The Desert Camp

Paper Moon just released a gorgeous oasis set for the Home Show and it provided the perfect backdrop for the newest items from the Muses and Voluptas Virtualis. I also brought on my alt wearing the Teegle Bento Horse Avatar. I love that you can have the avatar look like different horse breeds by altering the shape—the one I wear here is of course intended to look like an Arabian, and I think it manages quite well!

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Gypsy Girl

A few days ago, Truth sent a new hair to his VIP group. This group has been excellent value but this gift was particularly interesting as it is the first release with brand new textures as well as a styling hud that offers four styles in one. The best way to show it was of course to make a little video, in which I also show off releases from deviousMind, the Plastik and Anachron.

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Mounted Warrior

It has been too long since I brought out my pony, aka my alt’s Teegle Bento Horse Avatar. But I recently sent her shopping for some fancy new tack so that gave me a good excuse to do these photos on horseback. Speaking of horses, the Water Horse wearable bento horse is also out now, but I am indecisive as to whether I should get that one too. It could get pricey to dress up two horses, if nothing compared to what it costs in real life (I just bought a new leather halter, and those don’t come cheap).

Also featured in this post are two new We Love Role-Play releases and a hair from a relaunched brand.

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Winter Valkyrie

Its time to queue up to get into the Gacha Garden once again and I’ve got a video for you showing the beautiful Seraphim wings from lassitude & ennui that is just one of many gachas available at this round. As a bonus you also get another look at the bento horse avatar from Teegle, now outfitted with a new skin and some new poses, and the sexy and awesome Valkyrie set from deviousMind.

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The Adventurer Sets Out

It is soon time to start shaking off the food coma of the holidays and get back to work. But today is still one of the lazy days of year (especially since its half a storm outside) so I decided to play around a bit with my pony. Well, my alt-as-a-pony, but that’s good enough for me. I am still waiting for someone to release a set of tack that’s right for a medieval/fantasy look, so until then the basic bridle and a saddle pad will have to do as my adventurer sets out in her new outfit from Aisling.

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The Teegle Horse Bento Avatar

It is actually video time again. But no, it isn’t another unboxing, but rather my first big step into bento usage. Specifically, through the Teegle Horse Bento Avatar, which is a bento-enabled horse avatar that looks amazing, moves great and comes with a ton of built-in options and great potential for expansion through add-ons and accessories. And best of all, it is ridable by another avatar, meaning that I finally have a fabulous looking horse for photos. Yep, I made (or rather, dug up) an alt and bought the horse on it so that I can take myself for a ride. ;)

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