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The Conclusion of a Tragedy

Although the most important book that I have read of late obviously is A Feast for Crows (I leave the reviewing of that one to Elio, except to say that it is a very good book but also a very different book from the previous ones), I have also managed to take time out from my work to read the second half of Jacqueline Carey’s The Sundering;


Steven Brust Writes Firefly

Via Steven Brust’s LiveJournal we learn many interesting things—such as that the man is silver (according to one test), that Vlad is presently wandering around in search of a plot, and that Brust is presently working on a media tie-in novel for Joss Whedon’s excellent Firefly.

Fallen Angel PDF

From Newsarama we learn that Fallen Angel, an excellent creator-owned series by Peter David that was originally published by DC, has recently moved to IDW and will be restarting. In an attempt to gauge reader interest, PAD and IDW are offering for free the first half of the new first issue in PDF form to those who request a copy.

Raymond Feist and Tad Williams Together

DB Pro has recently announced that they plan to package their graphic adaptions of Raymond E. Feist’s "The Wood Boy" and Tad Williams’ "The Burning Man" (both from Robert Silverberg’s Legends, which also containted "The Hedge Knight" which DB Pro later successfully adapted) as a single graphic novel. Some early preview art from "The Burning Man" can be found here.

Finder Ends - Long Live Finder

Recent news on the Internet is that Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder is coming to a close—at least when it comes to printing single issues. The singles, according to McNeil, have acted as a "loss leader" for the trades, where the real profit has proved to be. The single issues had become a signficant enough money-eater that McNeil has decided to turn Finder into a free webcomic.

Excerpt from Sebastian

Anne Bishop (author of The Black Jewels Trilogy) has put up a tempting excerpt from her next book, Sebastian (forthcoming in hardcover February 2006), at her website.

B5 Scripts to be Published

J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, has announced that the scripts of all the episodes of the series that he wrote will be published in a series of volumes, which will include new material. Notable among the new material will be the outline he wrote for what would happen over the course of the series had the character of Jeffrey Sinclair remained on the show. The website offering the scripts is not yet live, but you can sign up to recieve an e-mail notification when that changes.

James Patrick Kelly Goes Audio

Via Emerald City, we learned that Jim Kelly—author of many excellent stories, including the 2005 Hugo nominee "The Best Christmas Ever"—has been experimenting with self-publishing audio versions of a number of stories.

The latest word is that he’ll begin serializing a reading of his forthcoming novel, Burn, starting November 1st.

The Chosen Collection

As we’re on our second round of watching Buffy (we were snared by the addiction rather late, in fact only last year) at the moment, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Chosen Collection looks terribly tempting. One of these 40-disc, seasons 1-7 collections was put out in the UK already, but that one a) was limited and sold out quickly and b) didn’t have any extra bonus material, as this one does. Looks like the perfect way to get a full collection of Buffy goodness.

Two Overdue Favourities

After we returned from the WorldCon, I finally managed to squeeze in a week of reading (before getting back to work on this site, among other things) which resulted in me finishing two books by a pair of my favourite authors that had been sitting on my shelf (the books, that is) for far too long: Banewreaker by Jacqueline Carey and The Runes of the Earth by Stephen R. Donaldson.

Support Peter S. Beagle

Peter S. Beagle, author of such fine novels as A Fine and Private Place and Tamsin, is preparing to pursue legal avenues to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars due to him from the sales of DVDs and videotapes of The Last Unicorn. His business manager, Connor Cochran, has called on fans to help through various means, from direct donation to letter writing campaigns to just spreading the word. Read more about the situation here.

Cheap (Or Even Free)

A few quick hits, of free or very, very cheap stuff that I recommend taking a look at:

  • Amazon Shorts is a new initiative by Amazon, providing original short stories and essays by a number of fine authors for the low price of $0.49 each. Notable among them are Robin Hobb's "The Inheritance" a short story set in Bingtown, an essay by Gardner Dozois explaining how he puts together his award-winning Year's Best SF anthologies, and an essay by Robert Silverberg discussing how he went about creating his Roma Eterna series of alternate history stories. There's much more besides that, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other authors and material they introduce.
  • Kelly Link -- who recently won a Hugo for her story "The Faery Handbag" -- has made her first story collection, Stranger Things Happen, available for download. Her stories are sometimes quirky, often amusing, and always interesting. Give it a try.
  • Finally, Neil Gaiman has put up a long excerpt from the audio book of his forthcoming novel, Anansi Boy, read by comedian and actor Lenny Henry. Henry's reading -- and the story he's reading -- are both very funny, and worth giving a try. I think this one's on my to-buy list. More information, and the link to the mp3, can be found at Neil's journal.
Kushiel’s Scion Synopsis

As part of her update for September, Jacqueline Carey has put up a synopsis of the forthcoming novel about Imriel, Kushiel’s Scion. She also notes that the publication date, at least for the time being, is set to June 2006. Much too far away, if you ask me, especially after reading that little teaser.