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Alaskametro is participating in two current events, On9 and anyBody, with a quartet of new releases that go very nicely together. The Plastik is also at several events right now, and here I am looking at a release for The Thrift Shop. Finally, I am featuring some lingerie from chocolate atelier.

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The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has opened up a new round. The theme has the potential to be more than a little iffy concerning IP rights, since it is billed as “Game of Thrones vs Star Wars”, but fortunately there are quite a few original and unproblematic gachas available at the event. Granted, these do tend to be the ones with the least direct connection to the theme, but in this case that doesn’t bother me since they are quite fabulous fantasy items. For my first post, I am taking a closer look at the very impressive entries by Aisling and Alchemy.

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Sleek Bindings

Today, I’m taking a look at another gacha from Objets d’Amour, namely Roawenwood’s Sleek Bindings. In addition to that, I am showing three We Love Role-Play releases, from Aisling, Calico and Noble Creations.

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I have ended up with a lot of naughty bits and pieces waiting to be blogged, in part due to the new adult gacha event called Objets d’Amour, brought to Second Life by the creators behind ROMP. My first pick from there is a lingerie set by Luxuria, which thematically went very well with a previous ROMP item by Dutchie.

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Violetta’s Wolf

I wasn’t quite sure in what direction to take this post, but then the new wolves from Jian for We Love Role-Play (which opens today!) landed in my inventory. All of a sudden, a more gothic scene was born, in a dark and lonely manor out on the English moors. A grand bookcase from Noble Creations helps set the scene and a few pieces of heirloom jewellery from the Plastik finishes off the look.

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Tomorrow, the Gacha Garden opens up for another round and judging by the offerings from Roawenwood and Luxuria, things might get a little steamy there. I’ll be giving you a look at both some of the regular prizes and the Seed of Inspiration prizes, which are granted to all who play a specific gacha 20 times.

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Crystal Garden

The Gacha Garden opens a new round on February 1st and the Plastik is participating with a striking jewellery set. I decided to head down to our new little oasis (still under construction, but getting there) to show off one beautiful colour combination on the rares from the set.

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Tea for Two

Noble Creations has a new furniture set out for the Fantasy Collective and it inspired me and Ran to bring out the outfits we bought at Genre’s Regency round, from the Muses and Last Ride, respectively.

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Made Up

A bit of an evening quickie with another harness/panties set from ieQED, a new hair from Wasabi Pills and makeup from alaskametro.

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Ekaterina and the Owl

Another day, another winter scene, but I love the season and want to enjoy it as much as possible while it lasts. Today, I am doing so in an outfit with influences from the east courtesy of Fallen Gods and Faida, accessorized by the Plastik and in the company of a wise old owl from Jian.

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Shaded Comfort

The weather could not be more wintry in real life right now, as we just had some 30 cm of snow overnight. Glorious, I say, though quite the contrast to shooting the newest house from Barnesworth Anubis in our little desert. Also featured is a lovely dress by the Plastik, a classic updo from EMO-tions and an elegant furniture set from Roawenwood.

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Goddess in Furs

A new round of the Secret Affair has opened and it is full of wintry goodness and guaranteed to be cruelty-free furs. Among other things, you will find new releases from deviousMind, the Plastik and Noble Creations.

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Feathered Creatures

I had an unwanted visitor this week in the shape of a cold, so I have spent a few frustrated days getting nothing at all done and seeing various things build up, including the number of review copies in my inventory. I’ll be playing catch-up for a while, I can tell, so I might as well dive in right away to give you some new releases from Zaara, Aisling, Fallen Gods & Faida and Jian.

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Another ROMP

Another taste of ROMP, with some furniture from Roawenwood, props by Artisan Fantasy, jewellery by the Plastik and a special set of appliers from Luxuria.

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ROMP is back with another round of elegant kink and I must say this is quite a spectacular edition with some very nice (and naughty) things on offer. Among those, new lingerie from Luxuria, a cosy rug and fireplace from Jian and some sultry eye makeups from Hekate. Also featured is a new mainstore release from Magika.

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