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Come Into My Castle

I may have a slight castle problem. As in, I saw the new release from Fanatik and I could not resist buying it…without first checking that I had room on the sim. So, I have spent a couple of days moving things around and while I am not quite done yet, at least mine new castle has a great spot in the middle of the sim.

The Arkaig castle is a mighty medieval castle which reminded me a bit of the nearby Bohus Fortress, especially with the way the courtyard climbs upwards from the gated entrance. This is not a fairy-tale castle but a very realistic building, complete with some rather dark and dank dungeon rooms. I’ve included three shots of the exterior, but to get a good sense of the build you really need to check it out in person (its rezzed at the Fanatik store, but you’re also very welcome to check it out on our sim). The interior especially deserves a good exploration—there’s tons of rooms.

Click for full-sized image
Roll the Dice

Today is all about two gacha sets, one from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and one from the upcoming round of the Arcade. Both of them are of course extra nice with all the pieces present, but they are not gachas that depend on you collecting everything to have a usable set.

Click for full-sized image
Harnessed in Leather and Lace

Aisling has a couple of new releases out for the Whimsical event and the Isfyr harness was (unsurprisingly) irresistible to me. A sexy leather or latex harness with optional lace panels on the side and with draped chains as further accents. The fatpack is available at a discount at the event and comes with a HUD that gives you 16 colours for the straps, several metal options and tinting options for the lace panels. Fitmesh sizes for Maitreya and Slink are included and as you can see the fit is quite divine on the Slink Physique body. I can’t quite decide if it looks sexiest from the front or the back, so I’ve included shots of both.

Click for full-sized image
My Lord & My Lady

This one is almost all about We Love Role-Play, which underscores what a great round the current one is. And not just for the girls as there’s definitely some nice things for the guys available as well, as evidenced by Ran’s presence in these photos.

Click for full-sized image
My Lady’s Favour

Thanks to a bout of norovirus last week that I am still not feeling recovered from, I have an even bigger pile of pretty things to show off than usual. My apologies to anyone that I owe a post! I did manage to put together a little scene today, though I fear I may be less verbose than usual as I have a couple of reviews to write for for our Game of Thrones-coverage. But enough of the excuses and on to a pair of very cool sets from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and a beautiful gown from We Love Role-Play.

Click for full-sized image
Claiming the Sword

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has opened for another round. The theme is “medieval materials” and this has produced some pretty nifty gacha sets. One of my favourites is absolutely Culprit’s Camelot gacha, which I am hoping to get a lot of mileage out of…if I could only land a few more pieces. But I did get just what I needed for this shot, at least.

Click for full-sized image

A sudden heatwave, intent on making up for what has been a rather dreary spring so far, has made sitting in front of a computer less than comfortable. Alas, my work involves sitting right there, so from time to time I might as well take a break to play around in Second Life (one of the benefits of working for yourself). It seemed appropriate to use one of the houses in our little desert considering the weather.

Click for full-sized image
Danae in the Desert

Another busy weekend and I find myself with a long list of new releases that I want to share with you. Quite a few of them come courtesy of We Love Role-Play and this is the case with the two new releases from Aisling that are the focus of this post. Which, by the way, includes a fair bit of nudity.

Click for full-sized image
Among the Standing Stones

There’s a new round of We Love Role-Play and this one is liable to break my bank and wear out my photographer! There’s some really cool furnitures and landscaping, several beautiful gowns and plenty of great accessories. I am starting off with the releases from Hextraordinary and Paper Moon, plus items from The Plastik and Wasabi Pills from other events.

Click for full-sized image
Fantasy Faire: A Brief Farewell

My final Fantasy Faire post will unfortunately be brief than I had intended. Our day at the dog show turned out longer than expected and I am pretty knackered after being up and about since early in the morning (it is now midnight here). But I did managed to have a wander around Malfience, the quest sim (sadly, I had no time to do the quest this year), and took these photos there. The dramatic Lienna skirt with the matching top is from Sakide and I am wearing it with the beautiful Seraph pendant and earrings by Musa. The hair is Kai from Wasabi Pills and all of the aforementioned releases are available at the Fantasy Faire until it closes.

Click for full-sized image
Rather Be a Rascal

Finally had a chance to drop by the Fantasy Faire—in the nick of time, as it’s closing tomorrow—and I have to say this year’s builds are among the most impressive in recent memory. What’s particularly impressive about the sim I photoed on, Dangarnon, is that it’s inspired by a previous build… but is now a dark version, with its own enormous Dark Tower. But here I am in the streets of Dangarnon, far beneath the baleful eye of the Tower, a rapscallion looking for a bit of fun.

Click for full-sized image
Mimi’s Epiphany

A few days still remain of the Fantasy Faire, but I am taking a little semi-break to sneak in some other items as well. With this saucy Faida & Fallen Gods collaboration from the Epiphany, I decided that some lounging about on the opulent Justine couch (also by Fallen Gods) would be just the right environment. The hair, however, is actually from the Fantasy Faire and by Wasabi Pills.

Click for full-sized image
Fantasy Faire: Creatures in the Woods

I still have several beautiful sims to feature from the Fantasy Faire, but these photos are taken on our sim instead, to allow me to feature a lovely piece of landscaping from Roawenwood. And, admittedly, to be able to show two lovely fantasy skins (I invited Ran along to do some of his own Fantasy Faire coverage in this post as well) without any clothing in the way!

Click for full-sized image
Fantasy Faire: Lady of the Twilight

The sim of Dangarnon (built by Death Row Designs) portrays a fallen, darkness-claimed version of one of last years sims, the kingdom of Andolys. I dared to venture out into this dark city and found a little corner of reminders of its original glory.

Click for full-sized image
Fantasy Faire: Sword-Dancer of the Portals

For my second visit to the Fantasy Faire, I went to the Fairelands Junction, built by Balderdash and sponsored by Roawenwood. While these two stores can be found on the sim, it is not a regular shopping sim, but instead it features portals to the other sims of the Fairelands. However, the beautiful build by Balderash certainly deserves to be shown off and if you like the gorgeous trees and flowers, these can be found in the Balderdash shop on the sim.

Click for full-sized image