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On the Streets

I am back from adventures in Stockholm and on Ă…land. Summer has hit with a vengeance and it is now too bloody hot, which makes sitting in front of a computer rather uncomfortable. But a few interesting new releases had landed in my inventory during my absence and I managed to put together a little something with a saucy dress and a pair of very tall boots from the Plastik. These are both part of a set of exclusive releases for a new satellite store.

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Visiting Paradise

With this kind of outfit, my go-to kind of location has been a desert-y environment. But I’ve taken a lot of shots at Kingdom of Sand and at our own little desert, so I went looking for something else and came across Fruit Islands Tropical Rainforest. Since the dress by Senzafine is for the Conquest, a Game of Thrones-inspired event, lets just say my character is visiting the Summer Isles and marvelling at the local flora and fauna. The hair I am wearing is by Wasabi Pills for the same event.

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The Price of Conquest

The Conquest is a Game of Thrones-inspired event and among the brands present are Jian, Faida and Fallen Gods, the former with a new subbrand and the latter two by way of another excellent collaboration. I was pleased to see that there were a good many items that took inspiration from rather than copied too blatantly. For these photos, I paired the items with another event-release from Jian and a pair of gorgeous new eyes from Mayfly.

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The latest release from the Plastik includes a top and two dresses, one of which I am showing in this post together with the matching high heels. The Desdemona Harness Dress features a distinct shape with the patterned overskirt coming down in points on each side of your body, making it look a bit like a scooped out ballgown. There’s some added width in the hips as well (but this style sells it well, making it look as if it is part of the dress) whereas the dress is quite fitted in the bodice. An optional harness fits over the bust and up around the neck for the perfect finish to this look. The dress comes in standard sizes plus an M2 option that fit me so well on top that I didn’t need any alphas for the bust and the harness went on without any breakage. I am wearing the Opera colour/pattern here, a gorgeous bronze-hued option, but as usual it comes in enough colours to make it very hard to decide which one to get. The matching heels feature the same pattern and a seriously tall stiletto heel.

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I had no idea what forniphilia meant before Elysium Eilde of elymode sent me her two releases for Indulgence, an event exploring the naughtier side of Second Life (which in fact is not the only side, though it is certainly a fun one…). It took me a while to get around to these poses & props, mostly because both Ran and I are always exhausted at this point in June when we’ve spent far too many weeks covering Game of Thrones, leaving us little time for playing around in SL. But I did manage to drag him in today for just long enough to get these photos done.

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For We Love Role-Play, Jian (whose mainstore had its grand opening on June 1st) has released a fabulous banquet set called Old World Celebration which is sold for 30% off at the event. I was so thrilled when I received this set that I went out and hunted for a suitable prefab to display it in (and let me tell you, there’s a shortage of good mesh castles!). After much debating, I finally settled on the Medieval Village set from Fanatik, where the largest building features a grand hall.

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Making Magic

I can’t believe it is already June (the fact that the weather feels more like April—at best!—probably has something to do with it), but apparently it is true because the June round of We Love Role-Play is about to open at 3 pm SLT. This time, I find myself fully kitted out in new releases from the event, from creators such as PXL, Calico, Luminary, lassitude & ennui and ieQED.

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Priestess of the Sea

One of my oh so useful degrees is in classical history & Mediterranean archaeology, with a particular focus on the Bronze Age. I’m deeply fascinated by the Minoan and Mycenaean civilisations, both the historical and the legendary aspects. But I am not going to turn this into a lecture, just say that I was thrilled to see this collaboration gown from Faida and Junbug at The Fantasy Collective.

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We’ve reached the end of May and with it the end of the World Goth Fair is near; the last day is tomorrow, June 1st. I am saying my dark farewell in a gown by Pale Empress and slithery accessories by House of Rain.

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The Audience

Senzafine‘s release for The Fantasy Collective is a gown with some of the most lush textures and striking colour combinations that I’ve seen in Second Life. As often happens when I have something really pretty to blog, I found myself a bit daunted—how could I do it justice? I’ll leave it up to you to decide how well (or not) I managed. I did decide I needed to call in my favourite prop, aka Ran, to make more of a scene of it.

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This all started with this robe from Peqe for The Secret Affair, which appealed to my naughty side and definitely needed to be showcased. But it took me a while to come up with the rest of the pieces, which ended up being hair by Truth, accessories by Zaara and some lovely lights in the background by Jian.

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Bar Hopping

The May edition of My Attic at the Deck is in full swing and Bushu is once again participating with a new pair of sexy, dangerously high heels that give you legs that seem to go on forever. Paired with a little black dress from the Plastik, I was all set to leave my usual fantasy worlds behind for a night out.

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By the Fireplace

From a wintery wood to a camp in the desert, to show off new releases by Jian, Luminary and ieQED, matched with older ones from Tuli and Exile.

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Winter Light

Time for a few more pieces from World Goth Fair, this time courtesy of Senzafine, Bliensen + MaiTai and Black Tulip. Paired with these are items by Calico and the Plastik.

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Feathered Queen

This post combines the talents of two of the foremost brands within fantasy accessories—aisling and Alchemy—and their contributions to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

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