Shaded Comfort

The weather could not be more wintry in real life right now, as we just had some 30 cm of snow overnight. Glorious, I say, though quite the contrast to shooting the newest house from Barnesworth Anubis in our little desert. Also featured is a lovely dress by the Plastik, a classic updo from EMO-tions and an elegant furniture set from Roawenwood.

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Another ROMP

Another taste of ROMP, with some furniture from Roawenwood, props by Artisan Fantasy, jewellery by the Plastik and a special set of appliers from Luxuria.

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Moonlit Love

Ever since Ran and I started renting a full sim, home & garden items have become a more significant part of the blog. The latest move in that direction is that I’ve started blogging for Roawenwood, a brand whose rustic, roleplay-oriented items have been on my radar for a while. The set we’re looking at today is out now for We Love Role-Play at 30% off and its perfect for cold winter nights.

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