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Uber‘s “50 Shades” round is closing very soon (I do wish event webpages displayed the opening and closing dates more prominently!) and with this month having been crazy busy for me I had failed to blog the writing desk from Dutchie that I had picked up from the event. If you haven’t tried it already, you should really head over and do so. It is…inspiring.

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My Lady

The Fantasy Collective has opened for a new round and the combination of Senzafine‘s gown and ieQED‘s crown proved irresistible to me. I paired with a pose from Picture This! for Mystic Realms Faire (closing soon!) and found myself a stalwart knight to protect me.

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As soon as I put on the Dona gown from Luminary for the next round of The Fantasy Collective, I knew I had to do something inspired by Renaissance paintings. It isn’t just about the style being perfect, it is about how spot-on the drapery of the gown is. Those folds look like they came out of a painting!

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Eastern Mysteries

Zaara has finally created a new traditional Indian outfit and one in mesh at that. The beautiful Chandni Lehenga is available at Mystic Realms Faire and that is also were you will find the Lynessa hair by Calico.

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Two Queens

Need a new gown in your Second Life? Then pay a visit to Luminary‘s booth at Mystic Realms Faire and find your favourite(s) from four new releases. I’ll be showing two in this post, both against the backdrop of 22769 ~ [bauwerk] and their Game of Kings gacha from The Gathering.

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Blood of the Dragon

Mystic Realms Faire is open! Two sims full await you and trust me, there’s some really good things on offer. Plus, the sims themselves are gorgeous, though given the lag that usually accompanies events it may be hard to admire that aspect during the first days of the faire.

I am feeling very at home in a mystic realm today, with my avatar transformed into a Dragon Halfling thanks to Beastie Shack. I am also wearing MRF releases by Senzafine, ieQED and Exile.

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Fairy Music

You still have a few days left before The Gathering gacha event closes on the 15th. I’ll need to be back there myself to try and complete the “Game of Kings” set (if you have pieces to trade, please see my list!), but at least I didn’t have to chase down the gorgeous Elyan set from aisling since I had a review copy of that. I paired it with something from Picture This! that you will be able to get at the Mystic Realms Faire tomorrow (the 10th).

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In Another Realm

October 10th will see the opening of a new yearly event, Mystic Realms Faire. Two sims full of inspired creators offering skins, hair, clothing, accessories, furnishings, etc. The fantasy/roleplay field is probably starting to become oversaturated, both in terms of events and in terms of releases, but I admit that I still find that a welcome change from when there was hardly anything of that kind to be had. Still, it does mean that I get a bit pickier (not to say I wasn’t a bit picky before) and that I look more and more for things that show that extra bit of creativity that sets them apart from the rest.

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Hippoi Athanatoi

I am mad for horses. Always have been and always will be. I am also mad for folklore, legends, mythology and all of that stuff (that’s where my obsession with fantasy started out). So, when I had my big myth phase as a child, I loved the stories with horses in the very best. Eight-legged Sleipnir, winged Pegasus born from blood and sea foam and of course Xanthos and Balios, the fabulous horses of Achilles who were the offspring of a harpy and the west wind. Greek mythology even has a collective name for the various wondrous horses that appear in the stories; they call them the “hippoi athanatoi”, the immortal horses. Hence, the name of our website.

As for this post…well, the Nike crown and wings from ieQED for The Gathering gave me an idea to play around a bit more with the Immortals gacha from Culprit.

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Yard Sale Time!

Gorgeous, isn’t it? That’s the Pegasus in Midnight from Culprit’s Immortals gacha. I love the various horse-related carousels and stand-alones that Culprit has created and my efforts to complete my collection of carousels is one reason for this post as I have updated my list of available & wanted items at our little yard-sale on Revelations. I am also trying to complete the brand-new 22769 ~ [bauwerk] “Game of Kings” set and to trade my Sapphire pieces of Junbug’s Madame Corbeau for Ink or Crimson.

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You just have one more day to shop at The Raven by The Secret Affair. As one might expect, darkness and death has inspired many of the things on offer, making them perfect for putting together gothic looks. For this post I am using accessories by ieQED and lassitude & ennui, together with a dress from Pale Empress. The photos were taken at Innsmouth, which sadly will be closing down soon due to a lack of funding.

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Lady Explorer

A Clockwork Spiral is a steampunk-inspired event benefitting the National Kidney Foundation. There are many delightfully creative items on display from a wide variety of talented creators so do make sure to give it a good look before it closes in one week. For this post, I am wearing a coat by Senzafine and necklace by lassitude & ennui, just a very small selection of what the fair offers.

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This round of Genre is inspired by South Asia so I thought a stop over at Skye Glas for my photos might suit well enough as a background for this dress from Luminary. I am also wearing a new hair from Magika and new shoes from Bushu.

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Drinking Alone

Convair has been turning out some very stylish-looking kitchen prefabs of late and this Ridge kitchen for FaMESHed is no exception. For once, I resisted the urge to play with the adult poses and instead dressed up with a bit of a vintage feel in jewellery from Eclectica and a dress from Sn@tch.

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I promised more of a proper skin review for the Serene skin from Imabee and that is what you’ll be getting today, enhanced by a just a small part of the extensive jewellery collection released by aisling for the jewellery fair as well as an example of the massive set of manicures and pedicures recently released by alaskametro.

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