Farewell to Genre

I will have to keep this short and sweet with all the holiday preparations going on, but I do want to urge to to visit the very last round of Genre with the theme of Fantasy Winter Role-Play. The lovely gown from the Annex that I am wearing is from the event, as is the pretty necklace from Sn@tch which is a gift at the event. Also featured in these photos is hair from Stealthic and new decor items from Paper Moon.

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The annual horror game from Pulse Games opened a few days ago and yesterday I decided to take of the lights in my room and head over to the starting point in Sn@tch City to give it a try. This year’s game is called Birthright and is in fact the 10th anniversary for Pulse Games horror experiences.

Like I did last year, I made an attempt to record part of my experience, but unfortunately technical issues have led to only part of the video being encoded. This means it cuts off rather abruptly and not at all at the intended point. But so far we haven’t been able to solve the issue, so it will have to do.

As part of the video, I also show off a couple of releases from Genre’s current round, from Senzafine and Bliensen + MaiTai.

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Waiting in the Shadows

This is the last weekend of the Moroccan round of Genre, which means you will miss out on a lot of nice deals if you don’t get yourself over there! For my second post for this round, I decided to make use of one of the four Moroccan-inspired blogger backdrops from Zanzibar CreationZ as well as the lovely season-changing Argan tree from Little Branch.

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Genre in Space

For this round, Genre has gone Sci-Fi. My roleplay tends to be of the fantasy variety, but there is a lot about Science Fiction that I enjoy as well. For my first post covering the Sci-Fi round, I took inspiration from the skybox from ht:home into which my dress from Senzafine and heels from Bliensen + MaiTai seemed to very nicely. The finishing touch was the hair from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Afternoon Tea & Spankings

I have been wanting to photo the second version of Stockholm & Lima’s Victorian bench from the January Deco(c)rate for a while, so when I received a set of chairs and a cart with refreshments from Roawenwood for the Draftsman event, I determined to do something about it. A trip to Sn@tch to take advantage of their huge sale and a trip to Uber to pick up the new Truth hair, and I was set. Well, I also had to get Ran on and dressed for the occasion, since it would be very lonely to photo a Victorian spanking bench on my own.

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Happy New Year

This will be a little bit of a quickie since we’re about to get ready for midnight here in Sweden, but I wanted to get my virtual greeting out first. 2016 has been an exciting year in Second Life (my tenth, in fact—I totally missed my rezday this summer!) and I continue to enjoy it as an important part of my online existence. I expect to be around next year as well, doing more photography and videos. Of course, with Sansar around the corner I probably will have to check that out too (and I have some idle thoughts about how I’d like to use it…), but I am not abandoning my enormous inventory in Second Life anytime soon!

I’ll get proper credits and a few more details added into the post as soon as I can, but for now I will tell you that I am wearing brand new lingerie from Sn@tch and a hair from Wasabi Pills that will be out tomorrow at FaMESHed. I am also wearing the Simone Bento head, this time with the Taryn skin from the Plastik which is out in its full version today.

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Animated Again

This past weekend I decided to take the plunge and start a site redesign. So far, its looking similar, but underneath it should be more responsive and work on more screen sizes. I also plan to rework the overall look, but first I need all the basics sorted out. Until then, things may get a little messy from time to time, with links not working and so on. So, that absorbed my time for the last few days, but today I managed to finally get another video done. This one features another animated hair from Little Bones as well as an animated corset from the Plastik.

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The annual horror game from Pulse Games opened a couple of days ago and I thought it would be fun to make a video of part of the game play. There will be some spoilers but the video does not cover the whole game so there are still plenty of surprises left. And as usual there’s tons of prizes to pick up as you move through the various locations and it is definitely not easy to find all of them!  The game starts at Sn@tch and spans across multiple sims. Just one tip if you head out there before watching my video—mind the bees!

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Sn@tch on Sale

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that! But you really don’t want to miss that Sn@tch is having a sale, which of course means fatpacks at insane prices. I picked up the Martina lingerie used in this post (comes with and without the “modesty panels”) and decided to use a recent prop from Roawenwood to show it off. This post definitely gets NSFW!

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Dungeon Crawler

It is the nature of the beast, but with so many events running all the time, you often end up focusing on an event just for a few days after it opens. But of course, if you want some lag free, pleasant shopping, you really want to go there after a week or so if it is a very popular event. For example, We Love Role-Play should be great to visit right now and Skin Fair is probably quite good too, especially since the script limits have been dropped.

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Winter Town

It feels a bit strange to be in modern clothing and on a modern-themed sim! I have fallen into doing almost entirely roleplay/fantasy looks (well, that and a lot fair bit of nudity), but in doing this shot I felt I’ve actually missed doing a bit of this and that. So, I am glad I was inspired to do this by the newest release from Zaara as well as a brand-new hair by Amacci.

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A Touch of Alchemy

The Fantasy Collective has just opened and Tuli has another skin with a Halloween theme out for this event. As it happened, I thought it went rather nicely with Senzafine‘s latest release. The resulting look was what I wore as I checked out Carver’s End, this year’s horror survival game from Pulse games.

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Rustic Retreat

The season has definitely changed, it was quite cold when we trained our dog Sunday evening, so what better event to dive into than the Seasons Story? It features new releases by for example Jian and Wasabi Pills. I’ve combined this with a sale find from Sn@tch and a ring with a bite from Eclectica.

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Sail Away

I’ll be trying to get a few quick posts up today, or maybe just prepared in advance, since I am probably going on a bit of vacation (unless the weather gets even worse, that is). But that’s why I’ll be a bit briefer than usual.

The Vita necklace and earrings (which come in nine pearl colours and five metals) by ieQED for Shiny Shabby seemed like just the thing for a beachy setting, so I went off to the Sn@tch sale (alas, I believe it ended yesterday) and hunted down a mesh bikini. Eliza is a cute tied model with a nice pattern and several vibrant colours included. You get both a rigged version (top and bottom all in one) and unrigged versions of the top and bottom separately.

The hair is one of Wasabi Pills Hair Fair releases, Saffron.

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Drinking Alone

Convair has been turning out some very stylish-looking kitchen prefabs of late and this Ridge kitchen for FaMESHed is no exception. For once, I resisted the urge to play with the adult poses and instead dressed up with a bit of a vintage feel in jewellery from Eclectica and a dress from Sn@tch.

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