Skin Fair 2017

At 12.01 am SL time on the 10th of March, the Skin Fair will open its doors to the public. At the fair, produced by Pale Girl Productions, you will find two sims full of skins, makeups, tattoos, shapes and mesh body parts, with each booth containing at least some exclusive items. Have you yet to find the perfect skin for your mesh head? Or perhaps even the perfect mesh head? Then you will want to fill your inventory with demos and do some thorough testing. You can already start preparing by joining the Pale Girl Productions Info Group to which the designers are sending their demos.

And if you want at look at a few of the designers and an overview of the fair itself, I’ve done a little video for you. In addition to skins and heads, it includes a look at the just released bento update for the Slink female hands. After the video, I have also included close ups of four of the skins that I showcase as well as information about all the bits and pieces worn.

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Cosy Afternoon

Just a bit of a cosy winter scene for today, featuring a new hair from Wasabi Pills and a new-ish outfit from Paper Moon that has just the right feel for cuddling up in comfort and style. We did finally get some RL snow as well, though today it is melting again and making everything terribly slippery. So much for the nice walk in the woods we had planned with the dog for today.

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Winter Steam

I am continuing my quest to recreate various of my shapes using LeLutka’s Simone, with varying success. I am pretty pleased with this attempt, especially with the Heidi applier from PXL, which I’ve had around to blog for a good while but not been able to until now as I didn’t have a LeLutka head earlier. That is certainly one aspect I am looking forward to know that I have a bento head, namely being able to do some skin shopping and skin blogging again as there has been a bit of a shortage of system head skins of late.

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LeLutka Simone

It took a lot of demoing, tweaking and thinking, but eventually I did decide to purchase LeLutka’s Bento-enabled mesh head, Simone. And even though there’s already a great video by Strawberry Singh looking at the head in detail, I wanted to make one myself, discussing some of my thoughts about mesh heads and shape-making for mesh heads. I talk a bit about what I like (and don’t like quite so much) about the head, go over some of the functions of the hud and test a few different shapes that I have been working on for this head.

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Royal Courtesan

It isn’t just Romp that is giving a look at the kinkier side of Second Life right now. The current round of the Fantasy Collective caters to a particular kind of fantasies and it is there that we find this bold Courtesan gown from Fallen Gods & Faida. Another pair of ongoing events are the Secret Affair and of course Hair Fair, both represented with new releases from Noble Creations and LeLutka.

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Waiting for You

More from the Epiphany gacha today and this time it is another excellent collaboration between Faida and Fallen Gods, combined with a Hair Fair release by LeLutka and a new group gift skin from Tuli. The final touch is a pair of new Bushu shoes, coming for My Attic’s next round.

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Grecian Girl

I keep saying I won’t spend more on gachas and then of course something new comes along that I just can’t avoid giving a few tries. Fortunately, my abysmal luck at The Gathering last month did not carry over to the new round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. That said, though some stores had yet to setup, I don’t know that I will be playing much more than what I’ve already done (well, alright, there’s a few machines I will have to visit). I think the glut in fantasy products is starting to show and it is becoming harder and harder for stores to stand out, especially when it comes to gachas. There are some fantastic-looking pieces available, but they’re not necessarily wildly different from things I already have in my inventory.

My big prize, however, definitely is a stand-out.

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You just have one more day to shop at The Raven by The Secret Affair. As one might expect, darkness and death has inspired many of the things on offer, making them perfect for putting together gothic looks. For this post I am using accessories by ieQED and lassitude & ennui, together with a dress from Pale Empress. The photos were taken at Innsmouth, which sadly will be closing down soon due to a lack of funding.

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A Private Dinner

I was supposed to be taking a small blogging hiatus around now because I expected to be on vacation. Alas, things got in the way and the blogging interruptions turned out to be less enjoyable. But now I finally managed to set aside some time to dig into my rather large “to blog” pile and this first haul will center on the Birchdale Kitchen from Convair for the current round of FaMESHed.

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Lady Mistletoe

There’s a veritable cornucopia of events going on right now and I have already been treating myself to quite a few early Christmas presents. For example,Junbug’s new release for Genre’s Victorian round, Lady Mistletoe. I really like metallic detailing on this gown, it makes it very festive, though I do have to point out that the red can come out quite different with materials enabled (as in these photos) compared to when not; it all comes down to the light settings used. My favourite part of this ensemble, however, may be that it actually consists of a corset with an add-on skirt, which is a nice way of adding some flexibility into how you can wear your mesh.

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Prepare to Be Enchanted

Events are still going strong in Second Life and personally I think that there is a strong appeal to “themed” shopping. I certainly enjoy it quite a bit myself, especially when the theme is something that appeals to me. The latest event to hit just the right mark for me is Enchantment. This event is inspired by fairy tales and it will run on a three-month cycle, which I think is a good idea now that there are so many monthly events. Additionally, all items sold at the event will be exclusives, available only at the event and then never again once that round has closed.

The first round will start on November 1st and it draws its inspiration from Snow White. I have had the opportunity to attend the blogger preview and I think you will find that there are quite a few things on offer that you won’t want to miss out on.

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Siyu Suen of Illusions may be best known for her masks, but she also creates a wide variety of other accessories, from jewellery to elf ears. Most recently, she has released a few designs that started out as commissions, including two different French hoods. Properly, these should be used to fasten a veil or a coif, but I think they look lovely (if not historically accurate) on their own as well. This, the Katarina French Hood, is the more elaborate of the two styles (the Anna French Hood lacks the stones and the outer pearl trim), but both styles are of course scripted for texture changing, allowing for a range of customisation.

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Royal Lady

Round 2 of We Love Role-Play has opened. There’s a wide array of clothing, accessories and props on offer, covering a number of genres. And, there is stuff for the guys, too.

I am starting off with the fabulous Egyptian-inspired Tiye ensemble from Arwen’s Creations, a store full of gorgeous gowns. This one uses a very nice mesh gown as its core component; I was very pleased with the proportions.

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No Distress for this Damsel

I am in fantasy-clothing heaven. First the Muses gave us the Rainha gown and now the Shieldmaiden has been released. It uses similar elements to the Rainha gown but instead of leather and chain mail you get leather and linen, for an elegant yet slightly rustic look. As with the Rainha gown you can combine pieces from different sets to mix up the colours and this is helped along by a hud that allows you to adjust the colour of the undergown on the mesh part.

I am also wearing one of the gorgeous new hairs from LeLutka—the hair net is such a fabulous detail—and the stunning knotted pearl necklace from lassitude & ennui.

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Mesh and Sale at Nomine

Nomine has a bunch more mesh releases out since a few weeks back, including this comfortably sexy sweater dress. Nomine also has a new store build and to celebrate that everything is currently set for sale at just L$100. This includes all the new mesh items as well as all the skins and anything else available in the store. You really don’t want to miss that.

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