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Body Conscious

If you wear the Slink Physique mesh body, the Slink Visage mesh heads or any of the Slink hands & feet (male or female) you will want to get yourself over to the Slink mainstore to grab the massive updates released yesterday. There are a lot of exiting changes and additions, such as materials being enabled on all layers for all mesh body parts. You can already head over to Adam n Eve to try out some glittery makeups for the mesh heads - and yes, the Visage update also allows for extra makeup layers, so you can mix and match from different creators.

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Fairytale Couple

The collaboration between Fallen Gods and Faida that began quite recently has now produced yet another lovely gown and, even more fabulously, an outfit for those of the male persuasion as well. Ran and I thought our avatars would make a rather fetching couple when dressed in these creations, and fortunately I had some couple poses by An Lar that wanted to see some use.

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Fairy Love

What would Valentine’s Day be without a touch of nudity? I felt that the Justine couch from Libertine definitely needed to be showcased more and I thought it made a fine setting for showing off the Fairy Rings jewellery & stilettos from Sax Shepherd Designs for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Add to that a few sultry makeups from elymode for the Cosmetic Fair and nothing else is really needed.

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Tournament of Love

Valentine’s Day isn’t really much of a tradition here in Sweden, but a touch of romance never hurts. In this case, it appears to be a romance with complication that plays out in the Jousting Pavilion by noctis for We Love Role-Play. I am not sure the royal couple are entirely pleased with each other…

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Desert Dancer

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today, so prepare to be frustrated once again as you try to win those must-have pieces. I can almost guarantee that the set from aisling that I am featuring here will be the cause of some of that frustration, because it is quite gorgeous. Fortunately, even the commons are utterly stunning and very wearable on their own.

I am also showing a bit of a house from Entity, which is a store I found just yesterday through Plurk and which I will definitely be keeping an eye on from now on.

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Dolled Up, Locked In

HopScotch has the Pretty Doll cage in two colours out for ROMP‘s Fresh fair. After a visit to Collabor88 today, the right look for it finally came together for me as I added accessories from Japanese creator Silvery K to the lingerie by alaskametro.

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Working Out Those Kinks

ROMP‘s winter fair, Fresh, opens today at noon. As with ROMP’s other events, the focus is “elegant kink” and from the preview that was offered yesterday I would say it does a fine job of living up to that mission statement. There’s furniture and props, clothing, accessories and of course poses. As with most events, there’s more clothing and accessories for the ladies, but there is some for men as well.

bauwerk, the furniture line from 22769, is offering a furniture and prop set where the pieces with animations in come in either pg or adult versions. I decided to set it all up in the new Aspen Villa from Convair for FaMESHed and slipped into some lacy things from Cannibelle, also from ROMP.

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Sunset Beauty

It is time to beat down the doors to yet another event; We Love Role-Play‘s February round has just opened. My first post features items from Luminary, Calico and ieQED, which came together for a rather Dornish-inspired look that I headed off to Kingdom of Sands to photo.

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Playing with Justine

Say hello to Justine. Sleek, sexy and opulent, full of possibilities. Alia Baroque of Libertine has definitely done it again with this luxurious grand divan. If you are familiar with his Marquis furniture set, Justine offers a similar experience, but in many ways it is dialled up to 11. There are five different seating areas and a total of twelve seating targets, meaning that you could have quite a party on this couch. Alas, for these photos it is just me and Ran, and we didn’t even get into any of the couple poses, naughty or otherwise (the set comes in both a mature and an adult version, with the latter including the full range of poses). But rest assured, this won’t be the last you see of Justine on this blog.

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In the Lair of the Beast

Enchantment opens tomorrow, presenting its final round which is inspired by Beauty and the Beast. I found my way to the lavish library on Caelestium Isle to represent Beauty exploring the Beast’s castle.

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Enchanted Beauty

February 1st is drawing near and with it will come the final round of Enchantment, the fairy-tale inspired stamp rally event. The theme for this round is Beauty and the Beast and the enchanted rose is a red thread throughout many of the designs. As with previous rounds, you buy qualifying items in the mainstores of the participating designers and each qualifying item gives you a stamp card. You stamp these by visiting all the participating stores and when your cards are full you head to the prize location to claim one exclusive prize per card.

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Dancing on the Sands

ieQED released the Octobra for The Fantasy Collective and after some digging in my inventory, I found a skirt from the Library (now rebranded as Figment) that kept me from going bottomless on the beach. I am also wearing other accessories by ieQED and shoes by Bushu.

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Portraits of Ice and Fire: Part Three

Time to revisit my series of portraits from The World of Ice and Fire, this time with another Targaryen; Princess Daena, who would come to be known as the Defiant. The eldest of King Daeron the Young Dragon’s and King Baelor the Blessed’s sisters, she was wed to the latter until the extremely pious king annulled the marriage and imprisoned her and her two sisters to keep their beauty from tempting anyone.

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Stitched in Time

After a long period of not finding much of interest to buy, I was reminded that Stitched has a number of excellent outfits for men, aimed at the roleplay market. And so I dived in with one of their latest releases, Aidyn.

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The Secret Affair is in full swing again and the theme for their January round is Untamed Purity. One of the designers tackling this theme is lassitude & ennui with a beautiful ensemble called Virtue.

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