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Putting the Cliches Back In?

There’s one scene from the first four episodes—it is at the start of the fourth, following on from the amusing (in a good way!) opening scene—that keeps cropping up in my mind. Unfortunately, not because it is such a good scene.

When I first saw it, I was focused on one particular aspect of the scene—a character that appears to not just have been changed but in fact replaced—and I didn’t really think too much about the character interactions and the dialogue.

But since then, I’ve kept coming back to it and I’ve realized that the character (at least based on that scene)  comes across like a horrible fantasy cliché spouting unsubtle social commentary; on the whole, it feels like something that GRRM would not have written in a million years. In fact, all I can think of now is how well the character would fit into the Wheel of Time…

Alas, they’re not from the Two Rivers.

(Actually, the comparison isn’t necessarily fair to the Wheel of Time, because in that setting the character would have had somewhat more reason to act as they do.)

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