Working hats into my usual looks is often a bit of a struggle, so when the lovely Willow hair from Wasabi was released I did not have an immediate idea for what to wear it with. But then the Plastik released their new set for Collabor88 and that is how this go-go girl with a Western twist came about. Both poses are from one of Serendipity’s 30L Saturday offerings.

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The Watcher

Today’s post required a temporary gender swap to show off the latest release from the Dreaming Thicket, a classic Greek chiton. This also gave me the opportunity to belatedly show off a piece of decor from Noble Creations that I had not been able to work into a scene before. For my purposes, it works pretty well to just switch to a male body to show off male items, though it would have been nice to be able to have several avatars tied to the same inventory. If only to avoid looking a bit strange when wearing a male body and a female AO. Especially one made for gowns…

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I’ve had a bit of a crazy week with entirely too many long trips for various activities. It has all been fun (well, mostly) but it hasn’t left me with much time to relax and play around with Second Life. Yesterday, I managed to sneak in some photos, though I ran out of time to post them. I found a couple of nice new seated poses at Serendipity’s 30 Linden Saturday sale and they were just right for showing off the new corset from Voluptas Virtualis and the Samantha hair from Wasabi.

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Fanatik’s Dungan Castle

I have a thing for castles, which meant that when Fanatik announced their latest release, the Dungan Castle, I pretty much knew I would have to get it even before I checked it out. I have already had plenty of mileage as far as photos goes from their previous castle, the Arkaig Castle, and the new one looked sufficiently different that I felt it would be a great addition to the photo locations on our sim. To give a sense of what it is like, I have done a video walk-through. Expect to see more of it in photos in the coming weeks!

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A couple of weeks ago, I took notice of a new (or at least new-to-me) brand called Hotdog thanks to the stylish coat that Ran is wearing in this photo. Around the same time, I also spotted them participating in the Pose Fair with a pack of male poses. It did not take me long to send Ran shopping, though it took us a bit longer to get this post together. But at least the frock coat is available at the Dark Style Fair for a few more days and the same goes for the poses at the Pose Fair. Afterwards, they will presumably find their way to the eclectic Hotdog mainstore which already houses a small collection of releases showing off their unique aesthetics.

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White Widow

Before sending me this outfit, Chandra Meehan of deviousMind asked if I was up for it, given what I said in my last post about spiders. I assured her that as long as the spiders weren’t animesh and crawling all over me, I would probably be fine. That said, there are a lot of spiders in this outfit! And I am not even wearing all of them here; there are a few more flexi add-ons, some applier layers (with or without blood) and some other hair/head ornaments (with spiders, of course). Additionally, there’s a nice accessory available for the Once Upon a Nightmare hunt.

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Just the other day I had reason to discuss the use of green as a colour to indicate the presence of magic, so it seemed fitting that I would make use of it here as I am showing off the latest fantastical gacha from the Plastik: Spidela. I have mentioned before what I think about spiders—and about having them all over my avatar!—but this is a pretty darn nifty set. It is very sword & sorcery, Spidela could have stepped right out of a Conan comic, and I think it went very well with this Necromancy pose & prop set from chanimations, an old favourite of mine. I also made use of the Petra Chamber add-on for Fanatik’s cave system as the backdrop for a suitably ancient and epic feel.

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Familiar Magic

Every witch needs a familiar—a cat, a raven or maybe a rat? In this case, two of them, a cuddly companion on my shoulder and a cheeky little fellow wandering on my worktable. Both come from Jian’s gacha at the Epiphany, with the shoulder companion being the rare item. Jian has been doing almost exclusively animal gachas or animal sets of late and are a great source for pets and companions. I hope they move into animesh when that is released, that would be really interesting.

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Grey Lady

I might be getting ahead of myself seasonally, but I couldn’t resist a wintry landscape for the very grey-themed look I had created with Lumae’s Elentari skin, Grier from Wasabi and the Fiona dress in grey from lassitude & ennui. As it happened, I had a couple of very nice bargains from Redeux to show off as well, one being the Winter Castle modular set from Mushilu (just L$100!). The other? A lovely pose set from Serendipity.

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Dancing Queen

Today I am hitting the virtual dance floor in the newest gacha from Voluptas Virtualis, which will be available at the Epiphany when it opens tonight (well past my bedtime!). I found just the right prop in my inventory, this dance box from sadly defunct pose store LostAngel, which made it easy to create a little personal club space. As much as I have been shopping for builds lately, I think I need to get some more, particularly modern skyboxes that could work as clubs and similar things. This outfit definitely does not belong in a castle!

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Lumae in Shadows

I just got the opportunity to start blogging for Lumae and since they are currently having a big sale and a photo contest it seemed like a perfect time to introduce the brand here on my blog even though there is no new release out right now. You can read more about the sale and the photo contest on Lumae’s Facebook page.

Lumae releases faces for a range of different heads, including Omega, and provides both natural and fantasy skin tones. The skin I picked for this post is made for LeLutka and she is called Deia, here shown in T6 (out of 8 in total). At the end of the post, I have included a list of what is included with a purchase of Deia.

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Black Magic

October has barely arrived and already Second Life is filling up with zombies, vampires, witches and whatever else that Halloween might bring. I am starting off gently in this post with just a hint of darkness in the Straight Jacket shoes from Adam n Eve and the Coffe couch & chair set by the Plastik, as well as an eyeshadow from alaskametro’s Black Magic set. Also featured is a new lingerie set from Voluptas Virtualis and a new hair from Wasabi.

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Hair Fair 2018: Favourites

To show my new purchases from Hair Fair, as well as a couple of demos I am still indecisive about, I decided to put together a video. This also allowed me to give you a closer look at style huds and hair colour huds from each brand.

Remember that every pack of hair sold at Hair Fair donates a minimum of 15% to Wigs for Kids, so its shopping for a good cause!


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Hair Fair 2018 - Wasabi

Hair Fair 2018 opened yesterday, offering four sims full of brand new hair releases (plus two additional sims for cam shopping). The Hair Fair website has all the information, including an excellent guide (with vendor pictures and slurs) to what is available on each of the sims, but here is the crucial bit:

Every pack of hair sold at Hair Fair donates a minimum of 15% to Wigs for Kids. If there is no sign stating a percentage, it will be the minimum. Bandanas and Hair Fair Hares donate 100% and any donations made to the kiosks around the event are 100% donations.

In this post, we are showing you the three new styles from Wasabi; Camila, Maddie and Cole. Camila and Maddie are female styles, Cole is a unisex style that comes in two versions, with or without a shaved side.

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Ladies of Ice and Fire

Today is George R.R. Martin’s 70th birthday (happy birthday, George!), so it seems only right to be blogging Senzafine’s Elswyth gown which comes in 12 colour combinations inspired by Westerosi Houses. To show a bit of the variety available, I tried something I haven’t done in a while, namely to setup my avatar in three different looks and photo each separately. I had to be a little more careful than usual with lighting so that it work fine to splice the images together, so it is a bit flatter than I would like. But I think I need to play around with this more; it beats having to buy mesh body parts, skins, hair and clothing for multiple alts!

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