Desert Princess

LORE has been putting out some excellent pieces of decor lately. For the April round of We Love Role-Play, it was the Desert Villa (which I am also using for this scene), and for the May round they have the Palace Bed. I did not have Ran on hand for showing some of the couple poses, so this is just a small taste of the bed, which comes in a PG and an Adult version. Also from We Love Role-Play is the Desert Princess outfit from Noble Creations.

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Desert LORE

The new round of We Love Role-Play made a bit of a dent in my virtual wallet as there are some very nice pieces available. In particular, I just had to have the Desert Villa and Desert Wall Kit from LORE, perfect for building a little retreat in the desert area of the sim. The red cliffs are of course done using Fanatik’s Lofoten set and the palm trees are a new release from Fanatik with 11 different tree models. The dress is also a We Love Role-Play release, from Dreaming Thicket, and the hair is Wasabi’s latest release.

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The Guardian of the Bridge

I was struggling a bit with how to do my next post for the Eastern Asia round of Genre, until I realised that the bridge from Yasyn was a lot larger than I had thought and would work quite well to span one of the deep canyons in this mesh landscape. With that in place, the rest quickly took shape and I went off and picked up one of the pose packs from Eternal Dreams.

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