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The annual horror game from Pulse Games opened a couple of days ago and I thought it would be fun to make a video of part of the game play. There will be some spoilers but the video does not cover the whole game so there are still plenty of surprises left. And as usual there’s tons of prizes to pick up as you move through the various locations and it is definitely not easy to find all of them!  The game starts at Sn@tch and spans across multiple sims. Just one tip if you head out there before watching my video—mind the bees!

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Candy Witch

For all those with a virtual sweet tooth, the Candy Fair is now running. I mixed up a few things from the fair with some pieces from Salem and the Epiphany for my sweet but naughty little witch. Trick or treat!

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As you may have noticed, I’ve started changing up the credits again, going back to the more traditional approach of having them at the end. I am still figuring out precisely how I want to do the linking (store or page, for example), so expect it to fluctuate a bit more. Some of the older entries may also end up displaying a bit weirdly as I work on tweaking some of the blog setup in preparation for a larger makeover. But, enough about that! Today, it seems I have been a naughty girl…

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Treasure Chest Unboxing October 2016

The first Treasure Chest is here and I’ve got a long unboxing video for you. I did plenty of talking in the video, so I won’t make this post too lengthy, other than to say that I am following it up with credits for what Ran and I are wearing initially as well as with photo of my initial outfit. I am not giving separate credits for all of the Treasure Chest items since I go through those in detail in the video. Plus, you can also check out the Treasure Chest website and see all the designers and their items there.

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Treasure Chest

For quite a few years now, shopping in Second Life has been ruled by events. But this year a new way to shop has made is debut: the subscription box. A well-known concept in real life (though I must admit I have never tried one myself), the subscription box seems to have gotten off to a good start in Second Life. If you want a good look at what boxes are available so far, I recommend Strawberry Singh’s post Subscription Boxes in Second Life. It is well-written and informative (as all of her posts!) and it serves little purpose for me to simply repeat the same details here. However, what I wanted to do was give an extra push for an upcoming box: the Treasure Chest.  It will be the first roleplay-oriented subscription box in Second Life and yours truly will be doing unboxing videos it! Yes, I am more than a little excited and waiting eagerly for the first box to arrive this weekend. If you also want to subscribe for the very first Treasure Chest (and the lineup of designers looks great), you have until the 14th to do so.

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Casting a Spell

One of Roawenwood’s latest releases is the Einarr Stone Throne, available at a 25% discount at the current round of The Fantasy Collective. This called for Ran being not just behind the camera but also in the scene, since I could hardly be dancing seductively in front of an empty throne. He did not complain too much, however, especially not after seeing the set from Aisling that I was wearing.

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Animated Curls

I managed to squeeze into Collabor88 yesterday and came away with a new hair from Little Bones that essentially is four styles in one. To show it off properly, there’s a video to go with this post, so I will be brief here other than to mention that the post also features a new dress from alaskametro for Buy Now.

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After putting together my outfit for today’s photos, consisting of We Love Role-Play releases from Noble Creations and the Muses, I decided that a jungle sim was in order. After a bit of searching, I came across Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms, which turned out to be a lot more than just a jungle sim. Fancy a prehistoric adventure—as a dinosaur? Then this might just be the sim (and shop) for you as they have a great range of mesh dinosaur avatars. And even if you just feel like exploring a bit as a time-travelling human, its definitely worth a look around as it is a very cool build, with plenty of dinosaurs roaming around. I am thinking I will be back here for more photos and maybe even a video.

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The Witch in the Woods

Its that time of the year again, when Second Life fills up with pumpkins and all manners of ghostly and scary creatures. Halloween may still be a few weeks away, but the season of the macabre is in full swing in-world. The Salem event opened a few days ago, offering both regular items and gachas, and there’s definitely a feel of Autumn and Halloween over We Love Role-Play as well. And guess what? There’s another video to go with this post. I just couldn’t help myself after I setup my little witchy retreat and filled it with bats flitting here and there.

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Vanity on Video

Welcome to a first for me and the Otherworldly blog. I have dipped my toes into vlogging and created my first Second Life video. I talk a bit about why on the video, but the short version is that I am hoping that Project Bento will bring some interesting new creations that are best showcased through video. This first video, however, is focused on the Fallen Gods 9th anniversary celebrations which include various entertainments as well as a market, a hunt and a fortune teller where you can win the outfit I am wearing called Vanitas. It includes all the attachments seen as well as the skin and hair and comes with Omega, Slink and TMP appliers.

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Winter Hunt

While Autumn has just arrived in RL, I decided to skip ahead a bit for this photo and placed my cosy new cave from E-mesh in our virtual “North”. Together with other Genre pieces from Paper Moon and Nantra as well as tattoos by Fallen Gods, I got myself ready for a snowy hunt.

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Hard Edges

Last week was all about our dog, as we prepared for and went to a training camp. Now we’re back home and while we’re recovering from a rather intensive weekend I thought I’d squeeze in some photos. The first set features a dress by alaskametro (as well as an eyeshadow from the same brand) together with a new hair with attitude from Wasabi Pills.

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The golden round of The Secret Affair has already provided me with material for several posts and I am not quite done yet. This time I’ve come to the releases by Noble Creations and Paper Moon, which I have paired with a new Omega applier lingerie from the Muses.

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Golden Light

The Secret Affair is now open and as already teased in my previous post, this round is all about gold. Aisling has a veritable cornucopia of different releases out and I also pulled out some favourites of mine from their previous releases to complete this look. Add to that some gorgeous curls from Wasabi Pills for the Crossroads and a stunning Grecian temple from Fallen Gods.

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Gilded Promises

When it comes to fashion and appearance, Second Life offers the whole spectrum from realism to over-the-top fantasies of all kinds. I tend to play around somewhere towards the more fantastic end of the spectrum, though my preferred look is largely human. But I do enjoy fantastical outfits and accessories, not to mention hairstyles that would make Rapunzel jealous. Such as this impressive braid from Calico for Hairology. Also featured in this post are items from Aisling and The Muses.


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