Just Dance

LostAngel just keeps coming up with fun and unusual pose props! For this round of FAIR, LostAngel has released the Dance-Box. Each FAIR designer gets a time of the day to be inspired by, and this one is for 3 AM.

My hair is also a new release, the gorgeous All for Love style from Exile for the My Attic event.


I am still blogging my way through Cinema, but as the flu has struck my photographer, this post will be a little more modest in size. And in content, too, admittedly. Not a nipple in sight.

What you do have in sight, however, is a lovely bustier dress from Perception and poses from the Classic Elegance set by Exposeur.

Now Playing: Sin City

Cinema by the Hottie Cooterati Experience, opens on the 13th of October. In a fabulous mesh build which really takes you to the cinema you will experience themed items from six genres;  romance, action/adventure, scifi, horror, fantasy/musical, film noir and XXX. Clothing, poses, furniture, you can find it all there, plus much more. The build is amazing and the layout of each theme easily browsed.

I hope to do quite a few Cinema-focused posts and I am kicking it off with a dark little story that leads a romance down the film noir path, featuring a corrupt man of the law and a femme fatale making a serious mistake.

The Old Tree

Its October again and LostAngel have started releasing new props and poses for their Halloween line. To dress up for the occasion, Ran and I dug into our vast SilentSparrow folders and pulled out some of hyasynth’s gorgeous creations. We also slipped into the male and female Nephilim skins from Nomine and while I am wearing an Alice Project hair, Ran is wearing a new release from Amacci called Seth. It comes with the option of a streak that you recolour using a HUD.

Dancing the Night Away

Bilo has just released three sets of dance-inspired poses which go perfectly with the Chandramukhi Sari. For a bit of a fantasy spin on things, I wore part of the sari and headed off to the gorgeous Kingdom of Sands sims.


At noon today, another cycle of Zodiac opens. This time, the sign is Libra. and for that Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe has created one of her striking props. She takes her inspiration from the Tarot card for Libra, Libra as Justice.

Cinderella Is A Virgo

Another round of Zodiac started yesterday and the Virgo event will run from the 23rd of August to the 17th of September. I quickly picked out some favourites yesterday, such as the nifty bucket prop from Cheeky Pea and Exposeur and the Kasia outfit from Evie’s Closet. Together they made me think Cinderella.

A Vintage Story

Vintage Fair 2012 opens in just a few minutes and the three sims will be offering shoppers a huge array of vintage-flavoured products, from avatar accessories to props and furnishings of all kinds. I was lucky enough to get a preview of some great hairs from Wasabi Pills as well as two fabulous props from LostAngel. Both Ran and I are also wearing new skins; he’s wearing the male Nephilim skin from Nomine and I am wearing the Hollywood skin from Adam n Eve, another Vintage Fair release.

Give Me a Sign

On July 23rd, Zodiac opens. A new monthly, themed event (have I mentioned I love themed events?) centered around the Zodiac. I am already looking forward to Scorpio very expectantly, but first up is Leo. And for that sign, Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe has made a lion which she very kindly gave me a preview of.

Also, don’t forget that Hair Fair is still going strong; the hair I am wearing is one of Wasabi Pills mesh hairs for the event.


I’ve been aware of the pose store Del May for a a good while but for some reason I had not given it a closer look before this weekend. What a shame, is all I can say after Ran and I spent a few hours browsing through all the amazing poses and the amazing photos showcasing them. If you are looking for unique, expressive poses—singles, couples and groups—you absolutely have to give Del May a look. We found that the couple poses fit us unusually well even with our avatars not quite being the SL standard in size.

To see what we got up to with the poses we picked up, click through. It is all quite NSFW.

Pose Fair 2012 - Exposed

If what you are looking for are couple poses for some more or less risque situations, head over to Pose Fair South and check out what’s on offer from Exposeur. There’s a lot of new and fair exclusive releases, ranging from sweet to sassy to pretty steamy. Of course, if you take your clothes off, even more innocent poses can get ... less innocent.

Pose Fair 2012 - The Naughty Side

Not too many hours now until Pose Fair 2012 opens. If you are looking for poses of the raunchier kind, you’ll want to head to the South sim first. It doesn’t just have naughty poses, of course, but that’s where you’ll find fun props such as the Mistress chair from elymode. Have someone in your life that needs a bit of discipline?

Pose Fair 2012 - It is Almost Here

Sunday the 15th of April at 12 pm the two Pose Fair sims—Pose Fair South and Pose Fair North—will be opening their doors. I have been enjoying the blogger preview for the last two days and there is a wealth of great poses and props for you to try out.

As a little teaser, lets start with a thoughtful, moody prop from Faery Sola, perfect for those who love a bit of storytelling in their photos.

Money, Money, Money

The Festival of Sin is still going strong. If Lust and Wrath aren’t your favourite sins, how about Greed? LAP has several great pose & prop sets to express a love for money with. Of course, a little Lust on the side is necessary, here in the form of the sexy Lussuria sets from elymode.

Rough and Tumble

Another post today? Indeed, we’re trying to make up for the lethargy following our visit to London over the weekend. For this post, how about a combination of Wrath and Lust from the Festival of Sin? It certainly doesn’t hurt (well, maybe a little) when one leads to the other…