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Among the Standing Stones

There’s a new round of We Love Role-Play and this one is liable to break my bank and wear out my photographer! There’s some really cool furnitures and landscaping, several beautiful gowns and plenty of great accessories. I am starting off with the releases from Hextraordinary and Paper Moon, plus items from The Plastik and Wasabi Pills from other events.

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Fantasy Faire: A Brief Farewell

My final Fantasy Faire post will unfortunately be brief than I had intended. Our day at the dog show turned out longer than expected and I am pretty knackered after being up and about since early in the morning (it is now midnight here). But I did managed to have a wander around Malfience, the quest sim (sadly, I had no time to do the quest this year), and took these photos there. The dramatic Lienna skirt with the matching top is from Sakide and I am wearing it with the beautiful Seraph pendant and earrings by Musa. The hair is Kai from Wasabi Pills and all of the aforementioned releases are available at the Fantasy Faire until it closes.

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Rather Be a Rascal

Finally had a chance to drop by the Fantasy Faire—in the nick of time, as it’s closing tomorrow—and I have to say this year’s builds are among the most impressive in recent memory. What’s particularly impressive about the sim I photoed on, Dangarnon, is that it’s inspired by a previous build… but is now a dark version, with its own enormous Dark Tower. But here I am in the streets of Dangarnon, far beneath the baleful eye of the Tower, a rapscallion looking for a bit of fun.

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Mimi’s Epiphany

A few days still remain of the Fantasy Faire, but I am taking a little semi-break to sneak in some other items as well. With this saucy Faida & Fallen Gods collaboration from the Epiphany, I decided that some lounging about on the opulent Justine couch (also by Fallen Gods) would be just the right environment. The hair, however, is actually from the Fantasy Faire and by Wasabi Pills.

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Fantasy Faire: Creatures in the Woods

I still have several beautiful sims to feature from the Fantasy Faire, but these photos are taken on our sim instead, to allow me to feature a lovely piece of landscaping from Roawenwood. And, admittedly, to be able to show two lovely fantasy skins (I invited Ran along to do some of his own Fantasy Faire coverage in this post as well) without any clothing in the way!

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Fantasy Faire: Lady of the Twilight

The sim of Dangarnon (built by Death Row Designs) portrays a fallen, darkness-claimed version of one of last years sims, the kingdom of Andolys. I dared to venture out into this dark city and found a little corner of reminders of its original glory.

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Fantasy Faire: Sword-Dancer of the Portals

For my second visit to the Fantasy Faire, I went to the Fairelands Junction, built by Balderdash and sponsored by Roawenwood. While these two stores can be found on the sim, it is not a regular shopping sim, but instead it features portals to the other sims of the Fairelands. However, the beautiful build by Balderash certainly deserves to be shown off and if you like the gorgeous trees and flowers, these can be found in the Balderdash shop on the sim.

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Fantasy Faire: A Princess of the Golden Delta

It is that wondrous time of the year again when the Fantasy Faire has opened and the Fairelands can once again be reached. This year the Fairelands consist of no less than 14 sims of shopping and entertainment. Each sim has a different builder and a different theme, offering different looks at the Fairelands. And, most importantly, the Fantasy Faire is an RFL event with all vendors offering RFL exclusives. My first stop at the Fairelands this year will be the Golden Delta, built by the always amazing Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods and Libertine.

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Spank Me

I missed the opening of ROMP due to computer issues, so I have some catching up to do to show off some kinky goodness. First up are a set of sexy tops and miniskirts by the Plastik as well as some demanding stockings by Luxuria. I headed down to the little den we have setup with Alia Baroque’s gorgeous Marquis as it seemed like just the right location for these outfits.

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Solitary Evening

Time for another foray into the modern world. I visited the lovely Pont Mirabeau sim and found a nice little spot to sit and contemplate matters in the evening. I mixed new and new-ish releases by the Plastik, Luxuria and Calico for a look that I think suggests I was stood up for a hot date.

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I am somewhat distracted at the moment as I am getting up at 3 am tomorrow morning to get ready for my first-even official dressage competition. But, before I head to bed much earlier than usual, I wanted to show off the latest tattoo release from Silentsparrow together with some steampunk-inspired wings from Noble Creations.

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The Horned One

I am not out of the woods yet. In fact, I am not sure that I will be able to get the woods out of me this time, thanks to Alia Baroque’s newest release for We Love Role-Play. Fallen Gods is offering both a new set of Wood Nymph skins (for men and women) and several new tattoos with a very green theme. I thought they were a great match for The Plastik’s offering for the same event, a set of impressive horns with an optional braid for fitting them to your existing hair.

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Enthroned Again

A throne makes a much better statement than chair, don’t you think? Though, admittedly, they don’t tend to be that comfortable; I’ve tried out a few of the Iron Throne replicas at various events and they could definitely use some padding. Still, something about sitting on a throne—especially when dressed for the occasion—- makes me want to start giving commands. It is probably a good idea that the only thrones I actually own are virtual, like this Iron Queen Throne from Entity for the current round of Genre. That’s also where you can get a hold of the tapestries from Dysfunctionality, which are something I’ve missed in Second Life for a long time.

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Woodland Dancer

Today I am dancing through the woods on my tiptoes to summon spring. Or rather, my virtual self is, but given that its back to rain around here I might be up for some spring summoning myself. In particular, I am really hoping the weekend stays dry as I am doing my first-ever dressage competition on Sunday. For now, though, I am content to listen to the rain (it sounds a bit springy, admittedly) putting together this post which focuses on the latest We Love Role-Play round as well as a big Slink update.

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Say You Will

A couple of days ago, I went through the Gacha Guardians event. This is a mainstore gacha event where you pick up a HUD, touch a runestone at a participating store and then click the HUD to get a teleport to a random store from the list. It takes a bit longer than just camming through the vendors at a single-location event, but I do think you give a bit more consideration to gachas that look potentially interesting (and if it comes from a store you don’t recognize, you might also take a moment to browse a bit before going on). Once you have filled up the HUD you can access a special location where you can redeem any keys you have earned by playing any given machine ten times for special Gifts of the Guardians which are exclusive to the event and retired afterwards.

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