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Enchanted Beauty

February 1st is drawing near and with it will come the final round of Enchantment, the fairy-tale inspired stamp rally event. The theme for this round is Beauty and the Beast and the enchanted rose is a red thread throughout many of the designs. As with previous rounds, you buy qualifying items in the mainstores of the participating designers and each qualifying item gives you a stamp card. You stamp these by visiting all the participating stores and when your cards are full you head to the prize location to claim one exclusive prize per card.

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Dancing on the Sands

ieQED released the Octobra for The Fantasy Collective and after some digging in my inventory, I found a skirt from the Library (now rebranded as Figment) that kept me from going bottomless on the beach. I am also wearing other accessories by ieQED and shoes by Bushu.

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Portraits of Ice and Fire: Part Three

Time to revisit my series of portraits from The World of Ice and Fire, this time with another Targaryen; Princess Daena, who would come to be known as the Defiant. The eldest of King Daeron the Young Dragon’s and King Baelor the Blessed’s sisters, she was wed to the latter until the extremely pious king annulled the marriage and imprisoned her and her two sisters to keep their beauty from tempting anyone.

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Stitched in Time

After a long period of not finding much of interest to buy, I was reminded that Stitched has a number of excellent outfits for men, aimed at the roleplay market. And so I dived in with one of their latest releases, Aidyn.

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The Secret Affair is in full swing again and the theme for their January round is Untamed Purity. One of the designers tackling this theme is lassitude & ennui with a beautiful ensemble called Virtue.

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Distans Seasons

A lazy summer afternoon at a barn feels rather far away when I look out through the window (sleet falling from grey skies, whipped about by a rather ferocious wind), but this little number from elymode insisted on some more pleasant surroundings.

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A girl can’t have too many thrones, can she? Especially not thrones with adult poses, but you’ll have to wait until another time to see those. That’s not to say this post is entirely decorous; oh no, Junbug‘s gown makes certain of that.

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Desert Creature

I know, I know. I just wore the Thylacine boots by lassitude & ennui. But then I was going to review the Draco skin in the gorgeous blue tone that Fallen Gods released for We Love Role-Play...until I realised that the metal Draco that was given out as a group gift actually had Physique appliers.

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The first round of We Love Role-Play for the new year comes with some serious attitude courtesy of brands such as lassitude & ennui, Eudora 3D and Calico. It made be grab a trusted spear from Tekeli-li and set out to conquer some new land, which I happened to find among the sims of the Arcipelagus of Fallen Gods Inc such asAnnon and Athan Selidor.

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Winter Ruins

It is the 4th of the month, so We Love Role-Play is almost ready to open (the start time is 3 pm SLT). The previews are looking great and fortunately I’ve got my hands on some of my favourite releases already, such as this beautiful gown and cape combination from Luminary. My hair is also perfect for a fantasy/roleplay style, but it is a new mainstore release at EMO-tions rather than an event release.

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The End

I tend to be the kind of person whose mind turns to endings rather than beginnings, so even though we’re at the start of a new year, I found myself drawn to using this pyre from Artisan Fantasy for my first blog of the year. Of course, for those who are more of the “glass is half full” mindset, a pyre might just call to mind the phoenix, rising reborn from the ashes.

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Winter Huntress

Skadi, the huntress of Nordic mythology, is a most appropriate guise for the depth of winter. The lush dark gown, brightened by a scattered fall of snowflakes, and the collar adorned with arrows are the creations of Axi Kurmin of Pale Empress. This brand is without a doubt one of the best in Second Life at taking a theme and an inspiration and interpreting it in a unique and wearable way. A gown might not be the first thing you’d imagine for a huntress and skier like Skadi, yet surely every goddess needs a chance to be festive? In Skadi’s case, perhaps she’s celebrating that her husband Njord, whom she selected based on his beautiful feet, is off somewhere else…

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Chanchal Redux

A little quickie as the end of the year approaches, to draw your attention to the fact that Zaara has released some of her delicious lingerie sets as appliers for Slink Physique and Maitreya’s Lara body. I am wearing the Chanchal set here, which has to be one of my all-time favourite sets from her. Its so barely there and yet so exquisitely detailed. The elegantly designed applier HUD offers five ways of wearing this set; in addition to being able to wear everything, the bra, the panties and the garter + stockings can each be worn on their own or you can wear the bra and panty together.

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A Dangerous Mesh

From The Mesh Project at The Shops comes the long-awaited beta of the male mesh avatar that they have been working on for quite awhile, according to all indications, and the fact that The Shops! have been jam-packed since the release a few days ago suggests that they’ve come not a moment too soon. The Mesh Project’s male avatar is, I think, the first really serious attempt at a male avatar aimed at the widest possible market, including support for third-party appliers, complicated alpha setup, and more. Alongside the release of the body was the release of their male mesh head in five different variations, another much sought-after accessory, and no less than seven brand new male skins. For this review, however, I’m using a somewhat older skin, Prince from The Skin Shop (part of the The Shops! collective, who are known to have included the prolific designers behind some of SL’s most well-regarded brands over the years: Naughty, ARMIDI,and Abyss.)

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Inspired By

Not my usual style, but I wanted to do something that fit a pose set that I picked up from elymode. Then I spotted the bodysuit from Luxuria for Fifty Linden Friday and Ran suggested that I go with the white version (you also get a black and a nude) and use a more austere build than what we normally go for.

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