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By the Fireplace

From a wintery wood to a camp in the desert, to show off new releases by Jian, Luminary and ieQED, matched with older ones from Tuli and Exile.

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Winter Light

Time for a few more pieces from World Goth Fair, this time courtesy of Senzafine, Bliensen + MaiTai and Black Tulip. Paired with these are items by Calico and the Plastik.

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Feathered Queen

This post combines the talents of two of the foremost brands within fantasy accessories—aisling and Alchemy—and their contributions to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

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Sparkling in the Dark

From World Goth Fair comes a bed by bauwerk from 22796, a sexy dress by the Plastik  and slithery shoes by House of Rain, paired with a makeup by elymode from Cosmetics Fair.

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In Darkness and Light

If you’re not already all in black, its time to let your inner goth out to play because today the World Goth Fair by Cursed Events opens. The event sports an amazing, very appropriate build and an excellent selection of designers. In this post, I am giving just a little taste of that, combined with pieces from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, We Love Role-Play, The Secret Affair and the Dark Style Fair.

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Key to My Heart

Back home again after a week of a book tour in Spain and my inventory is filled to the brim with so many new items. I’ll be struggling a bit to catch up on my blogger obligations, but it will be am enjoyable struggle looking at what I’ve got to cover. To start with, we have a bit of elegant kink from ROMP monthly. For last weekend, technically, but since this is an in-store event anyway, the items in question are already in place at elymode.

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The Guardian

We Love Role-Play has just opened its 2 year anniversary round and it is a fittingly spectacular round, with many great offers and plenty of designers with celebratory gifts. Some of my favourite pieces this round come from aisling, PXL and the Plastik.

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Woodland Magic

The Fantasy Faire is coming to an end today. I’ve only managed to showcase a small portion of the creations on offer there, so don’t miss this last chance to check it out. In particular, do give the RFL vendors an extra look to help make the amount raised by the Faire this year even more impressive.

For what may be my final post, I selected items from the Plastik, the Muses, Analog Dog, Eclectica and Eternal Dreams. I also added some non-Faire items—instead, they are from the Home Show—from Jian, a new brand launched by Kalia Firelyte.

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Gone Fishin’

A magician has come to Odyssey, to brave its depths and seek out the elusive creatures that live within them. In a strange, spell-forged sphere he has gone beneath the surface and encountered a mermaid. With his power, he has drawn her out of the caves where she was hiding.

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The Harvest

A darker side of the fantasy this time, as a priest of the Runic Cult prepares a sacrifice. These outfits, both the priest and the sacrifice, come courtesy of paper moon. They are available with gold or silver runes and come with a HUD for customising the main colour. On the priest (and matching priestess) outfit, there are numerous combinations, whereas the simpler garment of the sacrifice is more straight-forward. You will find paper moon on the YoZakura sim of the Fantasy Faire.

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Beneath the Waves

Each year some of the most imaginative creators in Second Life produce stunning sim builds for the Fantasy Faire. Astonishingly enough, all that work is on display for a very short time, then the Fairelands disappear until next year, when they return in a new guise. But in some cases, you can take pieces of the Faire home with you. This year, this is true for (among others) the Odyssey sim which was built by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods.

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Once, she had loved the sun. Gliding through the air on golden wings, she would bask in its warm rays. But one spring morning, she landed deep within the woods of Tangleshimmer Grove. Snow still blanketed the ground there, where high trees blocked out much of the sunlight. She shivered at first, and thought of flying away at once, yet something made her stay.

It was then that the winter fae made himself known, a pale figure that seemed to materialize from the snow itself. He was mesmerized by her, and she by him.

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The Fairy-Queen’s Lover

Yesterday, we showed you a few glimpses of the Fairelands for this year’s Fantasy Faire. Today, we have let the Muses inspire us to stage a feast in the woods. Titania is your hostess and she’s bedecked in jewellery from the Plastik and hair from Analog Dog, while her handsome knight wears garments by Stitched and hair by Wasabi Pills.

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A Faire Welcome

Once more it is that time of the year when the gates to the Fairelands have opened, giving you access to a wondrous array of different worlds. Yes, it is time for Fantasy Faire 2015. This year, no less than ten sims full of merchants await you, plus three additional sims serving as a nexus, as the arts & entertainment centre and as the home of the second part of the always highly entertaining Fairelands hunt. Ran and I attended the blogger preview yesterday and was, as always, highly impressed with both the work that had gone into the sims themselves and with the many amazing creators that are part of the Faire. But before we dive into showcasing our favourite finds, we thought dedicate a post to some of the incredible work done by the sim builders to give a taste of what you can see if there’s less lag and you can crank up your viewing distance and graphics.

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The Strange Parts

A bit of a quickie today, to cove aisling’s quirky but beautiful creation for the TAG! Gacha. The Morigan set is not an accessory worn on your arms and legs, it is a set of ornate fantasy prosthetics. The detailing is stunning and as usual you are able to customize the colour accents via a HUD. I found that by design or by chance, the height of the legs and the arms matched up perfectly to the alpha cuts for Slink Physique. The legs are the commons and they are available in set metals and colours and the arms are the rares and are fully colourchange.

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