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The WorldCon in Helsinki is over and we’re starting to recover. We had a fabulous time going to panels, being on a panel, signing our book next to George R.R. Martin and of course going to parties. But now I am pleased to be sitting in my own chair for a while and travelling only within Second Life, which is a lot less strenuous! In order to do justice to as many as possible of the beautiful items that I have received over the last weeks, I will continue to keep my posts a little shorter for a while, to avoid being overwhelmed by the work.

Featured in this post is a new choker and corset from Voluptas Virtualis, a new hairstyle from Wasabi Pills and the rare demon Flutterpup from lassitude & ennui.

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This will be quick and dirty (well, okay, it could have been dirtier…) since we got back from two weeks of vacation yesterday and are taking off for the WorldCon in Helsinki in a few hours. I haven’t had the chance to blog at all during my vacation as the connection was too poor and my laptop too sluggish, so I have a list a mile long of review copies to get through. I’ve also not had the chance to check out any events that opened in this time frame, but most of the catch-up will have to wait until next Monday when I am back home for real. In the meantime, I simply had to show one of the many new releases from Voluptas Virtualis as well as the new skin from alskametro and two new releases from the Plastik.

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Honor of the Warrior

Last week, LightStar released another set of mesh heads, Maya and Rajan. As you know, I am a big fan of the LightStar heads and I really like that Krystal Silverweb tries to capture a very distinct look for each of her pairs. And speaking of pairs, I also think that it is great that they always come in pairs because the guys sure need more options! Now, if there would only be more Omega head appliers around, it would be even better. Fortunately, there are quite a few Omega head appliers for women these days, not the least after Adam n Eve’s store revamp which now offers every skin as LeLutka, Catwa and Omega.

Anyway, this is just a quick look at Maya, I really hope I will have time to also make a video, but we’ve got all sorts of travelling coming up so blogging and vlogging will be sparse.

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The first edition of the Bound subscription box came out today at midnight SL time (I believe you can still subscribe for 24 hours after the release and get it for L$2000) and I have a preview for you in the shape of the item from Voluptas Virtualis, a sexy harness and mask with lots of options via the included HUD. I paired it with a pair of stockings from Luxuria and a new hair from Wasabi Pills with a bit of an edge to it.

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Hair Fair: Calico

Time for a second look at the Hair Fair and this time it is the releases from Calico that are in focus. I thought the style of the hairs went very well with a couple of the releases from the Crystal Heart festival, from Voluptas Virtualis and the Plastik. I also added the Seraphim wings from lassitude & ennui.

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Hair Fair: Wasabi Pills

I am a few days late to the party, so by now I imagine everyone knows that Hair Fair is back with four sims of glorious tresses to browse through, plus two cam-shopping sims. As always, Hair Fair is a charity event, with part of the proceeds of each sale (minimum 15%, but it varies) going to Wigs for Kids. I’ve done some demoing and shopping so far and I think there are some nice styles on offer, including more and more brand using style huds to offer different versions of a hair. Having options for whether you have hair draped over your shoulder or not is always a good one since what works with one outfit may not work with another.

My first post, however, is all about the three styles offered by Wasabi Pills, with the addition of some eyecandy from Voluptas Virtualis and the Plastik.

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Here Comes the Sun

It took its time, but I think its safe to say that summer is finally here. Of course, the Swedish summer is notorious for being very changeable and sometimes quite wet and chilly, so you can’t always tell it apart from late spring and early autumn. Today, however, the weather is nice (if a bit windy) and I am just indoors because I am still tired after a weekend of dog shows and related activities. But at least that gives me a chance to catch up on some blogging and today it is all about the swimwear.

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The Tavern Mistress

We Love Role-Play’s May round (with lots of gifts available, as it is the 4th anniversary for the event) is still going strong but without being completely full, so now is the time to check out some of the great items available. In this post, I paired the huge tavern set from Aisling with a gown from Roawenwood, for the perfect rustic scene. I also called in Ran once again, still in his Arthur head from LightStar, albeit with a different shape.

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Midnight Dancer

Aisling launched their new brand Voluptas Virtualis some months ago, but it is only just now that the brand has received its own, separate store space as well as a subscriber group all of its own. From now on, the idea is that medieval/fantasy items go under the Aisling brand and more modern items, with a sexy and elegant feel, go under Voluptas Virtualis. The bodysuit I am showing today is one such item.

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Pretty Poses

Later today, at 12 pm SLT, the annual Pose Fair opens its doors. Visitors will be treated to a sim full of over 100 pose designers, so make sure to take the opportunity to add some new poses to your collection. If you have the slightest interest in photoing and/or blogging in Second Life, you can never have too many poses (even if it can feel like it at times if you haven’t kept up with sorting them!). You will find a mix of stand-alone poses and props with poses, though when I toured the sim yesterday I was surprised to see that there weren’t that many creators advertising bento poses.

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Nile Sunrise

Chandra Meehan of deviousMind dropped her latest creation on me the other day and it inspired me to shed my clothes and take a dip in the Nile—well, in our little desert oasis, anyway, which I spruced up with some new cattails from Dysfunctional. There’s a few other pieces from We Love Role-Play in the mix as well, plus new makeups for anyBODY from alaskametro.

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Baroque Play

I may be entering another decor phase (actually, I am not sure I got out of the last one) which undoubtedly will mean some rearranging on the sim yet again. Today, an in-progress build ended up being exiled into the sky to make room for my latest acquisition from the brand new round of We Love Role-Play. As it happened, it also turned out to be a lovely backdrop for some more new items from the same event plus a belated look at a skin that was released at the Skin Fair.

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Skin Fair 2017 - The Plastik

I don’t have that much in the way of clothing to blog right now and that is probably just as well given all the skins I would like to show off. It is (unsurprisingly) particularly true for when I am in a male shape as my inventory is rather heavy on gowns. But that just means you get to see a lot of the Carverus fantasy skin from the Plastik, which is available at the Skin Fair that just opened today.

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Skin Fair 2017

At 12.01 am SL time on the 10th of March, the Skin Fair will open its doors to the public. At the fair, produced by Pale Girl Productions, you will find two sims full of skins, makeups, tattoos, shapes and mesh body parts, with each booth containing at least some exclusive items. Have you yet to find the perfect skin for your mesh head? Or perhaps even the perfect mesh head? Then you will want to fill your inventory with demos and do some thorough testing. You can already start preparing by joining the Pale Girl Productions Info Group to which the designers are sending their demos.

And if you want at look at a few of the designers and an overview of the fair itself, I’ve done a little video for you. In addition to skins and heads, it includes a look at the just released bento update for the Slink female hands. After the video, I have also included close ups of four of the skins that I showcase as well as information about all the bits and pieces worn.

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The Praying Lady

It is feeling a little odd to be setting up photos with a spring/summer feel when we’ve suddenly had a mass of snow dumped on us in real life, just as it was starting to feel like the beginning of spring. But that’s March for you. Fortunately, the weather is a bit more predictable in Second Life, which is to say it is exactly what I need at any given moment. In this case, I wanted a beautiful forest to show off this lovely statue from Noble Creations together with a few other thing from the new round of We Love Role-Play.

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