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WTT: Culprit Carousels

Not a blog today, but an attempt to sort out a little gacha problem. You see, last time Culprit had horse carousels at the Arcade, I ended up with three of the Eku-Ine Unicorn Rides. I would love to trade these against the Eku-ine Horse Ride from the same Arcade round or the new Immortals Unicorns Ride from the current round.

If you’re interested in either trade, just contact Freyja Nemeth in-world.


The Enchantment is about to fade away. At the end of this weekend, the Bluebeard round will close and the special prizes that you can get by buying a qualifying product and filling it with stamps from all the participating stores will be gone for good. You can see all the prizes on Enchantment’s website and I am featuring two of them in this post, from the Muses and Frogstar.

The cage prop is also a limited deal from Culprit for this round of the Neighbourhood.

Click for full-sized image
Rustic Retreat

In the course of making a brave but probably futile attempt at organising my inventory, I dug out a few pieces I had failed to blog from Trompe Loeil and On a Lark and paired these with more current releases from, again, On a Lark and also ieQED for We Love Role-Play and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Click for full-sized image
Pirate Princess

Now that Slink has brought out an update to the Physique mesh body, I really needed to get some less dressed photos done. The Tortuga Princess gacha set from aisling for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival turned out to be just what I needed, especially in combination with the Garden Pavilion from Dysfunctional Designs for Collabor88.

Click for full-sized image
Dystopian Carnivale

My roleplay looks are usually fantasy or history inspired, but Eudora 3D’s Carnivale outfit from We Love Role-Play‘s August round called for different surroundings. I thought there was something slightly dark and twisted about the outfit and the Forbidden City sim offered just the right surroundings. With the Carnivale outfit I am wearing a pair of sexy sandals from Bushu shoes.

Click for full-sized image
Sun Queen

We’re back home again from the WorldCon in London (where we had a fabulous time) and even though I picked up a bit of a cold as a souvenir, I really wanted to start catching up on some of the events that I did not manage to cover enough before leaving. To start, I am revisiting the current round of We Love Role-Play as well as adding in a dash of La Metallique, a special round of L’accessoires.

Click for full-sized image

A late-night quickie so that I get one more post in before I disappear for a few days to go to the WorldCon in London. The current rounds of Enchantment and We Love Role-Play provided so many great outfits and accessories that I feel as if I am still only scratching the surface. I will simply have to keep scratching when I come home!

Click for full-sized image
Eastern Promises

Aisling has created two stunning jewellery sets for the current round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The Sadhana is designed to have an Asian feel, which reminded me that I had a lovely tea house from Convair to blog. It seemed like a good setting for this seductive dancing girl, wearing a stunning array of jewellery and an eye-catching gown from deviousMind.

Click for full-sized image

Today’s post is taking its title from the Spellbound pose & prop set from Picture This! I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to create something with it, so I started piecing together an enchantress from the great variety of releases at this month’s We Love Role-Play. I did “cheat” a bit with the hair; this style is actually a Hair Fair release from Calico, but it is similar to the style available at We Love Role-Play, but without hair framing the face, which allowed me to show off the jewellery better.

Click for full-sized image

We Love Role-Play opens its August round today and it looks like a very strong collection. I’ve gone for an all-out fantasy look for my first post from this round, featuring new items from Lumae, Trap and Alchemy as well as a new hair from Wasabi Pills and horns from an earlier round by the Plastik. There are so many great accessories at the event this time that

Click for full-sized image
A Perilous Princess

August 1st is almost here now and with it the new round of Enchantment, inspired by Bluebeard. In this version, the curious princess has decided that a bloody key is likely to lead to bloody murder, so she makes sure to be ready for her husband’s wrath.

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Still Innocent

A new round of Enchantment - the fairy tale inspired event where you collect stamp cards and stamps at the participating main stores that you redeem for exclusive prizes at a special location - is just around the corner and the theme for this round is Bluebeard. It is a quirky story as fairy tales go, with some very traditional elements and some unusual features that seem to be the resulting of legends and history being conflated. For my first photo for this round, I am showing a dress by Pixicat and a ring by aisling.

Click for full-sized image
Tied up in the Attic

There’s Summer Loving going on at the Deck for this round of My Attic and I have some new lingerie from Luxuria to show you as well as shoes from the new brand Bushu. At the same time, there’s a kinkier sort of loving going on at Romp and of course Dutchie is there.

Click for full-sized image
A Secret Affair

I really can’t seem to keep my clothes on for long lately. But when you have an elaborate accessory set like that Tallulah gacha from aisling for The Secret Affair I feel like you need to let it be the star of the show, so to speak.

Click for full-sized image
Lady in Lace

This opulent gown by aisling was the perfect reason to head over to Venexia for some photos, and I had the perfect accessories in the rose wreath by ieQED and the boots by lassitude & ennui. Not to mention the gorgeous hair by Calico.

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