Baroque Winter

You may be seeing horses in a lot of upcoming posts, thanks to the new bodies for the Teegle Bento Horse Avatar. Here, I couldn’t resist pairing the baroque horse with a black coat with this striking red outfit created with a Senzafine gown and accessories by Noble Creations. I love the effect of those strong colours against both the snow and the pale skin from Imabee.

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Christmas Ponies

While many of you are celebrating Christmas, the 25th of December is the second laziest day of the year in Sweden, with most everyone recovering from food-induced coma after eating way too much Christmas food on the 24th as we celebrate on the eve rather than the day. This left me with plenty of time free today (leftovers for dinner, yay) and after visiting the stables where I ride I decided to continue with the horse theme in Second Life to review three of the five new full body mods for the Teegle Bento Horse Avatar; the Baroque Horse mod, the Light Horse mod and the Pony mod. Please note that you do need to own the base avatar to use these body mods.

I had also planned to review the Spanish Walk and Spanish Trot from Teegle, but I wasn’t able to get these working with the riding system, only with the horse moving on its own. I just haven’t messed around enough with the AO to know whether this is something you can work around or not, but since the horse is more geared towards being used as a stand-alone avatar as opposed to a riding horse, some things don’t work when it is being ridden.

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Lia by Vista

Just in time for the Black Friday/Weekend sales, Vista Animations released their first bento mesh head, Lia. I had heard nothing of it until I saw it mentioned on Plurk and to be honest I wasn’t expecting that much when I went to demo it. I have fairly particular tastes in mesh heads and I have demoed and discarded a large number. But, I was very pleasantly surprised and that, together with the excellent introductory price of L$2000 (20% off the regular price, which is still a great deal), led to one of my fastest mesh head decisions ever. In fact, I was so pleased with the head that I simply had to launch into making a review video for it. It should have been up earlier today, but I had some uploading issues. Fortunately, the sale price is still on at the store right now.

Also featured in this video is a new hair by Wasabi, a new tree by The Little Branch (who just opened up their mainstore) and clothing by Senzafine.

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Shadow Box Unboxing November 2017

The third Shadow Box in the first series of six from Death Row Designs was released yesterday. As with the second one, I decided to more of a reveal than an unboxing, to show the items in a planned setup. I admit, the theme of this box threw me for a little loop at first, since it is not the kind of furnishings that I tend to use in Second Life. However, after rezzing everything out, I really took a liking to the Dark version in particular.

To learn more about Shadow Box and how to subscribe, make sure to visit the DRD website linked above. And remember, if you get all six boxes in a series, there is a bonus item at the end.

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The annual horror game from Pulse Games opened a few days ago and yesterday I decided to take of the lights in my room and head over to the starting point in Sn@tch City to give it a try. This year’s game is called Birthright and is in fact the 10th anniversary for Pulse Games horror experiences.

Like I did last year, I made an attempt to record part of my experience, but unfortunately technical issues have led to only part of the video being encoded. This means it cuts off rather abruptly and not at all at the intended point. But so far we haven’t been able to solve the issue, so it will have to do.

As part of the video, I also show off a couple of releases from Genre’s current round, from Senzafine and Bliensen + MaiTai.

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Waiting in the Shadows

This is the last weekend of the Moroccan round of Genre, which means you will miss out on a lot of nice deals if you don’t get yourself over there! For my second post for this round, I decided to make use of one of the four Moroccan-inspired blogger backdrops from Zanzibar CreationZ as well as the lovely season-changing Argan tree from Little Branch.

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The Sfinx is the Riddle

I knew right away that I had to get the We Love Role-Play release from 22769. I have always had a thing for sfinxes and while a Grecian sfinx does not look precisely like a Valyrian sfinx (rather than having a lion’s body, they have a dragon’s body and probably more prominent wings), the black version gets close enough. This particular sfinx could of course not be sitting in Valyria proper since the landscape is all wrong for that (but wouldn’t the smoking ruins of Valyria make for a fabulous sim?), but perhaps it was carried off after the Doom and placed here to guard something special.

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The Guardian of the Bridge

I was struggling a bit with how to do my next post for the Eastern Asia round of Genre, until I realised that the bridge from Yasyn was a lot larger than I had thought and would work quite well to span one of the deep canyons in this mesh landscape. With that in place, the rest quickly took shape and I went off and picked up one of the pose packs from Eternal Dreams.

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Looting All the Boxes

The Lootbox Gacha is opening later today and I have a preview for you from the Plastik. It inspired me to setup a little scene to show off a selection of all the pieces available in the Apothecari Gacha. The Lootbox event is a little different from other gachas in that it offers a Lootbox in addition to regular rares and commons, which can offer things like special sets of commons, ultra rares, etc. I’ve seen a couple more sets in addition to the one from the Plastik and they look like a lot of fun.

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Deco(c)rate Unboxing June 2017

After a break for a few months, I picked up the June Deco(c)rate and did another unboxing video. The theme of “Enchanted Dreams” sounded like it would be right up my alley and I was definitely quite pleased by what I found in the crate.

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Genre in Space

For this round, Genre has gone Sci-Fi. My roleplay tends to be of the fantasy variety, but there is a lot about Science Fiction that I enjoy as well. For my first post covering the Sci-Fi round, I took inspiration from the skybox from ht:home into which my dress from Senzafine and heels from Bliensen + MaiTai seemed to very nicely. The finishing touch was the hair from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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By Moonlight

The beautiful gowns from Senzafine always inspire me and the latest release, Aradia, is no different. I fell in love with the texturing of this gown as soon as I put it on and it offers some truly sumptuous colour combinations. Blue is not normally the colour I reach for first, but this version—called Moonlight—was just too lovely to pass up and I used it as the inspiration for the rest of the setting.

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Mounted Warrior

It has been too long since I brought out my pony, aka my alt’s Teegle Bento Horse Avatar. But I recently sent her shopping for some fancy new tack so that gave me a good excuse to do these photos on horseback. Speaking of horses, the Water Horse wearable bento horse is also out now, but I am indecisive as to whether I should get that one too. It could get pricey to dress up two horses, if nothing compared to what it costs in real life (I just bought a new leather halter, and those don’t come cheap).

Also featured in this post are two new We Love Role-Play releases and a hair from a relaunched brand.

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Slink Dynamic Hands

Today I thought I would take a bit of an overdue look at the bento update to the Slink hands which came out a few weeks ago. And, seeing as we’re talking about bento, a video was of course in order to show the new possibilities with these hands. I also took the opportunity to show off the FATE Hand Poser and several sets of new manicures from the Plastik, as well as featuring two new releases from the Ostara’s Altar event (which I ended up calling Altar of Ostara in the video) since that suited the beautiful spring weather we’ve had today.

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Musings with Tea

The Victoriana round of Genre is now open and its time for me to showcase a couple of more items that you will find there. One is from a staple here at the blog, a lovely gown from Senzafine, and the other is a piece of decor from Velvet Whip, a brand I have featured on a few occasions in the past but not with any regularity. I’ve also got another Skin Fair release to show as well as a new item from the Plastik.

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