Pale as Snow

If you just can’t wait until noon tomorrow for Enchantment, then hurry up and join the Enchantment Update Group and you will get early access to the sim at midnight tonight. I’ll be finishing up my pre-opening coverage with a not entirely SFW Snow White. Don’t miss the closer look at ellabella’s gorgeous jewellery set in the next picture.

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The Raven Queen

Enchantment opens in two days, on November 1st. Not only will you be able to buy exclusive releases inspired by Snow White, but you can also enjoy the scenery on a wintry island with a tall castle just next to the shopping area. Just be careful if you venture there, since you never know when the Raven Queen will be at home.

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Prepare to Be Enchanted

Events are still going strong in Second Life and personally I think that there is a strong appeal to “themed” shopping. I certainly enjoy it quite a bit myself, especially when the theme is something that appeals to me. The latest event to hit just the right mark for me is Enchantment. This event is inspired by fairy tales and it will run on a three-month cycle, which I think is a good idea now that there are so many monthly events. Additionally, all items sold at the event will be exclusives, available only at the event and then never again once that round has closed.

The first round will start on November 1st and it draws its inspiration from Snow White. I have had the opportunity to attend the blogger preview and I think you will find that there are quite a few things on offer that you won’t want to miss out on.

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A Dark Web

Its late October, so of course there’s a Horrorfest in Second Life. From there comes this sleek and sexy gown from Senzafine, which I’ve paired with the lovely Krysis jewellery from the Plastik. Its available at another event, the Body Modification Expo.

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It took all of September, but now I have finally given into Autumn, and that set the tone for this post. Our sim remains very much a work in progress, but we’re hoping to find some more time for it soon. To gear myself up towards that goal, I’ve started shopping for various bits and pieces of landscaping. Like many others, I’ve now fallen in love with Studio Skye and I expect that quite a few of their pieces will grace our sim in the future. The same goes for LostAngel, whose inventive pose props always are a pleasure to use.

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Bare Rose is a true Second Life treasure. The huge store is still filling up with more fun, unusual and inventive outfits on a regular basis, and now most of it is mesh. June Dion only offers a single size for her mesh items, but I’ve found that for the type of clothing I tend to gravitate to it often works out quite well. Such as with the Trobadour and Trobadour Lady outfits, which I knew I had to get for a couple photo with Ran as soon as I saw them.

We’re both wearing the Slink hands—the updated female hands and the brand new male hands—and skins from the Skin Shop. Ran is sporting a recent hair from Dura which I think is just so gorgeous and I am wearing Wasabi Pills.

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Skin Shopping

While still in Beta according to their website, The Shops has now been around for a few months. This new brand brings together the brands previously launched by the same team—including stores such as the Abyss and the Body Co—and adds a new store, the Skin Shop. More is supposed to come in the future, but for it is just the skins, though “just” isn’t the right way to put it. Since launching, the Skin Shop has released over a dozen male and female skins, all of the very high quality that Second Life has come to expect from these creators.

Despite being a big fan of the skins from the Abyss and the Body Co, I had actually not picked up a skin from the Skin Shop until yesterday. I’ll get into why in a bit, but for now, lets just say I am very glad I finally did; the Pixie skin was just what this particular shape of mine needed.

For this post I am also wearing a brand-new hair release from Eaters Coma and I am absolutely in love with the soft cascade of hair in front. The waviness is perfectly done and it is so flattering around the face as well. My dress for the first picture is the stunning Margaret dress from the Muses in Purple.

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