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The December round of the Arcade is just around the corner, and Aisling will be participating with the Nini’s Living Room gacha. Here, we decided that the set made for a nice backdrop as we take a closer look at our latest skin purchases from DeeTalez and Birth as well as remind you why Slink Physique is a great choice for both male and female avatars.

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Figment has a great dress out for The Fantasy Collective and in addition to standard sizes it includes a fitted mesh size for Slink Physique, so of course I had to have it. As it happened, it went very well with the 25L Tuesday release from Noble Creations as well as one of their releases for We Love Role-Play.

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Noble Huntress

I only came across the brand Noble Creations quite recently, but I was intrigued by what I saw of their releases. When the opportunity arose to apply as a blogger for them, I decided to give it a go. The first releases I will have the chance to feature are their offerings forThe Fantasy Collective, which opened Sunday at noon.

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Party for One

Its My Attic time at the Deck again, with new offerings at great prices from among others Bushu and Luxuria. In addition to that, ieQED has completed their Jellybean set with another release at Shiny Shabby and Trompe Loeil has a stylish settee our for Collabor88.

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The Gift

When checking out the past week’s round of 25L Tuesday, I came across the Tova gown by On A Lark. It has a bit of a rustic feel to the texturing, so I setup a few things in one of our Fanatik houses and invited Ran along to play a visiting noble to show off his new Lioncourt hair. No doubt he brought the beautiful necklace, which is Jian‘s release for the Fantasy Collective which opens tomorrow (the 22nd).

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Secret Affairs

I am still wandering about in our new build, this time in the dark dungeons below the upper levels. They are a little bare still as we search for suitable furnishings, but I am already feeling at home there. This post, however, is about a striking new updo hair from Calico for the Secret Affair as well as another lovely piece of jewellery from Aisling for We Love Role-Play.

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My Pleasure

As I mentioned earlier, the commons from the Plaisir set by Fallen Gods and Faida for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival are very pretty. So, today I am wearing half of the set, combined with an upcoming necklace from Aisling.

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Apple Harvest

We’ve now left a sunny and quite lovely October behind for a November which looks a lot more like a typical Swedish late autumn, which means a good deal of rain. In Second Life, however, you can still enjoy glorious autumn days in an apple orchard, picking fruits to be turned into home-made apple cider. This set comes courtesy of Jian for the Love to Decorate event. I am also wearing some new releases from alaskametro and Calico.


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A Castle of My Own

I have slipped a bit behind on my blogging of late, but this time it is Second Life itself that is to blame. More specifically, Jammin’s various construction sets. I had been eyeing those for a good while, and when the brand-new Dungeon Construction Set came out, I decided that with that set I could probably construct something castle-like. Not quite a castle yet, since the existing sets don’t quite lend themselves to a full-scale castle, but the dungeon set definitely offers a lot of new interior space options. So, our work in progress is the backdrop for this photo session, which also includes a dress from Fallen Gods and Faida, a necklace from Aisling and a statue from Paper Moon and the Muses under the Visage name.

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The New Art

A new round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival has started and Aisling is participating with an elaborate, art nouveau-inspired jewellery set. I decided to stage the shot in one of our little patches of woodland, using the Titania’s Feast set from the Muses as part of the scene. I am also wearing a pair of brand new mesh eyes from PXL.

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Lunar Goddess

This weekend I went on a bit of a shopping spree as a reward for a busy week, but I may just have given myself even more to do. I have been eyeing some of the building sets from Jammin for quite some time and when the new Dungeon Construction set came out, I took the plunge. What you’re seeing in these photos is a tiny bit of one of the example builds included with this set, but expect to see a lot more once I actually manage to put something together. Lets just say visualising things in 3D isn’t my strong suit!

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Tuli has released a full skinline for Maya, whom we got a sneak peek of in witchy makeup. Now she’s out in the full range of skin tones (0-7) and with regular makeups on tattoo layers. I paired her with a cosy recent release from Jian and a few finds from the Gacha Garden.

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Cheeky Ophelia

Luxuria has a naughty little number coming out tomorrow for 50 Linden Friday that you’re getting a preview of from me today. I’ve been in a shape-making mood since the release of Slink Physique Hourglass, and this outfit turned out to be just right for showing off a curvier shape made for the regular Slink Physique body. I am hoping to have it and a couple of other shapes (including some for the Hourglass body) up at my Marketplace store later today.

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Physique Hourglass

Physique Hourglass, a second mesh body from Slink, has just been released. In terms of the technical features (such as the alpha cuts on the HUD, the tinting and so on), these are the same as on the regular Physique body. And yes, your Physique appliers will all work on Physique Hourglass as well. However, as this body is not made with the idea of providing an improved version of the basic Second Life shape which still stays relatively close to that shape, mesh clothing is a different matter. As with other bodies who deviate significantly from the basic shape, Physique Hourglass may need mesh clothing made specifically for that body for the best results (such as the lingerie set included with the body).

To give a look at Physique Hourglass as well as a sense of how it and the regular Physique body differ from each other, I’ve done four comparison shots, using two different shapes. I believe this shows some of the possibilities of each mesh body.

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A Touch of Alchemy

The Fantasy Collective has just opened and Tuli has another skin with a Halloween theme out for this event. As it happened, I thought it went rather nicely with Senzafine‘s latest release. The resulting look was what I wore as I checked out Carver’s End, this year’s horror survival game from Pulse games.

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