Flesh Scribblings

Another piece from the Bound Box that really caught my fancy was the Alpha hair from Analog Dog. While rigged mesh has allowed long hairs to work in a lot of positions, there are always exceptions. And if you want to have a bit of flex mixed in with the mesh for softness and movement, you most definitely need a special hair just for that position. In this case, on all fours. The hair actually comes with a couple poseball as well, but here I am using a lingerie pose from Boudoir Rouge. Also featured is the newest lingerie set from Salt & Pepper and a romantic tattoo from Fallen Gods.

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At a Crossroads

Well, I had something a lot longer written, but my browser crashed. So, this will have to be short and sweet instead. I am wearing the Rose lingerie from Luxuria for the Gacha Guardians event, paired with a pair of heels from Salt & Pepper from the same event. Gacha Guardians is an in-store gacha event where you fill out a HUD to get access to a prize room where you can claim Gifts of the Guardians if you have played a machine enough. Luxuria offers matching a matching body suit in four colours as their gift. The black set with garters and stockings that I am wearing is the rare of the regular lingerie.

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Say You Will

A couple of days ago, I went through the Gacha Guardians event. This is a mainstore gacha event where you pick up a HUD, touch a runestone at a participating store and then click the HUD to get a teleport to a random store from the list. It takes a bit longer than just camming through the vendors at a single-location event, but I do think you give a bit more consideration to gachas that look potentially interesting (and if it comes from a store you don’t recognize, you might also take a moment to browse a bit before going on). Once you have filled up the HUD you can access a special location where you can redeem any keys you have earned by playing any given machine ten times for special Gifts of the Guardians which are exclusive to the event and retired afterwards.

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