Musings with Tea

The Victoriana round of Genre is now open and its time for me to showcase a couple of more items that you will find there. One is from a staple here at the blog, a lovely gown from Senzafine, and the other is a piece of decor from Velvet Whip, a brand I have featured on a few occasions in the past but not with any regularity. I’ve also got another Skin Fair release to show as well as a new item from the Plastik.

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A Feast for Two

After a brief absence, the Muses are back with four new gowns and it wasn’t easy for me to decide which one to pick up. But I managed to make up my mind and the gown I did pick went beautifully with Aisling’s release for the upcoming round of Enchantment which opens later today. Also covered in this post are Fantasy Gacha Carnival pieces from Velvet Whip and SWaGGa as well as a new hair from Magika.

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Winter’s Herald

The 5th Midwinter Fair is almost upon us, opening at noon today. The fair will be offering new releases, sales, gachas and a blogger expo. After a day in town at Christmas markets, I am kicking off my coverage of the fair with a warm and elegant gown from Velvet Whip, here paired with a hair from Oblivion for Hairology and a skin from PXL for the Winter Gacha Festival.

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