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Taken for a Ride

Despite trying to promise myself to steer clear of gachas, I did end up playing the TAG! Gacha. It is a neat system which gives mainstores much needed exposure and the theme for this round, the Side Show, resulted in some very cool and quirky designs. I do think they had good results with people keeping their creations themed, something which isn’t always the case in this time of event overload. In this post, I am showing prizes from Chanimations and Enfant Terrible, plus shoes from Sax Shepherd Designs.

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The Plastik is definitely more than fantasy clothes and accessories and the striking gown I am wearing in this post is just one of many examples of the versatility of the brand. Also featured is one of the new hairs from Calico for this round of We Love Role-Play.

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If you or someone you know is in need of some correction, then elymode might have just what you need at the Pose Fair. Elysium had passed me one of the two sets featured in this post, and then when she wondered if the poses in the other set would work for a guy as well as a girl, I immediately volunteered Ran as a guinea pig. As it turned out, he was quite pleased with the arrangement. ;)

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Springtime Romance

The spring edition of The Seasons Story is here and aisling has released a lovely little collection of quite varied pieces, two of which I will be featuring in this post together with a new hair from Entwined for We Love Role-Play. I’ve also been hard at work (well, occasionally at work, anyway) on getting this corner of our sim a bit more landscaped, though it is still a bit of a work in progress.

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An Invitation

I am still digging my way out of a bit of a hole, but I do have a lot of inspiring things in my inventory that wants my attention, such as this outfit by the Plastik which I’ve had on for some days but not quite found the right setting for. But then I picked up one of Trompe Loeil‘s new items for Collabor88 and it started coming together.

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Easter Maiden

It has not been a good couple of weeks since I last posted, so I have been slow to embrace the change of season and start looking forward to the rest of the year again. But Easter is hard to just ignore (and Easter candy always helps to perk one up), so when a box of adorable new releases showed up from Dysfunctional Designs, I found myself with a bit of inspiration again.

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Tribal Queen

This one will have to be a bit briefer than usual as a cold has knocked out both me and Ran but I really wanted to get some of my blogging obligations out of the way by showing you this beautiful gacha set from aisling for The Secret Affair, the second of Adam n Eve‘s skins for the Skin Fair and a closer look at the mesh eyes from Mayfly.

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Dark Maiden

This started with the dark and somewhat twisted Iron Maiden design by aisling for The Secret Affair. As it happened, it turned out to be a rather good match for one of the new releases from the Plastik—no surprise, really, since dark and twisted is something the Plastik does very well. The final touch was the new shoes from Bushu for My Attic and some bold red makeups by elymode and Adam n Eve.

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Skin Fair 2015: alaskametro

After being stolen away by RL for a few days it is time to take a look at another new skin release from the Skin Fair. This time we’ll be looking at alaskametro‘s new skin line. And, before we get around to the nudity, I am taking a look at some new accessories from Senzafine and ieQED.

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Skin Fair 2015: PXL & elymode

Its still almost all about skins (and makeups) for me right now, though I did slip into a dress this time since the body is one I have featured in the past. This face from PXL is all new, however, and I paired it with some makeups from elymode, all from the Skin Fair which is now open.

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Skin Fair 2015: Imabee

Two more days and Skin Fair 2015 will open its doors. The second skin that I am featuring is from Imabee, whose new face Imogen will be launched at the fair. In this post you will also see new horns from the Plastik and some adorable fluttery critters from Dysfunctional Designs.

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Skin Fair 2015: Tuli

Skin Fair 2015 is only a few days away (March 13th) and it brings with it a welcome return to the world of Second Life skins: a new release by Tuli. Her skins have been among my favourites for a very long time and I still wear some of the previous releases now and then and would do so with regularity if they only had Physique appliers. As tends to be the case with my skin posts, I prefer to go light on clothing to show the body as well as the face, but I could not resist some accessories by aisling, Sax Shepherd Designs and ieQED. I am also giving a look at a skybox from Dysfunctional Designs that I soon hope to show more of.

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Waiting For My Prince

The Fairytale Tower pose prop from Exposeur was another find at the One Word event. I actually used it as the setting for my previous post too, setting up a throne in the inner room of the tower, but of course it needed its own post too. The prop includes five single poses (and mirrors of each) as well as three couple poses. The single poses are my favourites, each capturing a classic “princess in a tower” pose. The couple poses also capture a very fairy-tale like feel, especially the one which has the dashing prince climbing over the railing to steal a kiss, but as with all couple poses they can be a bit fiddly if your avatars aren’t of the expected sizes. The tower itself actually makes for a very nice decorative structure as well; I can definitely see having this out permanently, perhaps with some trees and other landscaping around.

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At the moment I have a bit of a craving for poses and for landscaping items. I indulged the former today when I visited the One Word event for their Fairytale round, picking up new releases from oOo Studios and Exposeur. And, because the oOo Studios set is made for big gowns, I went at grabbed Giulia from the Muses from the Marketplace.

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Ode to Cora

I am still having fun with the various Slink updates in that “ooh, new shiny toy” way. Of the two mesh heads, I usually use Emma since I feel she looks a bit more classical and mature, but I have to say that the revised Becky looks very nice with several of the skins available at Adam n Eve. Here I am using Taliya and the resulting cute but sassy look seemed just right for the Cora top and skirt from elymode for the Whore Couture Fair 4 which opens tomorrow (March 1).

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