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Elf Maiden

Tuli is back with several new releases and as it happened they went beautifully together with the Fantasy Gacha Carnival gown from Fallen Gods and Faida and a hair from Magika that I had managed to forget about showing off after I bought it.

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Private Performance

When previewing the Festival of Sin II, I was very pleased to see that one of the participating designers was Solange. I used to wear her silks and other outfits quite a bit, so it is nice to see her back and doing mesh—and naughty mesh, at that. And while I was playing around with poses, trying to come up with how to photo this look, I had a surprise folder from Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie land in my inventory with her latest release. That turned out to be just what I needed.

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I Have Sinned

The Festival of Sin II opens today, with an area themed to each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Not everything was setup when I visited the preview, but there was plenty of sin to be had even so. In this post, I am looking at sinful releases from Jian, Aisling and PXL.

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As soon as I saw a preview of DRD‘s Studios gacha for the Erotigacha event, I knew Ran and I had to get a few of those sets. As it turned out, we ended up with more than a few (including duplicates of the Casting Couch and the Roman set; contact me for trading) which looks likely to give me a lot of photoing excuses. The Medieval set, at least, was the perfect backdrop for some of my recent acquisitions.

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Risen from the Sea

Enchantment is back under new management and in a new format. The theme for the first round is “the Little Mermaid” and one of the designers tackling this is Aisling. They are also in a couple of other current events from which other pieces of this look have been drawn. Another Enchantment designer is Fallen Gods, with some (as usual) stunningly detailed fantasy skins.

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It was a bit uncomfortably hot here today, so when it came to photoing, I headed off to the corner of our sim where winter always reigns. But I did bring something hot and fiery with me, in the shape of a new dragon mount from Alchemy. Also featured in this post is a new dress by Luminary and a new hair by Exile.

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Wistful Elegance

Paper Moon has lately been releasing a string of beautiful props such as curtains and candelabras as well as some imaginative gacha sets in collaboration with The Muses. These photos started with dress form Senzafine and the hair from Paper Moon and The Muses and grew from there as we saw how lovely the light came out in front of the windows.

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That Little Red Dress

Whew. Finally back at my own desk. Not that I haven’t had a great time, but I did miss the conveniences of home…not the least my large screen. I have a sizeable blogging backlist, so today I dove right in to give you a look at some of Jian’s recent releases, accompanied by items from alaskametro, ieQED, Maxi Gossamer, Wasabi Pills and PXL.

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Courtly Intrigues

It is one of those rare occasions when Ran finally has something new to wear, this time courtesy of Anachron. He’s also got a nice new long hair from Calico, a Hair Fair release just like my veiled style from Oblivion, which is matched to a new gown from Luminary. In the background, curtains by Paper Moon provide a dash of colour.

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Sail Away

I’ll be trying to get a few quick posts up today, or maybe just prepared in advance, since I am probably going on a bit of vacation (unless the weather gets even worse, that is). But that’s why I’ll be a bit briefer than usual.

The Vita necklace and earrings (which come in nine pearl colours and five metals) by ieQED for Shiny Shabby seemed like just the thing for a beachy setting, so I went off to the Sn@tch sale (alas, I believe it ended yesterday) and hunted down a mesh bikini. Eliza is a cute tied model with a nice pattern and several vibrant colours included. You get both a rigged version (top and bottom all in one) and unrigged versions of the top and bottom separately.

The hair is one of Wasabi Pills Hair Fair releases, Saffron.

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Waiting for You

More from the Epiphany gacha today and this time it is another excellent collaboration between Faida and Fallen Gods, combined with a Hair Fair release by LeLutka and a new group gift skin from Tuli. The final touch is a pair of new Bushu shoes, coming for My Attic’s next round.

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Fallen Gods continues to impress on mesh bodies as well as mesh heads, taking full advantage of the added detail available for both skins and tattoos. Paired with items from the Plastik, lassitude & ennui and Senzafine as well as a hair from Alice Project, the result is a striking fantasy look drawing from a number of current events—Genre, the Wayward Carnival, the Epiphany and Hair Fair.

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The Bride of Hades

The theme for the new round of Genre is Underworld and I have to say this is my favourite round in a while with some really nice items available. My first post is entirely focused on a new-to-me brand called Anachron. They have two releases out for genre, a hair called Veiled Promise with an attached veil and a robe called Queen Persephone. I love the mesh work on these pieces (draped fabric everywhere!) and I love the choice of colours and patterns which result in a really Grecian feel. The texturing sometimes feels like it could have a little more structure, but overall I am quite thrilled with these pieces. At L$99 per piece, they are a steal and a great introduction to this brand.

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Desert Treasure

I had collected a few pieces from 22769 ~[bauwerk]‘s Mystery Gacha, but I didn’t have a good idea for how to use them. But then I was reminded of my Landscapes Unlimited skyboxes and decided to setup a desert scene to showcase an upcoming release from aisling as well as a new skin from PXL and a Hair Fair release by Calico.

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More ROMPing Around

My last ROMP post was, all considered, rather demure. But with the Saxton Bedroom from Jian, things heat up considerably. You can also get a good look in these shots at the full-body freckles from PXL and some new items for the relaunched My Slink Obsession event.

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