Peacock Queen

The Palace of Tears is a stunning build that is part of this years Fantasy Faire. There are no vendors on this sim, but if you do the second part of the hunt, you will find yourself there. And even if you don’t do the hunt, do visit because it is a gorgeous build with some really haunting and creative decorations in the palace gardens.

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A new release from the Plastik generally means some sexy, versatile pieces in a wide array of colours and patterns. The latest release features a clothing layer bikini, a sexy dress and the distinctly minimal Raedra skirt which I picked out for this post.

Also featured in this post is my first hair purchase from EMO-tions. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to try them!

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Desert Creature

When I reviewed Astrali for the Skin Fair (which goes on for just a few days more!), I noted that there was also an in-store release at The Plastik, featuring a massive number of tones, including a wide variety of fantasy tones. I decided to play around with one of these tones for this photo and together with the armour from Bare Rose, we ended up with a lovely desert creature seducing an unsuspecting knight. The photo also uses the Nanda hair from Mina, available at this month’s We Love Role-Play, and the Jewelled Dragon’s Egg Necklace from Maxi Gossamer.

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Armoured and Ready

Bare Rose is a true SL institution. When it comes to fantasy outfits for just about any occasion, the store is undoubtedly the one that is likely to have what you need—and that is regardless of whether your avatar is male or female as June Dion almost always offers a variant for both genders. Such as of these fabulous fantasy armours.

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Skin Fair: Astrali from The Plastik

In just two days, on the 14th, the Skin Fair opens. It is quite a massive affair this time around, with three whole sims full of skins and with each participating designer offering Skin Fair exclusives that won’t be in their stores until the fair is over. I have decided to start my coverage of the fair with the new Astrali line from The Plastik. The line itself was actually released in the new store today, but you will have to wait until the Skin Fair for 7 of the tones. The Plastik will also be offering a large set of striking eye makeups at the Fair as well as nail polishes for Slink’s hands and feet. But lets dive in and take a look at the lovely Astrali.

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Horned Goddess

In the midst of a steady stream of new releases, the Plastik has moved to a new location, so that is where you will find—among other things—the striking Living Lights Horns. These highly detailed mesh horns have an incredibly range of customisation options, covering all of your…err…horny needs. ;)

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Pure Elegance

We Love Role-Play has just opened its February round at a brand new, gorgeous-looking location. This round offers the usual mix of clothing, accessories and props to cover all your roleplay needs. It slants towards fantasy, but there are some steampunk and sci-fi inspired products as well. My tastes do run primarily to fantasy, however, so my first picks are a lovely gown from the Plastik and a striking accessory from Enfant Terrible, plus a subtle and very useful lip tint from Musa.

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Seductive Feet

I am not really much of a shoe addict. Or rather, I love boots, but high heels aren’t generally my thing (in SL or RL, for that matter). But when I saw the latest release from Sax Shepherd Designs, the Mata Hari Jeweled Stilettos, I knew I had to get the new high feet from Slink in order to be able to wear these shoes. I can’t resists jewellery and these oh so sexy shoes really are as much jewellery as shoes. I decided to pair them with a barely-there mesh bodysuit from the Plastik and picked up the steamy new poses for today’s 50 L Friday from oOo Studios.

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A Dark Web

Its late October, so of course there’s a Horrorfest in Second Life. From there comes this sleek and sexy gown from Senzafine, which I’ve paired with the lovely Krysis jewellery from the Plastik. Its available at another event, the Body Modification Expo.

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Steampunk Elegance

It is time for another round of Genre, this time with Steampunk in the focus. My immediate must-have item was this lovely Ada gown from Senzafine. It is available both with a black base and a brown base and I was sorely tempted by both. In the end, the Noir/Crimson version won out since it felt so lovely and gothic and just right for October. Once again, I am quite impressed by the lush and detailed texturing from Senzafine and I love the little red accents against the black.

The lovely Foxxe eye makeup is one of the Plastik’s releases for the Body Modification Expo. I think it really transforms the eye area of my Siobhan skin from Adam n Eve, creating a very different look.

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Plastik Elegance

A little less writing with this entry than usual, as my right arm is objecting a touch after doing a bit of sweeping in the yard. But I think the pictures of the elegant Morgana gown from the Plastik do a fine job of speaking for themselves.

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“Of Fire and Ice…” is the second discounted—and updated!—Sourceress pose prop from chanimations for We Love Role-Play. This epic scene depicts a battle between two magic-users, each wielding one of the elements. The poses are suitably dramatic and the options for changing the look of the scene gives you many different possibilities.

While technically a set for two female avatars, the poses can largely pass for unisex, so we took this opportunity for Ran to show off his amazing new mesh armour from Silhouette Warfare. I, on the other hand, decided to go with rather less; I am wearing the lovely Naamah body jewellery from the Plastik, which definitely adorns you but doesn’t exactly cover you.

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A Pride of Peacocks

Not everything has to be mesh. The Veritas tops from the Plastik certainly shows the viability of texture clothing and the peacock pattern made for a fortunate match with Volstead’s accessories from Collabor88’s birthday round. Slink hair and Slink avatar enhancements round out the look together with the shoes from lassitude & ennui, made to go with the Slink medium high feet.

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In the Maille

Now that I am back home from our vacation—which means back on my regular computer and fast, steady connection—the blog should be getting some much-deserved attention again. I have a lot to catch up on, including several gorgeous releases from this month’s We Love Role-Play. For example, a chain maille doublet from Maxwell Graf of Rustica, released under his new clothing label, “bitch”. And don’t fret, guys, because the “bastard” label is also represented with a set of poet shirts in different materials. And yes, all these releases have materials, for that extra-spectacular look.

I am also wearing a new skin from the Plastik, released for yesterday’s 50 Linden Friday. Eren is part of the Astrali line and I have to say this may be my favourite face from the line so far; it feels very natural. It also comes with a toned down body that suits smaller breast settings very nicely.

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For the upcoming round of We Love Role-Play (opening later today, the 4th of August), the participating creators have produced some really striking pieces. My instant favourite has to be the Penghel armour from the Muses, but there’s plenty more to choose from when it comes to outfits for both ladies and warrior women.

Of course, the right skin is also a crucial part of a roleplay look, and the Plastik has some great options for fey, otherworldly looks with their Elven skins; my favourite ended up being the Moon tone.

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