Wasabi On Sale

Wasabi is having a huge sale on all hair using their previous, pre-HUD set of textures. I have a lot of favourites among those hairs and I thought I would do a portrait with one of them, the Donna style. This has been a really versatile braided style, perfect for both modern looks and period/fantasy looks. It also turned out to be perfect for showing off the Bianca jewellery set from Voluptas Virtualis. The set features a bindi, two earring styles and three different chokers, all very elegant and detailed. Of course it comes with a HUD for changing the metal and the gems.

The gown, which I will have to show in more detail in another post, is by the Muses and the wintry archway a new release from Noble Creations.

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Enelia in Shadows

I am still playing around with the Lia head from Vista, making shapes and trying out skins. For these photos, I am using the YS&YS skin that was included with the head and I made a shape specifically for it which I also put up on the Marketplace. And, since I was also planning to showcase the Enelia set from Voluptas Virtualis, I made the shape for Slink Physique Hourglass, which is one of the three bodies supported for the set (the other two being Belleza Freya and Maitreya).

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Alaskametro has recently released added three new faces to her skinline and I will be featuring them one at a time. And since she releases all her skins for LeLutka, Catwa and Omega (plus as system skins, even!), I will be featuring each of them on a different mesh head from LightStar. I really wish more brands would include Omega versions of their skins, to allow for more variety in head and skin combinations.

The first skin featured is Harmony, an in-store release of a skin in two darker tones, which I’ve decided to pair with the Maya head. Also shown in this post is a bodysuit from Voluptas Virtualis and a suspenion rack from Roawenwood.

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Mist Dancer

It is time for ROMP again and Voluptas Virtualis have two new releases out at the event. The first is a barely there metal bikini, featuring some gorgeous filigree and delicate gemstones. I broke out the Kismet poses from Nantra and wandered off to my stone circle from LORE for some dancing in the mists to summon forth something or other.

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Leashed Butterfly

I have to say, the windlight really was what made this shot work. It added an incredible lushness to the scene, really taking advantage of the velvets of the Justine sofa to create an amazingly decadent backdrop for my scantily clad self. The starting piece for the “outfit” was the collar and leash from Voluptas Virtualis and then I tried on a number of other things to see what worked with it.

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After putting on the Oriana gacha from Voluptas Virtualis and colouring it all up to gold, I was stuck for a while trying to come up with the setting to shoot it in. Then Ran suggested that it felt a bit sci-fi, maybe space opera a la Flash Gordon. Well, I couldn’t quite swing the latter, but I did have the Starship skybox from 22769 and this cool “Specimen Tank” prop from NRage that I had gotten from a gacha ages ago but never used. The final touch was recolouring the Harper hair from Wasabi Pills to use one of the colours from the Solar set rather than plain old black.

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Lady Venom

Alaskametro has a skin and cosmetics gacha out at On9 called Lady Venom and that seemed like just the right thing to pair with this leather mini dress from Voluptas Virtualias and the short, tousled style by Wasabi Pills. I struggled with the right setting for this (I am really out of my comfort zone with modern looks these days—clearly, I need to work on it) but decided that this dominatrix couch from Roawenwood had a nice look and some suitable poses.

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Barely There

The title seemed like a good description of Liliya from Voluptas Virtualis as the set consists of little more than dainty strings and a few triangles of fabric, which also can be made partially sheer. The set is accompanied by new shoes from Slink for Shoetopia and a new hair from Wasabi Pills, as well as some different pieces from the same jewellery by the Plastik as in my last post.

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A Little Extra Frou Frou

I mentioned the Frou Frou event a little while ago and I thought it might be time for a reminder in the form of the second new release for the event from Voluptas Virtualis. This time, it is paired together with the newest Wasabi Pills hair from Ultra and an old favourite as far as furniture goes from Libertine.

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Frou Frou

A lingerie-focused event sounds like just the thing for Second Life and in this post I am showing the first of two releases from Voluptas Virtualis for Frou Frou. Also featured are some lovely new earrings from the Plastik, a pavillion from Trompe Loeil and the new VIP Group Gift from Truth.

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Back to School

This is all rather inappropriate, but once I got the Alice boots from lassitude & ennui and the thigh high socks from Luxuria, I couldn’t help but to pair them with a couple of recent gachas—Anachron’s School Book Gacha and Roawenwood’s Kinky Back to School Gacha. My inventory is distinctly short on school uniforms, so went for the Vickie corset from Voluptas Virtualis, which I have shown before but which has so many colour and texture options that it certainly doesn’t hurt to show it again.

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Blushing Lise

The Blush event is closing in just a couple of days, so if you have not checked it out, make room for it on your calendar promptly. Otherwise you will miss, among other things, this sexy corset and the Primrose ribbon necklace, both from Voluptas Virtualis. The pose shown here is from oOo Studio’s 50 Linden Friday set for this week; not sure if it is still out for just L$50 or not.

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Bella Donna

The WorldCon in Helsinki is over and we’re starting to recover. We had a fabulous time going to panels, being on a panel, signing our book next to George R.R. Martin and of course going to parties. But now I am pleased to be sitting in my own chair for a while and travelling only within Second Life, which is a lot less strenuous! In order to do justice to as many as possible of the beautiful items that I have received over the last weeks, I will continue to keep my posts a little shorter for a while, to avoid being overwhelmed by the work.

Featured in this post is a new choker and corset from Voluptas Virtualis, a new hairstyle from Wasabi Pills and the rare demon Flutterpup from lassitude & ennui.

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This will be quick and dirty (well, okay, it could have been dirtier…) since we got back from two weeks of vacation yesterday and are taking off for the WorldCon in Helsinki in a few hours. I haven’t had the chance to blog at all during my vacation as the connection was too poor and my laptop too sluggish, so I have a list a mile long of review copies to get through. I’ve also not had the chance to check out any events that opened in this time frame, but most of the catch-up will have to wait until next Monday when I am back home for real. In the meantime, I simply had to show one of the many new releases from Voluptas Virtualis as well as the new skin from alskametro and two new releases from the Plastik.

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Honor of the Warrior

Last week, LightStar released another set of mesh heads, Maya and Rajan. As you know, I am a big fan of the LightStar heads and I really like that Krystal Silverweb tries to capture a very distinct look for each of her pairs. And speaking of pairs, I also think that it is great that they always come in pairs because the guys sure need more options! Now, if there would only be more Omega head appliers around, it would be even better. Fortunately, there are quite a few Omega head appliers for women these days, not the least after Adam n Eve’s store revamp which now offers every skin as LeLutka, Catwa and Omega.

Anyway, this is just a quick look at Maya, I really hope I will have time to also make a video, but we’ve got all sorts of travelling coming up so blogging and vlogging will be sparse.

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