Horned Goddess

In the midst of a steady stream of new releases, the Plastik has moved to a new location, so that is where you will find—among other things—the striking Living Lights Horns. These highly detailed mesh horns have an incredibly range of customisation options, covering all of your…err…horny needs. ;)

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Swift Wings

February seems to be gearing up to be Fantasy month, with several events focused on fantasy and role-play wear running at the same time. One of these is the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival and even though I am not a big fan of gatchas (for photos/blogging it is really frustrating to not get the colour you want and it is even more frustrating to try and collect a whole set) there were some things there I just had to have. So far, I haven’t been very successful at sorting out those must-haves, but I did manage to score some complimentary colours of chanimations stunning Harpyia set.

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Into the Woods

On February 1st the 2nd round of Enchantment will be opening. This time the inspiration is Little Red Riding Hood. There will be red gowns, wolves and baskets, yes, but that is not all that the participating designers have been inspired to create. Still, for my first post about the event, I simply had to feature the Blanchette gown in red from Miamai together with the Little Red medallion and ring from Bokeh.

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Have I mentioned how much I like the skins from the Shops? Actually, I am pretty sure I have, but it bears repeating. Their faces (this is Pixie, which I already owned in a lighter tone but I ended up needing a somewhat darker one for some photos) really stand out from the jungle of similar-looking skins that are out there today and with the cleavage options now included with each skin the bodies have gotten even better. I absolutely adore the natural cleavage since it works so well with smaller breast sizes and in total there’s six cleavage options, counting the default that is on the skin itself.

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Late Night Drinks

Trompe Loeil’s first release of the year is the Dragon & Orchid Home Pub for FaMESHed. It comes in a PG and an Adult version (no, the difference isn’t that the PG version only serves soda) and as usual I went with the latter. And then I had the idea of using the Ice Queen’s Coat from Junbug and, well, very little else…

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I couldn’t quite get out of the lovely Snow Queen skin from Jalwa just yet, so I added brows of a different colour (browless skins are so handy) and a lip tint to make it look a little less frosty and more suited for the gorgeous Thetis gown from Senzafine, another We Love Role-Play release. I thought it went really well together with the stunning Artifact set from Eclectica at the Jewelery and Accessories Expo.

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Pale Huntress

Life has continued to be more hectic than I would prefer (especially in December!), but I have at least managed a bit of reading lately. One of the books was an ARC of Mark Smylie’s The Barrow, which is quite the old-fashioned Sword & Sorcery adventure. It was just the inspiration I needed to create a look from a couple of the new releases for this round of We Love Role-Play: Jalwa’s Snow Queen skin and ieQED’s antler pauldrons.

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Steampunk Elegance

It is time for another round of Genre, this time with Steampunk in the focus. My immediate must-have item was this lovely Ada gown from Senzafine. It is available both with a black base and a brown base and I was sorely tempted by both. In the end, the Noir/Crimson version won out since it felt so lovely and gothic and just right for October. Once again, I am quite impressed by the lush and detailed texturing from Senzafine and I love the little red accents against the black.

The lovely Foxxe eye makeup is one of the Plastik’s releases for the Body Modification Expo. I think it really transforms the eye area of my Siobhan skin from Adam n Eve, creating a very different look.

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Plastik Elegance

A little less writing with this entry than usual, as my right arm is objecting a touch after doing a bit of sweeping in the yard. But I think the pictures of the elegant Morgana gown from the Plastik do a fine job of speaking for themselves.

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It took all of September, but now I have finally given into Autumn, and that set the tone for this post. Our sim remains very much a work in progress, but we’re hoping to find some more time for it soon. To gear myself up towards that goal, I’ve started shopping for various bits and pieces of landscaping. Like many others, I’ve now fallen in love with Studio Skye and I expect that quite a few of their pieces will grace our sim in the future. The same goes for LostAngel, whose inventive pose props always are a pleasure to use.

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Bare Rose is a true Second Life treasure. The huge store is still filling up with more fun, unusual and inventive outfits on a regular basis, and now most of it is mesh. June Dion only offers a single size for her mesh items, but I’ve found that for the type of clothing I tend to gravitate to it often works out quite well. Such as with the Trobadour and Trobadour Lady outfits, which I knew I had to get for a couple photo with Ran as soon as I saw them.

We’re both wearing the Slink hands—the updated female hands and the brand new male hands—and skins from the Skin Shop. Ran is sporting a recent hair from Dura which I think is just so gorgeous and I am wearing Wasabi Pills.

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Old Times

I can’t resist doing another post about Genre’s September round, this one featuring the lovely Susanna dress from the Muses. Old times indeed, and it goes perfectly with the Akiko hair from Wasabi Pills. I am also wearing the updated mesh hands from Slink; if you already own the hands, make sure to get the update delivered using the terminals in the store, and if you don’t own the hands…well, get that problem taken care of right away. You need them, trust me. There are also male hands out now, so take your partner (or male alt) along as well.

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The September round of We Love Role-Play is now open and my first item of choice is the Miriel gown from Evie’s Closet. I am very happy to see Evangeline Miles move into mesh gowns—mesh gowns, thankfully, are much more forgiving of non-standard sized shapes than, say, mesh pants—and this is a lovely high fantasy design. I’ve paired it with the Curiata jewellery from Illusions and the latest release from Wasabi Pills, Robin. I am also wearing yet another newly acquired Skin Shop skin.

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For a while, mesh made it very hard to find nice clothing for roleplay looks. This has all changed rather drastically in the last few months and now there are several stores producing high quality roleplay-oriented clothing in mesh. And, of course, there’s the We Love Role-Play event, which is a great way of getting familiar with both established and new designers within the field.

This month’s lineup includes three outfits from FATEplay, Damien Fate’s latest venture. Some of the outfits made their debut during the Fantasy Faire, but they have been updated since then and now feature materials. I thought that made the Wende dress a nice match for the poet shirt from bastard (Maxwell Graf’s new male clothing line) since that one also utilizes materials.

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In the Maille

Now that I am back home from our vacation—which means back on my regular computer and fast, steady connection—the blog should be getting some much-deserved attention again. I have a lot to catch up on, including several gorgeous releases from this month’s We Love Role-Play. For example, a chain maille doublet from Maxwell Graf of Rustica, released under his new clothing label, “bitch”. And don’t fret, guys, because the “bastard” label is also represented with a set of poet shirts in different materials. And yes, all these releases have materials, for that extra-spectacular look.

I am also wearing a new skin from the Plastik, released for yesterday’s 50 Linden Friday. Eren is part of the Astrali line and I have to say this may be my favourite face from the line so far; it feels very natural. It also comes with a toned down body that suits smaller breast settings very nicely.

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