of two recent releases from Convair. The weather here at the moment certainly inspires thoughts of sand and water, but in typical Swedish fashion it will no doubt be much more unstable once it is time for our vacation.

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